Sunday, December 2, 2012

Albukhary university

Tan Sri started life poor but became very rich as a favorite CRONY with special terms n privileges SHOULDERED by ALL Msians whether Chinese, Indian or Malay.  He now forgets there is only 1 race - the HUMAN race. 
God does not ask for grand, expensive mosques n buildings as long as a heart seeks him sincerely n does charity from the heart. Spending unnecessarily instead of helping more people is a sinful waste of resource.


The idea for this university was mooted by Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar. It is referred to as ‘humaniversity’ – a university to propagate waqf values. No expense was spared on the construction of this exclusive and posh campus that claims to cater for underpriviledged and disadvantaged students.

But what lies beneath the whole university is something not many Malaysians are aware of. This is from the university’s website.
AiU is an international university where up to 80 percent of the students and a substantial portion of academic staff will come from all countries of the world. Such an international campus environment will allow opportunities for networking with friends from every corner of the world….
The university is funded 100% by Syed Mokhtar.
* the students don’t pay any fees
* they get free hostel, free food, free t-shirts, free trips around Malaysia
* each student gets monthly pocket money RM300  – paid via Bank Muamalat which    
   is also owned by Syed Mokhtar
* there’s RM500 duit raya for each student  

So in other words for this 80% foreigners IT’S ALL FREE, FREE, FREE. Now how many Malaysian students get a deal like this?  Now coming to the ‘substantial portion of academic staff’ again what is not explicitly stated is that management positions in the university are for Malays and foreigners only. No non-Malay is allowed to hold a management position – mandated by the founder Syed Mokhtar. As for academic staff, positions for non-Malays are only available if a foreigner cannot be found (not the other way around). So it is easier for an Indian from India to secure a teaching position there but nearly impossible for a Malaysian Indian to do so.

In it’s early stages, there were  non-Malays holding various positions, but this was when the difficult work of developing programs, policies, etc, had to be done. Once the university was up & running, their contracts were terminated and they were replaced by Malays and foreigners.

Syed Mokhtar is a BN ‘manufactured’ billionnaire. He owns Pos Malaysia, EON, Johor Port, etc.etc. you name it. And on occasions, the BN led government has even dipped into our EPF to help this guy. But where does all the benefit go – to foreigners. It’s waqf or charity says Syed Mokhtar. So he has taken it upon himself to ‘donate’our money!  Souq Albukhary  is also another one of Syed Mokhtar’s venture. The shopping center is strictly for Malays and foreigners who are Muslims. No non-Malay is allowed to run a business there. Even the Giant hypermarket in the center only sells halal food.

What is charity and what isn’t – only the wise voters can and should decide.

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