Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dear Ibrahim Ali

Dear Ibrahim Ali,

The people of Malaysia must be very lucky to have a man like you.  You are doing everything possible to fulfil the R.A.H.M.A.N myth.

Since you are very busy preparing for the burning of Bibles this Sunday, I will keep this very short.  I understand you are the president of Perkasa and the adviser is Mahathir Kutty.  To be the president of a Malay Supremacy Organisation with 300,000 members you do hold a very important position.  Am I not right that when it comes to important issues you must be the first contact?  As such, when an important event takes place you must be the one to lead and if you are busy the adviser Mahathir Kutty should be your replacement.  Are you still with me?

So come this Sunday, invite all local and foreign press and Mahathir Kutty to witness you, Ibrahim Ali a SELF-RIGHTEOUS MUSLIM  LEADER DOING THE OPENING CEREMONY BY BURNING THE BIBLE WITH YOUR OWN HANDS.  Such an important event cannot be left to others who are nobody in Perkasa.

Hidup Katak! Hidup Katak.

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