Friday, June 29, 2012


Saham FGVH mencatatkan premium sebanyak 84 sen kpd RM 5.39 pada dagangan pertama hari ini. Ini bermakna tiap unit hanya ada lebihan 31 sen (rm5.39-rm5.08 ). Kiralah berapa UNTUNG yg di war2kan.
800 unit x 31 sen = rm 248. Inilah jumlah untung berlipat lipat kali ganda yg dinikmati peneroka!

Isa Samad yg tak de seinci pun tanah, dapat 180,000 unit saham. Sokong dan ampu le peneroka pada Isa dan kroni2nya seperti Sabri Ahmad dpt 180,000 unit, Dr Omar Salim 150,000 unit, Dr Emir 150,000 unit.

Apapun, ANAK tetap konsisten menentang penyenaraian FGVH ke Bursa Msia. Warga Felda tidak boleh di perjudikan dengan pendekatan seperti ini kononnya utk membesarkan saiz pelaburan dan kecairan modal.

Memetik kata2 Tan Sri Ramli Ngah Talib, bekas MB Perak; kenapa diketika Johor, Pahang, Tgnu dan negeri2 lain ghairah melancarkan Amanah Saham Negeri tapi Perak tidak berbuat demikian; dia mengatakan cukuplah Amanah Saham Nasional sudah ada. Saya tidak mahu rakyat negeri saya menanggung rugi. Betul, Amanah Saham Negeri2 jatuh. Sekurang2nya saya berjaya menyelamatkan wang rakyat saya
(wawancara dlm program 'In Person' di Astro Awani, siang tadi)

Biarlah orang kata ANAK kolot, tak mau transformasi, tolak kemajuan dll, yg penting kita ada prinsip. Kita bukan mcm Isa n kuncu2nya; yg berdegar2 cakap dgn peneroka, kami tak ada kepentingan apa2...
Tau2 dlm prosfektus FGVH...ratusan ribu unit saham. Itu yg nampak.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hooligan lawyer

On the 18th June 2012, I was faced with a lawyer who did not know the law.  Added to that I was harassed and abuse by him.  So this youtube did indeed bring a relief that there is another fuck-up lawyer in town.
Like that victim in the video, I too told the lawyer that they are not the only ones who know the laws.  Not everyone a stupid fool.
It is high time Bar Council stop closing their eyes on the bad manner of certain lawyers, who think they are overly smart.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Another must have

We can't stop the brains from leaving to Australia.
We can't stop the body from having such luxury.
But we can stop the robbers soon.

Public Abuse or extortion? You decide (Part 1)

                                                           Lawyer (left) and Bailiff (Right)
                                                                   Two guards (right)
                                                       Two so-called buyers without money

Two police reports so far.  Will be making more.
I am putting up pictures of the the people who verbally abuse and threatened me.
The main culprit is the Bailiff who may look innocent but in honesty a big crook.
This Bailiff has in the past instructed his gang to burn a property in Taman Maluri and extorted money from the public.
This Bailiff has instructed certain people to follow and take pictures of me and my family yesterday.  So how long do I have to wait before he makes his next move?
Reason is very simple, I REFUSED TO COUGH.
The two police reports are the only safety precaution taken in case I am not given a chance to tell the public what happened on the 18th June 2012.
But before 18th June 2012, I had two visitors.  The Bailiff and his assistant.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Latest lethal weapon to over throw the UMNO Government

Nazri said salt and plastic water bottle were lethal weapons used in Bersih 3.0 with intention to overthrow the UMNO Government.
So what about this one?
Can overthrow the UMNO Government or not?

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lack of nourishment

What happens when you continue to drink from the same bottle without washing them?
The bottle will be covered with slime.  Then you are bound to have an upset tummy.
Education is like that.  If there is no passion to nourish the present then there is no future.

Profit and dignity matter the most to these people.


Why should Nizar apologize to Johor Sultan?

Former Perak Menteri Besar Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin said he has sought an audience with the Johor Sultan to explain his recent remarks on the ruler's RM520,000 purchase of the WWW1 number plate.

Many people like me are puzzled what wrong Nizar had done wrong to upset a petty Sultan?

