Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Not time yet

The cops were travelling down the highway at around 1 o'clock
in the morning near Tulsa , Oklahoma .  
                              They found this on the road.
                        Description: Description: cid:058B395F-E5D7-4830-9CA2-8FB81A8068EF
Another patrol car stopped a truck some miles down the
highway and were struck with the following image.
Description: Description: cid:C7CB6537-A5E3-40A5-8983-EF4038115882The Truck Driver said he thought he felt the impact, but it took
him almost 4 miles down the road before he thought he'd better
pull over and check out his rig.
Description: Description: cid:80D819B9-C2BE-4986-8A8A-4B3CE34F3EB6
Notice the driver has no shoes on from the impact or from
being dragged all that distance. Ouch!
 Description: cid:9A8CA17D-D3E3-4228-9376-B2264B2BE57D

Side view of Motorcycle Driver caught up in the trailer of the semi.
Description: Description: cid:DF52C81F-8918-4C53-A2DE-19BFC31DB541
Witnesses and State Police say the Motorcyclist was travelling at 120 mph when he ran into the back of the moving semi-truck.
        It pays to have a good quality helmet when riding a motorcycle,
              Now for the rest of the story! 

 God's time !!!

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