Monday, April 30, 2012

We were stampeded

Bersih 3.0 make history by the enormous crowd.  It was difficult to estimate the actual figure because of different locations of entrance into Dataran Merdeka, but base from sky view it was around 100,000. Only the police has the figure.

Today's media as usual printed a chaos scene and bad intention of the public, but if one were to be there it differ. The crowd were there for one purpose and that was to show the ruling Governing they wanted to have a clean and fair election.  The people I saw did not have the intention to create chaos. They came unarmed, they were making friends with everyone, they shared their frustration how the UMNO Government could simply hand over citizenship to the Bangladeshi and Indonesian so that these grateful migrates would vote for them. They shared their frustration that millions and billions were written off to ensure their cronies lead a comfortable and luxury lifestyle.  They shared their frustration that the boss cow is still acting arrogant, free to travel as though the crime committed is not a crime, they are angry that the children of the cow boss are still acting innocent. They shared their frustration that the ruling Government is using religion and race to divide the citizens. There was nothing nice or good words about the ruling Government.  The people were simply fed-up with this ruling Government who does not listen, does not see and is very, very selfish.

My son and I were at the OCBC bus stop when without warning the first shot of gas happened, people were shocked initially not many ran. My son and I were at hand to advice and distribute toothpaste to the people. But within second the second and third shot of gas sent  panic and there was an instant big wave of people rushing and pushing to get away from the gas.

My son and I  were pushed out from the bus stop onto the road and we fell together with two others.  We were stampeded by running feet, it was everyone for themselves.  I don't know how long we were run over but I believe our thoughts at that moment would have been the same - that we would die from the stampede. I could hear my son saying his last rite.  Then someone pulled me up and I saw another man with Lynas Shirt shouting to the people to give us a chance to stand up and move away.  Then we proceeded to HSBC car park to rest and check whether we had any serious injuries.  I really wished that more people had followed advice and plaster their faces with toothpaste.  The toothpaste helped us neutralize the gas but we were hurt because of the stampede.

It was at the HSBC car park that I saw the girl who got cut from the barb wire place at Dataran Merdeka and a man gasping for his life because of the gas. These two were sent to HUKM.  There were two others who fainted but recover and was not in need of medical help.

Among the news we hear was that three people were hurt when a patrol car rammed into them.  One victim was pulled under the car and the crowd had to rescue him out.  The accident may be accidental but the public was more angry that the policemen inside were using helmet and did not bother to come out. The beating of one policeman is an everyday scene not only in Bersih 3.0.  Last year in Loke Yew the driver of a kancil was beaten up badly when he knocked into a padestrian.  So why is UMNO, PDRM and their media making a big issue out of it.

Now the question who cut the barb wire at the barricade in Dataran Merdeka?  Whether it was coincidental or planned you decide. When Marina Mahathir showed up people rushed to shake hands with her, it was then that three guys took out something from their socks to cut the barb wire and quickly moved away.  Who are these guys?  If they were Bersih protesters why did they not rush in there and then, why move away.  When Marina Mahathir moved away from the crowd FRU appear and shot the first gas.

All the LRT stations were closed for several hours denying the people passage home.  Taxi were charging RM30 for a trip to Ampang LRT station.  Those going back to Petaling Jaya had to fork out RM100.  So taxi drivers were making a killing on Saturday. Many who refused to pay exorbitant fare either walked or stayed around till the LRT stations open.  Some went to eat while others who have not enough money were sitting around.  Out of the blue groups of policemen and policewomen were picking up supporters of Bersih in restaurants, makan stalls and road side.  The policemen and policewomen had a field day with these helpless supporters by punching and kicking them. One youth was seen punched on the face several times and kicked  by three policewomen until he collapse. Those who took pictures of the beating had their cameras and phones confiscated and warning that they will be next if they were to report the matter.

Perkasa members using the V-masks were also on the loose beating up youth walking alone.

MacDonald and Burger King make over RM60,000 in sale alone on Bersih 3.0 day, other days they were struggling to get even RM3,000. Rapid KL also make huge profit.  Those selling drinks also make money. Hotels were fully booked.  All the restaurants and stalls around Dataran Merdeka run out of food supply.  So why the complain about not making money?  In fact business was so good people are asking when is the next Bersih 4.0?

PS Najib should be noted in history as the stupidest PM of Malaysia to have two Bersih happening under his watch.

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