Half a million ringgit is not Government's money.  So claimed the Johor Sultan.

So can some wise guy explain where this Sultan got his CASH from?  Did the CASH come from the sky?  Even an inheritance money has to come from somewhere.  That somewhere must have started from a particular source.  That particular source started from whose money?  SO WHOSE MONEY IF NOT RAKYAT MONEY.  Why do certain people think that all Malaysian are fools.

It is time Royalty start behaving like human being before the world ends.

Just another question.  If Royalty is such good businessmen, why do they need 15% to 30% handicap for every mega projects?

Sunday, June 10, 2012

People Progressive Party mother of herd mentality

People Progressive Party (PPP) jumped on the Bersih bashing bandwagon today accusing the youths involved for “herd mentality” and not being able to think for themselves. 
kayveas ppp pc 120308 sullen
During PPP Federal Territories convention today, partypresident M Kayveas claimed that many youths who took part in the mammoth rally for clean and fair elections on April 28 did not understand the rally’s cause.

"If you ask them why they went, they will say they don't know, they just followed their friends.

"This is the kind of society we have now. We don't think," he said.
Andrew Ong and Kuek Ser Kuang Keng
Oct 20, 07 Malaysiakini
People’s Progressive Party (PPP) members are left reeling after 
receiving a political blow from Umno’s third most powerful leader 
during the Malacca PPP annual general assembly early this week.

At the assembly on Monday, Umno vice-president Mohd Ali Rustam 
delivered a scathing speech which chided the PPP for “threatening” 
Barisan Nasional for more seats to contest in the coming general election 

He also repeatedly stressed that PPP could leave the BN fold if it was

This left many party members in a daze at how 
Mohd Ali - who was the guest of honour as Malacca chief minister - 
could utter such remarks.

“He came to our house, seemingly with the intention to humiliate us,” 
said a PPP source who attended the event.

Eyewitnesses said a handful of party members stormed out of the 
venue in protest, but that did not deter Mohd Ali.

“PPP can leave BN,” said Mohd Ali.

He then pointed at the stunned delegates and added: “All of you can 
leave. Either today or tomorrow. Why wait until the general election? 
What’s there to wait for?” 

Show of hands

Mohd Ali also claimed that the Umno supreme council was unhappy 
with PPP for accepting former Umno members as their members. 

He even asked if any of the delegates formerly with Umno, MCA, 
Gerakan and MIC to put up their hands. 

Mohd Ali also took a dig at Pahang Menteri Besar Adnan Yaakob 
for suggesting that PPP should ask every state for a seat to contest in.

“That's his business. As far as I am concerned - no seat in Malacca (for 
PPP),” he added. 

When Mohd Ali wrapped up his tirade and declared the assembly open, 
PPP delegates refused to applaud. 

Eyewitnesses reported that PPP president M Kayveas maintained 
his composure throughout the hour-long speech and was seen vigorously 
taking down notes. 

Funeral-like atmosphere 
When contacted, Kayveas said delegates were “disappointed and 
dejected” by the “unwarranted and undiplomatic” remarks uttered by Mohd Ali. 

Kayveas said delegates were expecting inspiring speeches from Mohd Ali 
in order to prepare the party for the upcoming general election. 

“(Instead) the chief minister's speech made the entire assembly feel 
like a funeral. As the third highest ranking in Umno, the consequences of 
his speech worries me,” he said.

He added that some remarks which Mohd Ali made regarding other 
BN component parties and Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi were 
also uncalled for.

According to media sources, Mohd Ali had 
asked journalists to exclude the hard-hitting part 
of his speech in their reports. He claimed these 
were only meant for the delegates.

It is uncertain if Mohd Ali’s speech would lead to souring ties between 
PPP and Umno.

However, there is already talks within PPP rank-and-file that the party 
may silently boycott Umno programmes and functions.
Andrew Ong
Oct 20, 07 Malaysiakini 

People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Youth chief T Murugiah today ticked 
off Barisan Nasional coalition partners for not fulfilling its three-decade-
old promise of a fair allocation of seats to the party.

