Monday, October 22, 2012

Tiger Wood coming to MalaBangladesh

Seven Hundred Bangladeshi in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor are being exploited to enrich the cronies of Barisan Nasional especially UMNO.

These 700 Bangladeshi are working two jobs a day.  Their income for the month if they do see and receive it is between RM300 to RM450 a month.  The ones I am talking today are working in Factories in the morning and Hotels at night.

The agencies that bring in these 700 Bangladeshi are paid RM5 an hour by the factories and hotels for each worker.  Each worker are make to work 8 hours in the factories and 8 hours in the hotels a day .  The 700 Bangladeshi are only given free accommodation which they have to share among thirty to forty others in a three room one bath apartment or shop lot.  Some agencies even houses 100 to 300 Bangladeshi in warehouses with single toilet. These workers are moved constantly to avoid suspicious among the neighbourhood.

The workers get their only free meal at the hotels they work in.

Malaysian wanting to work in factories and hotels are not welcome.  The reason given is that Malaysian are not loyal workers and they do not want to work long hours.  These kind of reasoning are not true because factories and hotels are forced to work hand in hand with these agencies who are connected to Barisan Nasional Ministers.  The agencies collect the salary on their behalf.  After all the deduction only RM300 to RM450 a month are given to the foreign workers. The few Malaysians working in factories and hotels are exploited similar to Bangladeshi.  Malaysian workers are also paid RM5 an hour, do not have enough time for food and have to work 12 hours without rest. Workers Union today are only symbolic to show there is one.  By right Malaysian workers should get at least RM10 an hour with reasonable rest and eating time especially those working more than 8 hours.

Tiger Wood is coming.  Najib has given RM400 million approval to ensure  first class treatment to Tiger Wood and his guests even though there are sponsors like CIMB.  Everyone is coming in private planes paid for with Rakyat's money.  Even before Tiger Wood is in Malaysia RM200 million has disappeared into private pockets.

Present will be 700 Bangladeshi to serve the almighty Tiger Wood and company. Do not blame Tiger Wood and friends or the foreign press for mistaking Malaysia as Bangladesh.

For the four days event the agencies will be collecting RM9 an hour and RM20 extra a day for each worker.

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