Sunday, April 1, 2012

Muslim are selfish

There are more MOSQUES and SURAUS than Churches in Malaysia, but none of them were used to cater free meals for the chronic poor.

And yet BUMNO accuse Churches of PROSELYTISING Muslims when they themselves ignore, reject and turn down these poor souls who are badly in need of helps

Also, let's us all never forget the day when BUMNO use Zakat money to bail out 1 GAY MAN who made headlines with his ANUS


This is very true.  I have spoken to my husband and many others whom I meet daily.  We can start with just a few of us serving food to the needy ones.  The usual answer is no time and no money.  Why is everybody talking about money?  There is such thing like getting sponsors or everyone just donate an ingredient and do it.  Everyone has the time as long as they are alive but why so selfish. Instead these people spent useless time in mamak restaurants and surau talking cock.

I always tell these people that if I am to do everything alone then I may as well run for the Prime Minister seat.

And these are the educated, rich and complain groups of Muslim.  Sheesh.

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