In his policy speech at the national PPP Youth annual general 
assembly, Murugiah said PPP made a “huge sacrifice” in becoming a 
founding partner of BN - which was preceded by the Alliance coalition - 
in 1972, and remained a loyal member of BN until today. 

“Unfortunately, BN is not loyal to PPP. Promises were unfulfilled. It was 
empty promises. Eyes and ears are closed to the voices of our half 
million members,” he said.

According to Murugiah, PPP agreed to join the BN coalition on the premise 
that it would be able to retain its four parliamentary and 12 state seats 
it held in 1972.

The agreement also allowed PPP to have additional seats, amounting 
to five percent of seats contested by BN, whenever the there is 
a redelineation exercise, said Murugiah.

During his speech, Murugiah shouted “Barisan Nasional, return our 
seats!” four times, which was followed by loud cheers from the delegates. 

Critics don’t know history

Murugiah later praised PPP president M Kayveas for reminding the public 
about the conditions of PPP’s entry into BN. 

“Whenever Kayveas speaks up on additional seats for PPP, there are a 
lot of allegations and criticism from many quarters. 

“Conclusively, these criticism comes from people who don’t know 
history - especially how PPP sacrificed itself to strengthen the Alliance 
which was facing a considerable challenge from the opposition,” he added. 

At a press conference later, Kayveas said he supported Murugiah’s 
statements. “We have been left out and forgotten. It is totally unfair 
and unjust,” he said. 

After missing out on the action during the 1990, 1995 and 1999 
general elections due to internal party squabbles, PPP was granted 
one parliamentary and one state seats to contest during the 2004 polls. 

Since then, the party had been frantically trying to convince its BN 
partners to allow it to contest more seats. 

Where’s Umno Youth? 
Their efforts have been met by brickbats from Gerakan, MIC and more 
recently by Malacca Chief Minister Mohd Ali Rustam

In a related development, Umno Youth top brass were noticeably absent 
at the PPP Youth convention. 

Traditionally, Umno Youth would assign its top brass to officiate 
annual meetings of its BN counterparts. 

Quizzed on this, Murugiah said that Umno Youth chief Hishamuddin 
Hussien was overseas and could not attend the meeting. 

He added that three Umno Youth representatives were present but they 
were not acknowledged during speeches.

Kwan Inn Teng Foundation

KWAN INN TENG FOUNDATION under the "Welfare Fund first aid charity fund" is open to applications for poor families, and those who need financial aids on medical bills or living expenses may apply. 

Applicants can write in with the family details and financial status, along with payroll slip and medical and other related information. 

Applicants need to send the information to : KWAN INN TENG FOUNDATION NO1-3 JALAN 4/49E in, 46050 PETALING JAYA SELANGOR. 

At the same time, Public are welcome to donate money to the Foundation. Those interested can contact telephone 03-77831866 for more details.

Electoral Fraud

Certain people are questioning how PKR could have won five states if there was Electoral Fraud to begin with.  And the bashing of Bersih determination of having clean and fair election.

Well let me tell you a little story.  Every due election Mahathir would call a handful of UMNO Veteran, one of them is Mohd Khalil Yaakob the present Governor of Malacca to discuss the changes in electoral file..Khalil expertise is locating areas that need adding more voters and postal voters or transfer voters to another area similar to what happened to MB Khalid.  Khalil was working closely with Indonesian and Filipino leaders to bring in workers and gave them IC, similar to what just happened with the 6P Program. So this is how Mahathir cheated and won for every election held during his era. Certain areas like Cheras was given to MCA and DAP to fight it out fairly.  Mahathir was smart in the sense he did not make it obvious he was eating the whole pie.

Then when Pak Lah became PM, the electoral list of 1999 was used in 2004 election.  When Pak Lah was the Deputy Prime Minister, Endon got the media to portray him as Mr Clean.  Then when Endon got cancer more and more people sympathize with Pak Lah and that was how he won BIG in 2004.

Then at the 2008 election, feeling over confidence Pak Lah again used the 1999 list forgetting that there were more voters now and also Mahathir bashing did in effect helped PKR to win the five states.

Electoral Fraud started in 1986 and the money (million) used was from Bank Bumiputra, EPF and UDA.  It was after winning big in 1986 that Mahathir went for Petronas wholeheartedly. Even now he cannot let go of money bank.

