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Lynas-Kuantan Apocalypse 2020

In time to come if you don't STOP IT NOW.
Rise and be heard in total.

UMNO and PAS Extremists, HOW?

The government ban Erykah Badu for her tatoo.
So who ban UMNO Youth Chief Khairy?

Education system promoting RACISM!

Where do we draw the line?

Fuck Lynas

Continue to fuck Lynas but add in Najib, Mahathir Kutty and the Pahang Royal Shit too.  They are aware of the danger to people's lives but money is more important.
This is why the people do not respect the Royalty.
If PDRM and the Army think this will not affect their families well being, then they are the biggest donkey in the world.  What flows into the water and air, there is no stopping.
Why allow a situation to continue when one can stop it by burning the damn plant?

A free day of public transport

Premier Anna Bligh has announced a free day of public transport across the SEQ network from the first services tomorrow. Ms Bligh said the measure was being taken in response to today's unprecedented disruption across the TransLink network in SEQ's QR trains, public and private buses and city cats and ferries. "What happened today is completely out of the ordinary and the simple fact is that thousands of commuters have not received the service they deserved," said the Premier. "That is why we are taking this measure and from the first service tomorrow all public transport across SEQ will be free from the first service to the last service. "After the major disruptions caused by the floods we took a similar measure and it is estimated that this fare free period will cost approximately $1 million. "TransLink customers will simply be advised not to touch on and touch off tomorrow when they get on their public transport." Ms Bligh said that the advice from Q…

Shahrizat luxury farmhouse

If there’s a research on the best and most rewarding job in Malaysia, it has to be a career as a Minister. To maximize the profits derived from such position, the “Minister” post has to be from UMNO-led government and you’ve to be Chief-Of-Something from UMNO. That doesn’t mean you can’t make your millions or billions if you do not meet the conditions but you’ve to do a spendid job in apple-polishing or boot-licking. It’s not the salary and allowances that was attractive but the secret perks of putting both your hands in the cookie jar (read taxpayers money) without being questioned. If you think billionaires such as Ananda Krishnan (worth RM42.9 bllion) or Syed Mokhtar AlBukhary (worth RM9.5 billion) are super rich people who can rival Ministers’ fortune, you’re dead wrong. That’s because these cronies who made their billions during Mahathir’s 22-year-rule also act as nominees for the powerful who walk the corridors of powers and that’s precisely why it’s so damn difficult to track th…

Wikileak Reveals Stratfor as shadow CIA Spy Agency

Coca-Cola and Dow Chemical are among the once-secret clients of the private intelligence firm Stratfor that have now been revealed by WikiLeaks.
WikiLeaks chief Julian Assange says his anti-secrecy group has more than 5 million Stratfor emails that will be released in the coming weeks. The first batch published Monday reveals Stratfor clients ranging from local universities to global megacorporations.
"What we have discovered is a company that is a private intelligence Enron," Assange told London's Frontline Club, referring to the Texas energy giant whose spectacular bankruptcy turned it into a byword for corporate malfeasance.

Assange accused Stratfor of funneling money to informants through offshore tax havens, monitoring activist groups on behalf of big corporations and making investments based on its secret intelligence.

Study: Rich more likely to take candy from babies

Land grabs in Sarawak one good example.
The “upper class,” as defined by the study, were more likely to break the law while driving, take candy from children, lie in negotiation, cheat to increase their odds of winning a prize and endorse unethical behavior at work, researchers reported today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

[...]In the candy test, 129 undergraduates were manipulated to view themselves as wealthy or poor. They were then presented with a jar of individually wrapped candy, which researchers said would go to children in a nearby lab, though they could take some if they wanted. The undergraduates believing themselves to be upper income took more than those believing themselves to be low income, the study found.It wasn’t just the candy experiment, either. In a game where a computer rolled dice and any score above 12 got the user a $50 gift certificate, those making more than $250,000 were more likely to lie to researchers than those making less than $…

The shoe, the shoe

Penang PERKASA Youth chief Mohd Risuan Asudin showing aggression at the anti-Lynas rally in Penang on Sunday. Risuan once presented a bulldozer to Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng in Komtar. “During the fracas where a journalist was attacked, some Malay youths (male and females) came to us reporters to point out the attackers and told us what they witnessed,” a journalist at the event said. Photo: Yeap Ban Choon

Many are moving their butts and waving their fist, slippers and shoe.
We have a MB from Pahang who showed us his signature hand bang.
A Wanita Chief who folded her sleeve to show her fury fist.
Wanita and UMNO Youth showed us their butts.
An UMNO mat rempit moved forward his fist to Nurul's face.
A moral unmoral Malay frog Extremist spitting his saliva to save the Malays from the Malays.
Then a Mydin boy trying to act like big boss at every protest in Penang.
And now a shoe threat to Lynas Protesters in Penang.
What we need now is to tip the temperature to an explosive level wher…

Carjacked and Abducted


My name is Sally, wife to Mr Tan and mother to Jasmine. Moving into BukitPrima fulfilled our life’s desire to live in a quiet, healthy and peaceful environment with a caring neighbourhood.
On the night of 9 February 2012, a horrific, life-threatening incidentbefell me which I know will impact my view of life for a long time to come.
I want to share my experience with you, my fellow neighbours, to createawareness and hopefully give you enough reason to support our Bukit PrimaResidents Committee in their tireless effort to improve the safety of ourneighbourhood.

At 8.52 PM, as I turned into our main entrance road, having dropped offJasmine at her tuition centre, and cruised down slope to navigate across theroad bump, I felt my car being bumped from behind.

Against my first instinct to just forget the incident, I looked into myrear mirror and saw the car behind me signalin…

Using fist to fight their last breathe

Image Kuat UMNO rupanya 'Samseng' yang nak pukul Nurul Izzah ni....
Patutlah dengan berbekalkan gambar yang dirakam oleh Fahmi Fadhil saja pihak Polis sudah dapat memberikan nama lelaki @ Samseng UMNO yang menyerang Nurul Izzah di Felda Lepar Hilir I , Ahad lalu.
Menurut pihak Polis tempatan yang berjaya mengenali identiti penyerang itu , Samseng UMNO itu bernama Asrullah Affendi Abdullah, maklumat lain belum dapat katanya..

Mudahnya pihak Polis mengenal pasti ‘Samseng UMNO’ itu ya.. tentu dia seorang yang popular di Felda Lepar Hilir tu.
Tak apa lah.. kita biarkan pihak Polis menjalankan tugas mereka sebagaimana yang telah diamanahkan terhadap mereka..
Bagi membantu pihak Polis berikut adalah serba sedikit mengenai ‘Samseng UMNO’ yang menyerang Nurul Izzah itu..
Beliau merupakan bekas pelajar SMK Felda Lepar Hilir dan juga bekas penuntut Politeknik Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah.
Sebab beliau…