Saturday, April 20, 2013


My friend Julian came up with this. Really interesting. UMNO a proponent of 666!

Election is on 5-5-13(5+5+1+3=14) 1+4=5. 5= Grace of God. 5-5-2013 (5+5+2+0+1+3=16)1+6=7 7=God's Number! Therefore the Grace of God is going to defeat this evil regime!Also remember Najib is the 6th Pm and Umno is 66 year in existence! Najib is born in the year of snake(Serpent) That means 666 (Number of Satan)! What does that tell you?

Well the devil has been bound by the effective prayers of the saints. Lets see the results, twice the surprise what GE12 gave us. CHANGE!


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