So today Najib is using the same method used by Mahathir to ensure UMNO win big.  That is why 6P was necessary to counter balance the new Y voters.

I believe that we can stop Electoral Fraud if two years before election is due, any citizen who wishes to vote must re-register at the area of their present residence.  This will put a stop to the dead and over 100 years old voters from re-appearing in the same electoral list again and again for century.  This will also wipe off  fraud on how 40 people can be listed in the same address or are residing in space. Added to this people from Sarawak for example, who are working in KL need not go back to vote instead they can vote at their present residence area.  Then the voters name are put up for display and all rectification must be done six months before polling date is due.

Najib did tell the Americans he did not want to win by cheating so why not do the right thing now and have the election in 2013?

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Politician with limited English words

When one cannot speak English and the only word master is BLOODY BASTARD.  This is how our politician display themselves in public.  Today we do not need such person even to clean our drains.

Karma is harsher than chilli sauce

Consider the present situation.  Who do you think will emerge as the winner to lead this country? The one who spent millions on Bomoh and International PR or the one working with Senior UMNO members and Civil Servants or the one working with the people and International leaders.
When planet Venus passes directly between the Sun and Earth on 6th June 2012, so did our destiny which bring us closer to the legend of R.A.H.M.A.N.
Two events took place on Venus day
Kelantan sultan throws support behind oil royalty claim
The PAS-led Kelantan state government’s campaign to bring back oil royalty payments from the Federal government has received support from the Sultan of Kelantan.

Yesterday, Sultan Muhammad V signed on a plaque symbolising the demand to return oil royalty during a visit to t he 2012 Kelantan Agriculture Exhibition in Kota Bharu.

Witnessing the moment was Kelantan Menteri Besar Tuan Guru Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat.

According to Kelantan Oil Royalty Claim Movement (Gegar) secretary Muhammad Hishamuddin, the monarch's support was a major boost for the campaign to demand oil royalty be paid to the state.

“Gegar’s struggle is non-partisan because we are only demanding the return of the Kelantan people’s right which has been denied,” he said.

He said the movement had so far gathered more than 50,000 signatures, one of which is that of former Kelantan UMNO deputy chief Annuar Musa.

The state government filed a suit against Petronas for breaching a contract, saying it owed the state over RM800 million in unpaid annual oil royalties for oil and gas extracted from the  Kelantan-Thailand offshore area since 2005. 

The Federal government has said it would only make 'goodwill payments'.
Countdown has begun on 6th June 2012 and it will snowball to a biggest ball in the history of Malaysia. By 9th October we will know our path.  Remember UMNO recently celebrated 66th years and Najib is the 6th and only unelected Prime Minister.  Well 9th October 2012 (reverse of 6) will be the day two stars from the same family emerge as ONE.  Never in the history of Malaysia do we have such strange happening in politic.  The two stars are Anwar and Nurul, father and daughter and both in politic.  Further to this happening is another star that will merge with Anwar and Nurul on the 11th November 2012.  The star is none other than Sultan of Kelantan.  In the reading of Sultan of Kelantan, 2014 we will witness the working of his Majesty.  Provided his Majesty does not fall into the part of greed.  Usually a Royalty becomes greedy and corrupted when they are married and have children.

Destiny is in the hands of the beholden.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hands off

Help! Help

HELP !! Anyone here saw a Navy Blue Proton Saga 1.3 FL car number. 
WVA6432 please kindly contact me (016 2035273 / 016 2127446 / 0122031145) 
The driver of the proton saga should be my mother (an aged 51 women) but we cant contact her since this morning (7am) after she left the house. 
All we know is she should be on the way to Taman Bukit Jalil but the person should be meeting here there called up and said they did not meet on time. 
If anyone saw the car (with or without the driver) please give me a call. Please share it !

