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Trillion Dollar Business

Will our extremists love this?
It is time to throw away thrash like Datuk Siti and move forward to have a piece of this trillion dollar pie.

K-pop: how South Korea turned round its music scene Strict anti-piracy laws, pop production houses and clever marketing have helped this struggling market thrive once more in

K-pop: TVXQ, though now a duo, were massive sellers for SM Entertainment South Korean music has, traditionally, never been on the radar of major labels and publishers. Being one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world (out of a population of 48.6 million, 39.4 million use the internet), the country's music industry suffered from rampant piracy for most of the past decade. There was little revenue to be collected internally, and there wasn't much demand for Korean artists outside the territory. Though Universal Music Group opened an office in the country over a decade ago, the only local artists it would invest in were classical ones. But about fou…

Devil God vs Angel God

Abdul Shukur Idrus “Umno is ‘rakyat’ 
                                         VS Opposition an ANGEL GOD

Deputy Minister in the PM's Department Ahmad Maslan says the opposition's overzealous allegations against FGVH had caused its shares to fluctuate. KUALA LUMPUR: The opposition’s slanderous accusations are among the main causes for Felda Global Ventures Holdings’ (FGVH) share fluctuations, Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Ahmad Maslan said today. He said the opposition’s overzealous allegations against FGVH had caused its shares to fluctuate. “Besides world palm oil market contributory factors, slanders hurled by opposition leaders also caused FGVH shares to be unstable,” said Ahmad, who is also Umno information chief, to reporters at the Umno General Assembly. Recently, the National Association of Felda Settlers’ Children president, Mazlan Aliman, who is also PAS central committee member, had accused Felda of selling palm oil to an Israeli company. Calling o…

Man with Parkinson Disease rides a bike

A 58-year-old man with a 10-year history of idiopathic Parkinson's disease presented with an incapacitating freezing of gait. However, the patient's ability to ride a bicycle was remarkably preserved. (In Video 2, the patient is not wearing a safety helmet because in the Netherlands, wearing a safety helmet is neither required by law nor customary.)

Gay Mosque

ABC News - Gay Mosque to Open in Paris (ABC News) Ludovic Mohammed Zahed is braced for controversy, maybe even worse. A gay Muslim and an expert on the Koran, Zahed plans to open Europe's first gay-friendly mosque in Paris at the end of this month. He calls it a place of shelter as well as a place of worship. "We need to have a safe space for people who do not feel comfortable and at ease in normal mosques," Zahed told ABC News. "There are transgender people who fear aggression, women who do not want to wear head scarf or sit in the back of the mosque. This project gives hope back to many believers in my community." "Common prayer, practiced in an egalitarian setting and without any form of gender-based discrimination, is one of the pillars supporting the proposed reforms of our progressive representation of Islam," he said. "The Unity" mosque will initially operate in a Buddhist temple in a neighborhood in eastern Paris, and will emphasize…

Lightning and Thunder must whack her

People like Shahrizat thinks she is above and better than the Rakyat when in fact she is a liar, adulteress and thief.
It is that time again when those prostitutes and thieves are having a time of their life in PWTC fucking everyone but themselves.
As a Muslim woman, mother, wife and someone who knew Shahrizat and family, I feel dirty and sick to the core.
In Chinese there is a curse "Lightning and thunder must whack her."
Pendatang like Shahrizat has no right to talk about May 13.

One angry blogger

I'D RATHER HAVE PIRATES THAN PERVERTS IN GARBS IN PUTRAJAYA!! If PAS believes that it makes them "HOLY" to persecute Unisex hair salons, 
If they Protest against Elton John because they ENVY or object to what he does 
with his own PENIS/ DICK/ COCK, If they have so much hatred for people who just be themselves in their privacy, If they get uncontrollable HARD-Ons seeing beautiful and SEXY women,
If they hate to see people have some fun through music/ concerts, If they feel threatened by people having a "drink",
If they feel they don't need my support.....
THE PEOPLE'S ASPIRATIONS  (beyond their obsession with sex, dicks, asses and pussies) AND THE FEDERAL CONSTITUTION- 
I AM SO BLOODY sick and tired of these SEXIST hate mongering PERVERTS!!
I want leaders who can give us GOOD GOVERN…

Sacked musician wins Malaysia case

In place of the suppressed local press, Slipped Disc has given full coverage to the sacking of nine western players of the Malaysian Philharmonic by a management under the control of the state oil company, Petronas. Today,  principal trumpet Jon Dante won his case for constructive dismissal against the orchestra management and the chief conductor, Claus Peter Flor. The case was heard in the civil courts – not an industrial tribunal – and the MPO is likely to appeal. But it has highlighted malpractices by Petronas officials and the chief conductor, and given heart to the other musicians who are still fighting for fair play.

Lover of books

A much-loved novel about polite society in 19th century England has become an unlikely obsession for a 40-year-old Polish orangutan, according to his zookeeper. Albert, the literature-loving 200-pound primate at Gdansk Zoo in Poland, is reported to enjoy up to 50 pages a day of Jane Austen's masterpiece Pride And Prejudice, according to the Daily Star. Keeper Michael Krause resorted to reading the book aloud out of desperation when Albert and partner Raya would not settle down for the night, despite staff trying to wear them out with play or fruit snacks. Jungle Book: Albert the Orangutan loves to be read classic literature by keeper Michael Krause. His favourite is Jane Austen classic Pride and Prejudice Highbrow: Albert likes English literature like Jane Austen and Charles Dickens, while partner Raya is a fan of thrillers and drama The intricacies of class, love, marriage and snobbery in the early 1800s and the riveting relationship between Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy soon had th…

World's first toilet theme park

Kindergarden children look at a statue of a Korean boy responding to the call of nature at the Toilet Culture Park in Suwon. Photo: KIM HONG-JI Rodin's Thinker is pondering even harder than usual as he sits astride a toilet at what has been dubbed the world's first theme park dedicated to the humble restroom - a monument to one South Korean man's vision. The park, located about an hour outside of Seoul in the city of Suwon - otherwise known as the home of Samsung Electronics - centres around a toilet-shaped museum building that was once the home of Sim Jae-duck, founder and first president of the World Toilet Association. Legend has it that Sim, a former Suwon mayor who made his fortune with a metal products business and was dubbed "Mr Toilet," was born in his impoverished grandmother's outhouse. Kindergarden children look at a statue of a man responding to the call of nature at the Toilet Culture Park in Suwon. Photo: Reuters "He is a man whose life li…

Pray for Rosli Dahlan

Rosli Dahlan’s RM50 Million Trial: A Classic Case of Justice DeniedPreamble: Amidst the excitement and din of UMNO politics,which is receiving a lot of media attention, it is easy for us to forget the struggle of lawyer Rosli Dahlan (right) for honour, justice and truth. Since 2007, when he was first handcuffed in his office and charged on the eve of Aidil Fitri, my good friend Rosli has been taking on the establishment and its mainstream media to clear his name and restore reputation.With this in mind, I am posting my latest piece on his Rm50 million trial so that this saga will not escape our attention. As usual, the media has distorted his story.–Din Merican————————————————– November 16 2012 was a glorious day for Dato Ramli Yusuff as Polis DiRaja Malaysia (PDRM) gave him a full honour farewell complete with a General’s salute by a mounted Guard of Honour and a retreat in a PDRM’s ceremonial open top Land Rover in full regalia in the best traditions of the Police Force. The Governme…