Friday, February 1, 2013

Everyday money fall from the sky

                                          Khairy at Kampung Pandan
                                          Giving out money under BL1M
                                          Malay and Indians Only.  Not a single Chinese.

ALOR SETAR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak today launched the 1Malaysia Licence Aid (BL1M) programme to make it easier for youths to obtain the motorcycle licence at RM199 instead of RM350 or more.
"Many youngsters have motorcycles, bought for them by their parents, but they do not have a licence," he said at the launch during a gathering of Kedah youths at the Sultan Abdul Halim Stadium in Suka Menanti, here.

The BL1M programme comes under the purview of the Urban Affairs Secretariat (SHEB) of the Barisan Nasional Youth and targets to help 500,000 applicants from among youngsters to obtain the licence.

Besides the cheaper rate, the programme also offers several other benefits, such as free computerised test if the applicant fails and has to re-sit the test.

Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin had said that the BL1M was open to citizens between the ages of 17 and 40 and the fees charged covered the application for the licence, photograph, practical training lessons, and computerised theory and practical tests at the driving institute.

Those interested can register for the incentive programme through the website,
- Bernama
Living in the city, one would think the people would know more about the happenings in Malaysia than those in the kampungs.
Well life is full of surprises.  
Recently I spoke to some students from Primary and Secondary Schools.
I casually mention the name Najib and got these replies from them.
Everyone shouted happily 'Najib give money.' 'Najib got plenty of money.' 'Najib must be very rich, he likes to give people money.' 'My teachers say you want money just follow Najib and sure you get RM500.' 'My father says Najib is like Santa Claus, his pocket full of money.'  'That Najib, his father very, very rich, die cannot take with him, so now Najib wants to give away because he too going to die.' 'That Najib-ah, his wife a bomoh-lah, she keep those little devil who very good at stealing money.' 'Aiyah, my teacher tell us can get RM100, free food and transport to Bukit Jalil for don't know what and then someone took the money, never give us-lah.'
So I then ask them 'who is Najib?'  And these were the answers.
1.  The man with hair turning white on TV everyday.
2.  Rich man.
3.  Don't know.
4.  His father very rich like Lim Goh Tong.
5.  His wife very short and fat.
6.  He likes to give money.
7.  Minister for money.
8.  My mother says he is a liar.
9.  A murderer.
10.  Prime Minister.
11.  Somebody very important.
12. A malay man.
Would like to mention when someone said Prime Minister, there were some 'No-lah, Mahathir is the Prime Minister, Najib is the son-lah.'  I almost fainted.

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