Wednesday, January 23, 2013

God has chosen Malaysia to reveal all

After 56 years it has now come to the world's attention that the following list below are God Chosen Ones, so don't play, play.

1.   UMNO party.
2.   Shahrizat spokewoman.
3.   Shaik Hussein Mydin spokeman.
4.   Utusan newspaper.
5.   Perkasa NGO.
6.   Bible and religious books that contain the word 'Allah' are fake.
7.   The word 'Allah' belong to the Muslim in Malaysia Only.

I feel so sorry for the Muslim in other countries who must now pay copyright to Malaysia.

Warning to all political parties in Malaysia.  You want to fuck, make sure the word 'Allah' is stamp on the chi pet. Otherwise it is haram.


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