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We the Rakyat must reject Hishamoo for encouraging youth to kill Tian Chua

GOMBAK, March 24 — Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein urged the country’s youth today to rally behind Barisan Nasional (BN) and “eliminate traitors” like PKR’s Chua Tian Chang, whose allies in the opposition have been accused of instigating the Sabah incursion.
Where is the proof?  Again UMNO supporters do not use their God given brain to think.
Speaking before the ruling coalition’s election machinery here, the Umno vice-president said leaders like Chua had insulted the country’s armed forces despite losing their lives to protect Malaysia’s sovereignty.
The armed forces did not lose their lives to protect Malaysia's sovereignty.  The men died because they were killed by their own brothers.
“What is going on in Sabah should not be politicised, this is an issue of our sovereignty.
No Hisham, this is political.  If you had done your work instead of fucking Anuar Zain, this whole mess would not have happened.
“Whose hand is it behind the intrusion, is there a third party involved? Who is this person who would forsake his own race and nation just because he wants power?” Hishammuddin told some 1,000 party youth supporters who responded with loud shouts of “Kill Tian Chua”.
Even a cow can answer this.  Mahathir Kutty and Najib.  By the way who conspired to have your father Hussein Onn resign?  Again the answer is Mahathir Kutty.  It is obvious you lost your brain having too much sex.
Hishamoo by encouraging 1,000 UMNO party youth to kill Tian Chua, you should resign.  But since you have buffalo skin, WE THE RAKYAT MUST REJECT YOU AS A CANDIDATE FOR THE 13th GE.
Hishammuddin, who is also the home minister, however, did not explicitly accuse Chua and his PKR colleagues of engineering the incursion which has killed more than 70 people including 10 Malaysian security forces personnel.
The Umno leader instead said leaders like Chua, opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and his daughter, Nurul Izzah Anwar, were promoting divisive politics by spreading rumours about the Lahad Datu conflict.
There were no rumours except facts.  Najib did not keep his promise.  Tak Malu.  Everybody he wants to cheat. This has to stop and it must be NOW.
“The youth must reject this politics of division, politics that aims to slander the national leaders, to sow hatred towards the government.
Look at yourself and your brothers and sisters in UMNO.  There are many slanders courtesy of UMNO supporters (all Melayu and mamak) Perkasa and Ibrahim Ali.
“Remember the fate of this country rests on your shoulders, the young, not Tian Chua, not Nurul Izzah, and especially, not Anwar.
This country only hope is with leaders like Tian Chua, Nurul Izzah and Anwar.  Unlike murderers, sadist, rapist, animal fuckers, cheaters, liars, racist wanting Chinese blood on their keris, burning of bibles and many other crimes and violence all courtesy of Barisan Nasional hospitality.
“So let us fight. Fight against these enemies who are out to divide us,” he said.
Hello, you talking about your God Chosen Party and Perkasa.  Tak Malu.
Chua, who is PKR vice-president, was accused of insulting the security forces when he described the death of two police officers killed in the conflict as “mati katak”. He was also quoted, as saying by the party organ, that the Sulu armed incursion of Sabah was an Umno conspiracy. He denied the allegation and had taken legal action.
The youth must reject this politics of division… Remember the fate of this country rests on your shoulders…not Tian Chua, not Nurul Izzah, and especially, not Anwar. So let us fight. Fight against these enemies who are out to divide us. — Hishammuddin Hussein
          Not only youth but all Malaysians must reject this politic of division practice by UMNO and          Hishamoo Pondan.
Meanwhile, government-owned media have tried to link the conflict to Anwar after its Philippines counterparts quoted a military intelligence officer as suggesting that an opposition leader allied to the PKR advisor had instigated the Sulu Sultunate to launch the armed campaign.
Till today there is no proof but there are witnesses still alive who have evidences that Mahathir Kutty started the Sulu mess in Sabah.
The report was carried by Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia and TV3.

Anwar dismissed the claims as baseless and had initiated legal action against the two.

But despite the denial, BN leaders have continued to use the allegation as fodder against Anwar and his allies, often insinuating that the opposition leader had a hand in the conflict.
Sultanate of Sulu already said that Najib did not keep his promise. It is obvious people in UMNO do not read and are plain stupid.
Government officials also continued to use Tian’s remark in its demonisation campaign against the opposition pact, saying the comments proved PR’s disrespect towards the country’s security forces.
How much does UMNO Government especially Mahathir and Najib value the security forces?  RM3,000 or RM4,000.  In exchange for a life, money is thrown at the family of the deceased with added bonus of promotion. Celaka. Mahathir and Najib should have a taste of their own medicine.
The opposition’s criticism towards Putrajaya’s handling of the intrusion — which exposed security lapse on the part of the Najib government — was also made to appear as a politicisation attempt to sow hatred towards the ruling coalition among Sabahans in the run up to Election 2013.
Hishammuddin said today Putrajaya’s plan to hold an inquiry or a white paper investigation into the incursion would also include a probe on attempts to exploit the conflict for political mileage.
Hello, why put all the blame on Anwar and PKR when it is UMNO politicians who created the mess.
“We want to see who are these people who are taking advantage of the situation,” he told reporters after launching the coalition’s local machinery.
Mirror, mirror on the wall 'who is the bloody fool?'
PR leaders have expressed concern that there is a top-level conspiracy to implicate Anwar in the Lahad Datu conflict.
Kutty and Najib playing with fire.

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