Friday, March 15, 2013

IGP Ismail Omar has to answer this

Yesterday afternoon PKR exco Rodziah, MP Tian Chua and I visited the wife and family of the late ACP Ibrahim Lebar, one of the policemen who was killed in action in Lahad Datu.

The late ACP Ibrahim left his wife Rosiah and 3 children aged 17, 20, and 22.

Rosiah said she is camera shy and does not want to be photographed.

Rosiah works in a bank. She is a very pious and gentle woman.
I am very impressed with her strong faith in God and the way she looks at this tragedy.

According to Rosiah, the late Ibrahim is a good and caring husband. Ibrahim told her before he left that he was going to Sabah to give lecture to policemen there. She didn't know how he ended to be at the battlefield.

She said she and her late husband has had a wonderful 23 years of marriage. She is grateful to God for "lending" her this man
to be her husband and let them have happy marriage for 23 years.

She said she has accepted the fact that God has taken him back, and she believes all these are fated.

We were quite touched by her. We were holding tears in our eyes. What a strong woman of God.

Rodziah passed RM20k Selangor government's contribution to her, and I passed some donation to her too.

I told Rosiah that her husband is a hero to the country and we would be willing to assist her family if she has any needs.

Teresa Kok

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