Monday, January 14, 2013

3 hours of abuse from Sharifah

If your temperature has not rise while watching this video then you should be congratulated for being more human than me.
People like Sharifah should not get involve with any students especially Universities.  Sharifah interrupted the student Bavani from asking more question and told her 'When I speak you listen,' and then went on lecturing about respecting the elders. With that kind of attitude, Sharifah is only good at training suicide bombers.
I am not sure why students who were upset and disappointed with Sharifah's behaviour did not leave the hall.  Maybe they were waiting to get a free 'Galaxy Note Book.'
Whatever the reason, students especially those in the Universities should have the courage to protect their right to speak and question.
Are Malaysian Universities only good at training robots and puppets?
 Sharifah Zohra JabeenSharifah Zohra Jabeen

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