Wednesday, December 12, 2012

SenQ Manager should be sack

This is what happens when a company has a policy of selling low quality and unusable products.  SenQ is not the only company that scam the Rakyat.  There are many others.

Customers are cheated left and right daily.  Claims to Tribunal have ceased to be worthy of its status when a person winning the case is never sure of getting the money.  Many have complained to Domestic Trade and Tribunal of non payment and as usual these authorities have chosen to remain on silent mode instead of making effort to counter the loopholes in the system.

From the almost 9 mins video it clearly shows the Manager of SenQ is a real coward who does not understand his or her responsibility as a manager.  Had he/she come forward to talk to the man concern things would have been calmer.   In any business the customer is always right.

I hope SenQ has not taken legal action against the unhappy customer when it is clearly their fault for selling unworthy goods. 

1 comment:

Bernard Yap said...

He is competitor la....
have a look in second part of video..

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