Thursday, January 3, 2013

A leader cannot be manufacture

Every second a person is born.  Some are abandoned before they see the world, some are killed before they clear their lungs and some get to grow.  Among the living ones, some are born to lead, some are spoon fed, some are force to lead, some wants to be led, some think they are great, some are idiots and there are others who can lead but are prevented or put behind bars for selfish and greedy reasons.

In Malaysia I have lived under six Prime Ministers and saw the damages that some has done. Two unbeatable ones are Mahathir Kutty and Najib.  These two are the biggest sharks in the history of Malaysia.  They have put the whole nation in debts just to enrich themselves and family members.  Mahathir and Najib children and grandchildren are all billionaire even though some are just crawling.  The children and grandchildren have all been gifted with golden palms to beg, their hearts are filled with greed and they have bottomless stomach for dirty deals, projects and commission. In human term we can honestly say they are born pariahs.  People like them are immune to feelings.  Everything they want, they get.  It does not matter that in the process of getting what they want and need, they hurt and harm the Rakyat.

This coming 13th General Election is about winning in the most cruel and dirtiest methods.  Money, blackmail, underground and dirty dealings and whatever you can think of are still on going.  All this will end on the day of voting. The most interesting part about this election is that all the done deals and still on going deals are dealt outside this country. Everything are supposed to be top secret but are recorded by foreign agencies.  The world is not that big after all.  So now  we have given golden opportunities to outsiders to blackmail us.

So what do the Rakyat see and think about this coming 13th GE?  Many, many, many thoughts and worries.

Who do I want and what do I look for?  I want someone who can lead and knows what he has to do.  They are many people who think they are leaders.  But when they are put into that position they become greedy, arrogant, selfish and their ego becomes higher than Petronas Twin Tower. They come out with slogans like Malaysia Boleh and 1 this and that.  Our lives are filled with slogans instead of development and our pockets continue to have bigger holes and daily we are given bread crumbs that are stale.

Life gets depressing if everyday we see roads with patch of holes that increases. Whether we step out or stay indoor we get rob, drains and rivers are filled with rubbish, electricity charges that increases without stops, water undependable, imaginary charges for telecommunication, TV stations that repeat on auto for all shows, high fuel charges, our salary equal to foreign labourers, transport system that increases our blood pressure, a home that is not ours, a country that has become a refugee camp and our money getting smaller in value. Our two laws, two values, two moral, two race, two religion, two Gods, two people.  Yes everything into twos.  One law for the untouchables vs one for the touchable, UMNO Malay vs malay,  Muslim vs non muslim. We must protect our own people vs we do not care about the other people. There is simply no ONENESS among the Rakyat but got plenty of 1 this and that.

So we look in search of someone who can bring us out from this depressive life.  A person that is reliable, trust worthy, capable and has a workable team in force.  Someone who is a Malaysian, someone who will not auction us to the highest bidder, someone who BELIEVE IN US and WANTS US TO BELIEVE IN HIM, someone who wants to grow old together with us.

I believe and still do101% that I have found such person.  This person is not someone I am close to but I do know and had helped him a couple of times. This person is presentable but not handsome like Brad Pitt.  There is a certain charm about him that can get people to want to support and help.  He has the brain and right charisma for a good leader if given the chance.  That's right.  Tony Pua.  I have observed and gone through over and over the three people I think are the most suitable in their strength and weaknesses and each time Tony stands out.

To those of you who had watched and known Tony since 2008 would have noticed he had grown from strength to strength.  Today if you put Tony together with Azizan, Lim Guan Eng, Khalid and Najib.  Tony is like a shining knight.  Someone we can hope, wish and depend on.

But we have a problem to give Tony Pua that opportunity or chance to be the Prime Minister.  In Malaysia we want a Malay Muslim to be the Prime Minister.  It does not matter whether that person or thing can lead or do the job.  That person or thing can be a murderer, a racist, a criminal, a beggar, a couch potato, robot, illegal migrate or a pariah dog.  NEVER MIND CANNOT WORK OR LEAD, DOES NOT MATTER AS LONG AS THAT PERSON OR THING IS MALAY MUSLIM.

And that is how this nation can lose a great leader.

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