Malaysian security style

A security guard at a gated community in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, may not have much job security anymore.
A surveillance video has drawn quite a stir recently for showing him doing nothing while a female resident gets mugged in broad daylight.
"Nsugu" described the video on his YouTube page, writing, "Dis is how d guard reacted when d robbers were snatching my wife's belongings at our condo in kelana jaya...ashamed on the guard and the management for their negligence and being ignorant."
The video shows the unidentified security guard step out of the stand as he sees the commotion and stand by quietly watching the attack.
As might be expected, the video is garnering a variety of reactions from people, including the hosts of RightThisMinute, a daily syndicated TV show that focuses on the strangest clips hitting the Internet.
"Did I see a gun pointed at the guard?" correspondent Steven Fabian wondered.
Meanwhile, co-host Gayle Bass was more shocked by the guard's inaction.
"What do you pay your HOA fees for?" she asked incredulously.
Co-host Nick Calderone tried to see the guard's side.
"We don't know if the guard was trained," he said. "I would imagaine he's not a trained police officer."
The video was just uploaded a few hours ago, but RightThisMinute co-host Beth Troutman said it's already gone viral in Malaysia.
"People are pretty upset because, evidently, this happens more often than the Malaysian citizens would like it to happen," she said.
Whether or not the guard will lose his job remains to be seen, according to Fabian.
"The argument will always be, 'She's a woman and this guy should've come out,'" he said. "Yeah, he's risking his life doing that, but, also, he signed up to be a guard."

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Alert! PDRM just killed another man

SUARAM expresses regret and is disappointed at the latest death in custody involving deceased, Isparan a/l Subramaniam, 37, on the 29th May 2012. Isparan was pronounced dead at about 10:30AM at Sungai Siput Utara Police Station’s lock-up.

The post mortem result from Ipoh Hospital indicates that Isparan died of “Perforated Peptic Ulcer with Peritonitis”. Isparan was suspected as a drug addict and was arrested and detained at Sungai Siput lock-up before his premature demise. He is survived by his wife and three children. Isparan’s family members are in grief and were haunted by many questions left unanswered:-

  • The deceased had never had any gastreous problems and/or anything relating to gastreous problems prior to the arrest. How could he have begotten “Perforated Peptic Ulcer with Peritonitis” while under custody?
  • If the cause of death according to the post mortem is true, which the family members vehemently deny, why have not Isparan been referred to the hospital immediately?

SUARAM questions and will continue to question the gross negligence by the Officer-in-Charge’s acts and/or omissions in failing in his duty to ensure the detainees are always safe and in good health. We demand that the Officer-in-Charge produce his daily Journal immediately for scrutiny, failing which, the allegation of tampering with evidence by the Officer-in-Charge is inevitable.

It is in the best interest of the public that the Chief Police of Perak answers these questions. Otherwise, the public will hold the Officer-in-Charge and/or police liable for negligence and as result caused Isparan’s death.

SUARAM urges the government to establish a Royal Commission of Inquiry to determine WHY instead of HOW Isparan died in police custody.  SUARAM pushes and will continue to push for the formation of Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) to prevent future death in police custody. 
Released by,
Right to Justice Coordinator

Cimei Food Ingredients Sdn. Bhd

4hb  Jun 2012

YB Dato’ Sri Ismail Sabri bin Yaakob,
Menteri PNKK Malaysia
Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri, Koperasi dan Kepenggunaan
No: 13 Persiaran Perdana, Presint 2,
62623 Putra Jaya.

YB Dato’ Sri,

Per: ADUAN TERHADAP CIMEI FOOD INGREDIENTS SDN BHD, 14 Jalan Istimewa 1, Taman Perindustrian Cemerlang,
81800 Ulu Tiram, Johor  

Dengan segala hormatnya saya ingin memohon bantuan YB Dato’ Sri serta membuat aduan terhadap pembekal barangan Cimei Food Ingredients Sdn. Bhd.

Untuk makluman YB Dato’ Sri anak saya menjalankan perniagaan menjual barangan membuat kek di 25 Jalan Belangkas, Off Jalan Kg Pandan, 55100 Kuala Lumpur. Salah satu pembekal barangan tersebut ialah Cimei Food Ingredients Sdn Bhd. Pembekal ini menjual kepada kami dengan harga yang lebih tinggi daripada peniaga-peniaga lain sebab kami adalah satu-satunya peniaga Bumiputra. Serta apabila ada promosi pihak kami tidak pernah menikmatinya.

