Saturday, February 9, 2013

Water Snake meets with Water Rat

Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone especially to the people of Penang.

Najib says Pakatan envies BN for bringing in Psy to Penang, Yen Yen wants to dance with Psy and Mydin wants to be the next Chief Minister of Penang.

Well they can continue to dream. According to the reading of Lim Guan Eng (Water Rat) the number 9th, 11th  and 13th February 2013 are auspicious days and meeting a popular figure like Psy, whose zodiac sign the Water Snake will spear head bigger success for the Chief Minister.  In 2014 we will see LGE leading Penang to its most successful business development better than the Iskander Project in Johore.

When people started spamming into Psy’s facebook asking him not to come to Penang I was concern because Lim Guan Eng’s fate might change.  Thank God, Psy is coming.

MCA started DAP Insider to mislead the Rakyat, Yen Yen thought it was a good plan to sabotage the Chinese Festival by bringing in Psy.  Mydin so called sponsorship of Psy Show to cement his CM’s seat as promise by Najib and Mahathir and FLOM, forever seeking the limelight instead have unintentionally help bring more International Awareness for LGE and Penang. With that MCA, Gerakan and especially UMNO and Katak Ali can kiss their arse goodbye.

So everyone going to see Psy, make sure you wear Yellow, Red or Green.  Instead of clapping and cheering SHOUT BERSIH! BERSIH AND UBAH! UBAH.

Do not worry Psy understands the situation.

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