Monday, June 4, 2012

I am thinking like the Aussie Mafia

My son says it is wishful thinking of mine, that I can get successful businessmen and businesswomen to mentor a pool of upcoming people who just need proper guidance to succeed in their dreams.

The Malaysian Government is wasting good money from EPF to gamble away hoping to show profit.  Good money are pumped into Talent Corp, NFC and MAS knowing fully well that there is no returns.

Malaysian successful businessmen and businesswomen are plain selfish, their knowledge and experience are to be kept for their family members only.  But they forget there is an old saying that knowledge, experience and wealth cannot last more than three generation.  Good example Genting and Boon Siew.

Those who are thinking of helping wants to know what is there for them in return.  For example is there money, if yes how much?  Then there is the query will there be publicity or title from the various Sultans.  Some businessmen even pour out million to publicize themselves in the media or show how smart and clever they are in the facebook but when approach they say busylah.

So any Malaysian Mafia out there?

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