Apabila Jurujual mereka yang asal berhenti kerja penggantinya langsung tidak mahu berurusan dengan pihak kami, sekiranya kami ingin mendapatkan apa-apa barang, kami terpaksa mengambilnya sendiri di gudang mereka. Jurujual tersebut hanya datang ke kedai kami hanya untuk kutipan hutang. Apabila kami diberitahu Jurujual tersebut akan membuat kutipan pada sekian haribulan kami meminta beliau membawa bersama barang-barang yang kami telah tempah, beliau enggan membawanya kerana
alasan beliau itu bukanlah kerjanya. Jadi kami pun enggan membuat bayaran.

Saya telah mengadu kepada Pengurus CIMEI, En Michael. En Michael mengambil masa yang lama lebih satu tahun untuk datang ke kedai kami untuk berbincang dan menyelesaikan masalah ini. Beliau telah bersetuju supaya kami membayar secara ansuran dan akan berhubung megenai jumlahnya. Tetapi sebaliknya anak saya telah diberi surat saman untuk meghadiri mahkamah. Anak saya telah memohon pihak Syarikat Cimei menerima bayaran secara ansuran tetapi pihak mereka meminta anak saya menjelaskan jumlah keseluruhannya. Bersama-sama ini disetakan salinan surat-surat yang berkenaan.

Pada hari ini pihak Cimei telah mendapat Perintah Mahkamah untuk Menyita dan Menjual barang mudah alih di kedai kami.

5hb September 2011

Majistret Noor Aisyah Binti Ahmad
Mahkamah Majistret Di Johor Bharu,
Dalam Negeri Johor Darul Takzim,

Yang Arif,

Re:  Johor Bahru Magistrate’s Court Summons No:  72-470-2011

I wish to inform you that I have asked the plaintiff Cimei Food Ingredients for understanding in my payment to them.

At all time I have been sincere in wanting to pay way back 2009 in installments before Cimei decided to take legal action.  But each time Cimei flip flop in wanting to have this outstanding bill settle.

Enclose are the letters to their lawyer.

I would appreciate if Yang Arif Puan Aisyah would be kind enough to take a step forward to help me by asking Cimei to accept my term of payment. 

If Cimei insist I pay in one full sum, I would have no choice but to close the business and declare bankrupt.

I feel that I have been unfairly treated by Cimei and find it highly suspicious their real intention behind this.

Thank you for your kind understanding.

9 June, 2011

Suite 705, 7th Floor, City Plaza,
21, Jalan Tebrau,
(Attn: Puan Ida Zura bt Asri)

Dear Madam,


Thank you for your letter of 31 May 2011. I am happy that your client has agreed to a lower installment payment amounting to RM800.00 per month. However my current account is now being suspended therefore I am unable to offer post-dated cheques for the settlement as per your client’s request. I would be grateful if you could allow me to bank in to your Law Firm’s account and I shall fax the bank-in slip every time the payment is made. Kindly furnish your firm’s bank account number to facilitate the payment.

I hope the above is agreeable to you and I wish to thank you for you kind consideration.

Monday, June 4, 2012

I am thinking like the Aussie Mafia

My son says it is wishful thinking of mine, that I can get successful businessmen and businesswomen to mentor a pool of upcoming people who just need proper guidance to succeed in their dreams.

The Malaysian Government is wasting good money from EPF to gamble away hoping to show profit.  Good money are pumped into Talent Corp, NFC and MAS knowing fully well that there is no returns.

Malaysian successful businessmen and businesswomen are plain selfish, their knowledge and experience are to be kept for their family members only.  But they forget there is an old saying that knowledge, experience and wealth cannot last more than three generation.  Good example Genting and Boon Siew.

Those who are thinking of helping wants to know what is there for them in return.  For example is there money, if yes how much?  Then there is the query will there be publicity or title from the various Sultans.  Some businessmen even pour out million to publicize themselves in the media or show how smart and clever they are in the facebook but when approach they say busylah.

So any Malaysian Mafia out there?

