Wednesday, January 16, 2013

PDRM training murderers

What has become of our PDRM?
Daily there are news of death in custody with excuses like over drinking of water, self-strangulation, guilty conscience, self-pity, slip and fell etc.........
Every excuses seem suspicious.
For the past twenty years PDRM have lost their integrity to do their work with pride.
The men in blue do not know how to investigate or search for evidences.
Instead they just ensure that a quota of suspect is taken in for the day.
From the quota, the chosen ones are then forced to confess.  Whether guilty or not does not matter.  But most important is that a number of cases must be close within a certain period.
Many innocent lives have been lost using the Russian Roulette method.
I have known many men in blue who were professional in their work especially investigation.
Today there is none around.
Today the men in blue have only one thought and interest and that is how much money they can collect for the day.

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