Monday, April 29, 2013

Only RM300 million to kill off Penang State Government

Najib uses the Rakyat's money to save his face.  In return Mahathir uses Najib and our money to save his sinful wealth.
The Mother Cow got RM250 million by letting Mahathir play with her tits and cunt.
The Gate Keeper (Sanusi) got RM4.2 billion keeping his mouth shut for Mahathir.
The Book Keeper (Daim) got RM20 billion by not revealing transaction in the name of UMNO to Mahathir's private accounts..
The Mother Fucker (Nazri) got RM1.2 billion for screwing Mahathir's daughter.
And now the Mamak God is giving mamak boy only RM300 million to screw Penang.
Mamak boy thinks he is clever getting RM300 million, in reality the price should be RM3 billion because Penang will be the biggest cash cow next year.
Now what in the hell is happening that a pensioner is still screwing the whole nation?

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