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Since when did the UMNO Government uphold the law, customs, trust and promises made

KUALA LUMPUR: The government will continue to act firmly without compromise, to quash any threat bent on disrupting public order, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak said.
“Although this might be despised by certain groups, including foreign powers, we will never bow to any pressure.
“We will take appropriate measures to ensure the rights of the majority to live peacefully will continue to be preserved,” he said.
He said this in his congratulatory speech and pledge of loyalty to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah at an investiture ceremony, in conjunction with his 84th birthday at the Istana Negara here today.
“The welfare and prosperity of the people is the highest goal of the government of the people and for the people, which was given 
                                                          mandate given by the Rakyat 
the mandate to rule the country, and democratically-elected leaders.
“This means, we cannot afford to let the most important foundation of democracy, that is, the superiority of majority, be destroyed by those who want to uphold the misplaced law of the jungle by thinking that 
                                                                            the loudest
                                                                          the most cunning
                                                                       and most violent
as the most capable and truthful.
“This course of action and thinking must be 
                                                   rejected in the strongest terms,” said Najib.
He said, as peace-loving people, Malaysians should defend the institution and system which was proven to have benefited national life, and not raising doubts, what more distrust of the people.
As such, he said, the people should always appreciate the difficulties of the government in transforming the country, and not let any group to destroy what had been achieved for short-term interests.
He said a healthy national dialogue should always be encouraged as differences of opinion could be channelled constructively to the people and the country.
“National maslahat [public welfare and interests] should be discussed in an orderly manner to find the best solution, and not be expressed incoherently in a 
                                                            crazy manner on the streets.
“The use of dirty tactics to achieve political objectives will only harm the country. Let us remember that the end must never justify the means,” he said.
Najib said, of late, the people were more aware that the government authorities were deliberately disputed and ridiculed by certain groups.
“In short, whatever 
                                                                 successes created by us 
are not acknowledged by these groups as they did not benefit from them…” he said.
He said the country would lag far behind and lose in competitions if it continued to be 
                                               bogged down by endless problems and conflicts.
The prime minister said, despite the obstacles, the government would be 
and instead, stay focused, determined and more courageous on the path of righteousness.
“The crux of the matter, is that the government will continue to uphold the law, customs, trust and promises made,” he added.

Amanah Saham Felda

Another scam by another name.  Malaysia have wonderful people who goes around creating scam after scam and gets Datukship or whatever the fuck title that seem greater than Allah.  All these transformation of alphabets are just big con jobs to enable the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Hicom also had this wonder scheme.  This wondrous scheme was that employees get to buy certain amount of shares according to their number of years in service with soft loan provided by certain bank.  All the sweet talks were there.  Most of the employees were looking forward to be millionaire when they retire.  But there was one stipulated clause that the employees have to adhere.  THEY CANNOT SELL THE SHARE WITHIN A CERTAIN PERIOD. When you are looking forward to a listing with BIG PROMISES even a donkey will agree to such simple term.

Upon listing the shares went up as promised.  The directors and shareholders (The families of Yahaya, Salleh, Mahathir, Daim and Sultan of Selangor) all sold their shares.  Then when the shares dropped to 70% of the listing price, the same families bought back the share.  But on smaller percentage of what were allotted to them for FREE from the beginning.  All the hanky panky were done behind the scene at the Bursa Saham.

So finally when the stipulated period was over, Hicom share remain below the price the employees bought.  Till today the present and past employees never make money. Instead they were saddled with debts.

So Felda Settlers are going in for the long haul of not seeing the light in the future just like the present and past employees of Hicom.

When will the Malays ever learn.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Evil within

Chan Hon Keong 29 was found guilty by the Sessions Court of knowingly creating and sending the offensive remark against the Sultan of Perak on Feb. 13, 2009 on the net.

Is this because the Sultan Of Perak really cares for material gains only?

Or is it because the Rakyat consists of many races?  So why not take a Chinaman and teach the Chinese a lesson so that the other races will back down.

But the Sultan of Perak forgot his past action where he signed the right of the Sultans away just so that his own son can be the Regent of Perak and even got bonus of material gain from Mahathir Kutty.

