Wednesday, February 27, 2013

International Crooks from Malaysia
UMNO Government is a big corporation run by crooks to con every single deal that comes into Malaysia.  And sometimes they take their expertise into International Markets.  When caught UMNO would sent it best lawyers whose tongue are more slippery than an eel to negotiate.  In return the lawyers will bundle the whole case and stamp OSA across and put into a vault.  If there is a slim chance of seeing the daylight the Judges will hurriedly issue a make to order judgement where victims will remain as victims without a recourse. These lessons were taught by Mahathir Kutty and refurnish with fine trimmings by his students bestow with titles from the dump sites.

These are the Malaysians who have given our country a bad image and name to the world.  And each and everyone of them are arrogant and unashamed of their misdeeds.  They proudly proclaim they are successful businessmen but in reality a bunch of trash who cannot survive in the real business world.  If today the UMNO Government collapses these very same businessmen will beg like beggars and cried to the new Government for another chance.

One good example is the Pox in the Pot company whose Directors and Owners share the same 'les femmes et les lits' with the leaders in UMNO.

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