Sunday, March 31, 2013

Malays are forced to watch Tanda Putera, others simply watch this

Watch this to see the similarity of happenings today from the past.
As long as Mahathir is not in jail, we the Rakyat will be divided at every turn.
Hishamoo has threatened us with his lies that the Rakyat want a riot before election. And he is in support of Perkasa, Silat group and Malay NGOs especially Ibrahim Ali of creating tension on the streets.  Take 6th April 2013 for example.  Why is no-one stopping the mad Malays from holding a protest in Selangor?  Why is Sultan of Selangor in support of such a protest. Why is PDRM also in support of such a protest?
This is because they are pariah dogs to Mahathir who wants to keep his sinful wealth.

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