F r o m  i t s  i n c ep t i on   i n   1 9 5 7  t h e   Co n s t i t u t i o n   o f  Ma l a y s i a  h a s   p r o v i d e d   a n  immu n i t y   t o
t h e  M a l a y   R u l e r s   ( o r   S u l t a n s )  a g ai n s t  c i v il   a ct i o ns   o r   c ri m i n al   p r o se c u ti o n s .    E a r ly   i n   19 9 3
t h e  C o n s t i t u t i o n   o f   M a l a y s i a   w a s   a m e n d e d   t o   r e m o v e   t h i s  i m m u ni t y .   A l t h o u g h   t h e   f e d e r a l
C o n s t it u t io n  o f  Ma l a y s i a   a n d   t h e   c o n s t i t u t i o n s   o f   t h e   s t a t e s   o f  Ma l a y s i a  l e av e  t h e   R u l e r s   a s
m e r e  c o ns ti t u ti o n a l  m o n a r c h s  t h e y  h a v e   w i el d e d   co n s i d er a b le   i n fl u e n ce   d u e ,  i n   p a rt ,  t o   th e
t r a d i t i o n a l  r e v e re n c e   o f  t h e  M a l a y   p e o p l e   f o r   t h e i r   R u l e r s .     T h e   a b i l i t y   o f   t h e  Go v e r nme n t   t o
br i n g a b o u t t h e s e const it u t i o n a l   a m e n d m e n t s   i s   n o t e w o r t h y   i n   l i g h t   o f   t h e   t r a d i ti o n a l   r e v e r e n c e
M a l a y  p e o p l e   h a v e   f o r   t h e  M a l a y   R u l e r s .     T h e   a p p a r e n t   p u b l i c   s u p po r t   f o r   t h e   c h a n g e s
s u g g e s t s  a   s h i f t   i n   t ra d i t i o n a l   M a l a y  c u l t u r a l  v a l u e s   t h a t   a p p e a r s   t o   h a v e   i r r e v o c a b l y   r e d u c e d
t h e   s i g n i f i c a n c e   o f   t h e   M a l a y   R u l e r s   i n   M a l a y   s o c i e t y   a n d   i n   t h e   p o l i t i c s   o f   M a l a y s i a .
T h i s  p a p e r  t r ac e s   th e   e v e n ts   l ea d i n g   to   t h e  c o n st i t u t i o n a l   ame n dme n t s   o f   1 9 9 3  i n  t h e
c o n t ex t  o f   t h e   s i g n i f i c a n c e   o f   t h e   M a l a y   R u l e r s   i n   M a l a y s i a n  p o l it i cs   a n d Ma l ay  cu l tur e .    T he
p a p e r   be g i n s,   in   P a r t  I I ,  b y  p r o v i d i n g  a   b r i e f   h i s t o r i c a l   b a c k g r o u n d   t o   t h e   M a l a y   R u l e r s  a n d
t h e i r  i m p o r ta n ce   i n   M a l a y   c u l t u r e   a n d   t r a d i t i o n .     I t   a ls o   o u t l i n e s   t h e   p o s i t i o n   o f   t h e   M a l a y
R u l e r s  u n d e r   th e   c o n s ti t u ti o n  as   i t   s t o o d   p r i o r   t o   t h e   r e c e n t   a m e n d m e n t s .     P a r t   I I I   d e s c r i b e s
t h e  e v e n ts   l ea d i n g  u p   t o  t h e   r e c e n t   ame n dme n t s   a n d   t h e   n a t u r e   o f   t h e   ame n dm e n t s  t h a t   w e r e
f i n a l l y ma d e .     P a r t   IV  d i s c u s s e s   h ow  t h e   am e n dm e n t s   s i g n a l   a  c h a n g e   in   t h e   at t it u d e   o f  M a l a y s
t o  t h e  M a l a y   R u l e r s  w h i c h   a l l owe d   t h e   g o v e r nme n t   to   a ct   w h e n   i t   d i d   a n d   w h i c h   h a s
s u b s t a n t i a l l y   r e d u c e d   t h e   s i g n i f i c a n c e   o f   th e   Ma l a y   R u l e r s .

So again the question remain in the hearts of all Malaysian????????????????????????

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