Friday, April 19, 2013

Tanda Putera more important than lesson. WTF

UiTM Johor cancels lectures for 'Tanda Putera' screening

An order has gone out for lectures at Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Johor to be cancelled today, to enable the students to attend a compulsory ‘grand screening’ of the 'Tanda Putera' film.

In a memo issued yesterday by the student affairs department, entitled, 'Compulsory programme for degree students: Grand screening of Tanda Putera film', lecturers were informed that students had approval to be excused from attending lectures.

NONEThe exemption, applying to lectures scheduled between 8am and noon today, states “...and we hope that lecturers can give their cooperation to the student affairs department to make the programme a success”.
However, as some students have presentations, quizzes or tests to complete, lecturers were told to refer to the department for a solution.

The screening is scheduled for between 9am and noon at the Dewan Sri Temenggong in the university campus in Segamat. About 1,000 students are expected to attend.

Segamat DAP chief Pang Hok Liong revealed the contents of the document at a ceramah at Buloh Kasap last night.

"BN wants to poison the minds of Malay youths, to (make them) hate the Chinese and Indians. That is Umno's purpose, to play with racial sentiments among the people of this beloved nation," he declared.

According to a letter dated April 5 to UiTM Johor rector Omar Samat from Faizul Mohd Ruslan - the assistant registrar of the student affairs department - the screening is in cooperation with Biro Tatanegara.

NONEDeputy rector of student affairs Mohd Halim Kadri provided his signature in support of the letter which sought the campus administrator’s approval to allow students to skip lectures.

However, there was no mention that the screening would be made compulsory - this was only mentioned in the memo to lecturers after approval was obtained.

The letter reads in part, "The grand screening is specifically for UiTM Johor degree students, to create awareness and instill patriotism and love for peace."

'Tanda Putera' depicts the friendship of former premier Abdul Razak Hussein and his deputy Ismail Abdul Rahman against the backdrop of the May 13, 1969 riots.

It has received flak for its one-sided portrayal of the conflict, which is said to be the worst in Malaysia’s history.


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