Wednesday, April 25, 2012

DBKL officers who took the donation box

Protesters confront DBKL over seized donation box
A group of protesters confronted the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) officers at Dataran Merdeka at about 12.30am today, claiming that a donation box was seized from them.

According to student protester Khalid Ismath, protesters had confronted the officers who were patrolling the area after securing the release of four protesters detained during an afternoon raid yesterday.

“When we arrived at Dataran we saw the DBKL officers patrolling the area, so we went to ask about the donation boxes. There was a big group surrounding them,” he said when contacted later today.

Lawyer Fadiah Nadwa Fikri who was also at the scene, said there was a “commotion” as protesters were “upset” because the boxes had “an estimated RM200-300” which were collected on Tuesday.

NONE"We arrived after securing the release of the four student protestors (nabbed in an earlier raid) from the Dang Wangi police station and found there was a commotion," she told Malaysiakiniat about 1am.

"The protesters were upset because the money was only collected today. They estimate it to be RM200-300."

Fadiah said a DBKL officer-in-charge identified only as Fuat told the protestors that they could get their items back tomorrow at City Hall.

"He said they couldn't return these (immediately) as they had to put (the items) in a store first," she said, adding that he did not explain why the donation boxes were taken.

Protestors undeterred

Confirming this, Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia secretary Haziq Abdul Aziz said Fuat told them he would "try" to identify which officer had taken the donation boxes.

Haziq added that DBKL also confiscated some tents and flags, but the students intend to continue camping tonight.

"DBKL won't do anything with so many of us here but we'll see what happens in the morning," he said.

It is understood that about 150 people were at Dataran Merdeka as of 1am today.

The donations are being shared by two groups which have been camping in the iconic public square in the city centre - the Occupy Dataran movement to reclaim public spaces and university students who are campaigning for free education.
Earlier, Malaysiakini reported that there was a third raid at around midnight, but this was later denied by Occupy Dataran activist Fahmi Reza.

“It wasn’t a raid. DBKL did disturb some people selling Bersih merchandise but that was all,” he said when contacted this afternoon.
Mayor not aware of confiscation
In a press conference later, Kuala Lumpur mayor Ahmad Fuad Ismail said he was not aware of the allegation that the donation boxes had been confiscated as well.

"They can say anything, like their jewellery (had also been seized)... If there was money, why put it there? Keep in your own pocket lah!

NONE"How do we know? If there are donations, you should declare," he said when asked about it.

However Fuad (left) explained that the occupiers can claim them back if DBKL does not need it as court evidence to charge the occupiers.

Previously Fahmi Reza, who was arrested during an earlier raid at Dataran Merdeka, was able to claim back his camera, he added.

Fuad also explained that the authority has been lenient towards the occupiers, giving them up to one week to express themselves at the square.

"We gave them one week but they still refused to leave, so we took action," he said.
Contacted again at about 5.30pm today, Fadiah said DBKL has yet to return the donation boxes and the officer whom the protesters' lawyers were referred to is “unreachable”.

“We'll try again tomorrow. If DBKL can confirm that they do no have the donation boxes, then we will have to lodge a police report on the matter,” she said.
Fuad is a rascal who has enrich himself by the millions taking commissions from his own cronies who are not qualified for projects. Two of the companies even have directors who are declared bankrupt. If every PKR come into power, Fuad should also stand in line with Mahathir Kutty, Najib, Pak Lah  etc to be locked up behind bar.

The officers who took away the donation box etc is shown above.  At the time of seizure there were many witnesses including this good self.

Fuad should not think he is smart.  Everywhere in Kuala Lumpur especially in Jalan Belangkas, we have many illegal stalls set up by Indonesians.  This DBKL allow because they can collect daily bribes from them. Fuad should explain WHY the DOUBLE STANDARD AND WHY INDONESIANS HAVE MORE RIGHTS THAN MALAYSIANS?  

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