Sunday, May 20, 2012

Intimidation on Ambiga continues because she is INDIAN

MALACCA: An Opposition high tea programme in Merlimau turned ugly when hundreds of youths turned up and pelted those attending the function with eggs and stones.
The youths also surrounded and damaged the vehicles of at least two people, one of which belonged to a DAP assemblyman.
The youths had gathered there after hearing that Bersih co-chairman Datuk S. Ambiga was invited to give a speech at the ceramah which was supposed to begin at 5pm yesterday. However, she did not turn up.
The youths, all clad in red T-shirts, hurled abuses at several local community leaders who came for the function held at a field here.
The group shouted Bersih Bodoh (Bersih is stupid) and Halau (Drive them out).
About 20 riot policemen arrived to cordon off the area and provided a safe route to those attending the ceramah, while other policemen helped to separate the group and the crowd.
However, when the ceramah ended at 7pm, the crowd began to attack several cars.
DAP state assemblyman Tey Kok Kiew said his car was ambushed by the boisterous group while he was driving out to the main road.
Both my side mirrors were broken and my car was hit with eggs and stones, he said after lodging a report at the Merlimau police station last night.
Another victim Lui Poh Siong, 42, said the drivers side window and left rear window of his car were smashed.
The ceramah was attended by some 300 community members, who arrived using alternative and village roads.
A police officer later confirmed that Ambiga had not turned up at the event, which was attended by PKR Ampang MP Zuraida Kamaruddin.
It is good that the Malays and Mamak continue to intimidate Ambiga.  This clearly confirm to us that certain groups of Malay and Mamak will seek our blood and confirm that UMNO will make use of PDRM, Armed Forces, Rela, Perkasa, Pekida and Mat Rempit to obstruct PKR from forming the next government.  Win or lose UMNO will NOT LET GO.
Today we are certain that the brain washing of the Melayu and Mamak are beyond repair.  BTN, Mara, Malay NGOs and Government Servants are taught to go against the Rakyat.  These are lessons taught through the years of Mahathir, Pak Lah and now Najib's era.  But I know destiny can change when the leaders walk opposite direction plus there is karma in these three leaders hand that need to be cleanse before their death. These three leaders are responsible for the run down and corruption of this country.
Many racial talks, action and rampage does not only happen in Malaysia.  Government Servants overseas carried out their duties also on the same line (malay only).  There are many Malaysian Embassy and Consulate office who also do not help our Malaysian Chinese, Indians and other races fairly.  
There was a case of an emergency where a Malaysian Chinese boy who wanted to return home immediately because his dad was very, very sick.  He rushed to the Embassy whereby a Malay staff told him that her working hours is over.  That was only 3pm.  He approached another staff and got the same reply.  The poor boy just collapse and cried at the staircase not knowing what to do.  Then in come along two Malay girls who approached the same staff that he spoke earlier whereby they were entertain.  The two Malay girls waited and within 45 mins got their paper work done.  The Chinese boy was surprised and approached the staff and was rudely told to come back on Monday.  Whereby the boy replied that he wants to catch the earliest flight home because his dad was dying.  The Malay staff just walked away.  Just then the Secretary General walked in and saw a confusing, red-eyed and angry Chinese boy.  She approached him and was told what happened.  The Secretary General called and reprimanded the Malay staff who beg not to be sent back to Malaysia and promised she would help all Malaysian Citizen regardless of their race in future.  The Chinese boy managed to leave the country the same day and came home in time to see and say good-bye to his dad.

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