Monday, December 31, 2012

Calm before the storm

When Najib took over the Premiership, many MPs died in office.  Then Najib and Rosmah began their plundering. Follow by Perkasa and the Malay protests against other races to safe guard the so-called Malay rights.  Then we have the students blood shed on New Year Day 2012.  Follow by the bum show.

2013 will be no different from 2012 except that the period of hatred will be shorter.  Najib and Rosmah have already gone into Plan C knowing that the end is near. Najib and Rosmah are definitely OUT whether BN win or lose.  There is no more path for them to ride on.  Najib's jinx will continue to follow him by ending his Premiership with many death.

Malaysians like you and me have to accept the many changes that will be upon us when Mahathir wave his wand.  With RM2 billion of his own money plus another RM5 billion donation from businessmen, syndicates and Saudi, Mahathir is out for our blood.  The Christians will be Mahathir's first target, follow by DAP and PAS. So expect happenings in places of worship.

According to source the Perkasa gang will be creating trouble at the Chinese Assemby against DAP launch on their 'Ubah Rocket Style' on the 1st January 2013 at 8pm.  So come prepare for some blood shed.

Have a good rest today and enjoy this video before the storm take over our lives.

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