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A tribute to Cheah Kok Leong

"Cheah Kok Leong (1983-2012), the son of a worker at the Asian Rare Earth (ARE) plant in Bukit Merah, Ipoh, died on 29 March 2012, 29 years after being born with congenital defects his mother blamed on radioactive exposure."

BN can use Toyol to recapture Selangor

Altantuya will never vote for BN for sure.

Mysterious Deaths of 9/11 witnesses

In Malaysia we are lucky that witnesses to Altantuya's murder are paid off handsomely except for one who is still on the run.

Fed-up of MCA behaviour

An MCA life member of 52 years (since 1960) quits the party by cutting his MCA membership card!

True Grit

How do we judge our lives?

300,000 new voters just in Selangor

Concern over influx of new voters
Writer: Brenda Ch'ng 
Published: Fri, 30 Mar 2012
SHAH ALAM: Selangor recorded the highest number of new voters registered between 2008 and the third quarter of 2011, raising concern of electoral fraud in the upcoming general election.
“The normal increase of new voters is usually between 4,000 to 5,000. However most constituencies in Selangor recorded an increase of over 10,000 new voters,” said Seri Andalas assemblyperson Dr Xavier Jayakumar on Tuesday
Subang has 27,765 new voters while its neighbouring parliamentary seat Kelana Jaya recorded a 13,714 increase.
“We’ve our suspicions about the increase. We looked into it and found 100 voters registered under the same house address,” he said.
Subsequently they found 300 other houses with 100 new voters registered for each.
New voters have also been found registered with “Green” MyKads with expiration dates printed on them.
“We’ve seen it used by voters before in Sarawak and we fear it may be used here in the upcoming general election, too,” he said.
Joining him was Meru assembly person Dr Abdul Rani Osman, who urged the Election Commission to investigate these discrepancies.
There are presently 300,000 new registered voters in Selangor.  From the 300,000, 137,000 are Bangladeshi registered in Jalan Belangkas alone, who were recently make citizens of this country and some were newly converted to Muslim not by choice but by force temporary so that they are able to continue working here in Malaysia.
How do I know?  The 137,000 Bangladeshi were all registered with just one 6P Agent in Jalan Belangkas with the help and support direct from Hishamuddin in Putrajaya.
This particular 6P Agent had forced the Bangladeshi to pay him RM4,000 per person to register.  Since most of them are penniless they were forced to sign agreement with this agent to give him the right to all their salaries in return they will get just RM4 per day from the sum.  If the Bangladeshi is above 30 years old the contract is for 12 years.  Anyone below that is 10 years.  So basically the Bangladeshi are now slaves to this 6P Agent.  To further insult the dignity of the Bangladeshi who are non-Muslim are now converted in paper as Muslim.  Reason given is that only Muslim can get a job in Malaysia.  Since this is an open secret, the Bangladeshi have no choice but to accept it with a heavy heart.
Now this particular 6P Agent is going to open a Bangla Restaurant in Jalan Belangkas.

Now if this particular 6P Agent can register 137,000 Bangladeshi in Jalan Belangkas and make them instant citizens just to vote for UMNO in Selangor.  Where do the real Rakyat's vote stand in Selangor?

When Putrajaya first sent the Mykad to this 6P Agent, they missed out the BIN.  Then Putrajaya officers came in their black jeep and took them back.  Two weeks ago they came and gave the new Mykad with the word BIN printed on it.

I am just talking about Bangladeshi in Jalan Belangkas. What about the other aliens with other 6P Agents?

Hishamoo said, "The 6P programme, which includes the registration, legalisation, amnesty, deportation, supervision and enforcement of foreign labour in the country, has registered 2,320,034 illegal and legal foreign workers using the biometric system as of Aug 31. Of these, a total of 1,303,126 are illegals."
This figure is not correct according to source from Putrajaya, the number of foreign workers illegal and legal is above 11 million.  But according to Tony Pua this is unlikely.  Then why is the data base in a tight seal updated by two senior officers only?

Too long in power

Masing: If we tell you to walk backwards, do it

Keruah Usit
11:54AM Mar 28, 2012

THE ANTIDOTE When most Malaysian cabinet ministers open their mouths to talk, you might not expect much in the way of reasoned debate or intelligent conversation.

But James Masing, rejoicing under the stupendous title of Senior Minister (for land) in Abdul Taib Mahmud’s Sarawak cabinet, ought to be different.

He has a PhD in anthropology. He was once a dissident, a leading light in the opposition Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS).

PBDS was a ‘pan-Dayakism’ party that nearly toppled Taib in 1987, but then crumbled under the prolonged and canny pressure of Taib’s iron fist. Eventually, nearly all PBDS leaders were bought over to BN, by Taib’s promises of power and timber concessions.

james masingMasing (right) himself has now been accused of profiting from his wife Corinne Bua Nyipa’s extraordinary good fortune. According to the website Sarawak Report, a gadfly to Taib’s cabinet, Masing’s wife enjoys a huge logging concession (although she has no obvious credentials as a lumberjack).

She is a prominent shareholder and director of companies that have been showered with government contracts worth RM100 million to build roads and rural classrooms, and to run electricity generators in Kapit’s deprived schools.

Sarawak Report has systematically exposed the skeletons in Taib’s cabinet in recent weeks. The website has run shocking stories on BN ministers and elected representatives, buried to their eyeballs in government largesse and conflict of interest.

Perhaps this helps explain Masing’s outburst a fortnight ago. He told voters: “Jangan lawan tauke” - warning them not to go against the boss.

Politics in reverse

Masing later spoke out to defend his view, brandishing textbooks of political science. He insisted that elected representatives are ‘the bosses’ during the five or so years after each election.

“The confusion, it appears, is on the role of the legislature - which is the elected representatives or YBs. All YBs are elected by the people/voters. During the polling day, the ‘rakyat’ (people) who have been registered as voters are the boss. The power is invested on the ‘rakyat’ by the legislature, to elect who should be the administrator/boss of their lives for the next five years,” he was quoted as saying by the Borneo Post.
“Once they have elected their YBs or the administrators, the role changes. The elected representatives become the administrators/boss of the ‘rakyat’, while the ‘rakyat’ plays a subservient role and will seek assistance from the YBs from time to time.

“If their YBs, for instance, pass a law which tells the ‘rakyat’ to walk backward, the ‘rakyat’ must walk backward... Within the period of five years, the elected representatives have the freedom to decide what is best for the ‘rakyat’. If one or two people feel being neglected by their administrators/YBs, they have to wait for five years to change their elected representatives.”

As retired MP Sim Kwang Yang has pointed out before, Masing surely understands the principle of the social contract espoused by Locke, Rousseau and Hobbes.

This is, of course, not the witless and racist “social contract” imposed on Malaya by the departing British. The social contract is a mutual agreement: the population gives up certain individual liberties to the state, in order that the government exists to provide security and services to the people.

“A government is legitimate morally as long as it looks after the personal security, the prosperity, and the natural rights of citizens,” Sim wrote in 2009, in an open letter to Masing.

“When that government fails in its duty to the governed, then the people have the right to change the government - by a revolution even, according to Locke.”

In his erudite history ‘The Age of Revolution’, Eric Hobsbawm remarked on the ‘birth certificate’ of modern democracy in the French Revolution - the seminal constitution established by the Jacobin regime in 1793.

“The people were offered universal suffrage, the right of insurrection, work or maintenance, and - most significant of all - the official statement that the happiness of all was the aim of government and the people’s rights were to be not merely available but operative,” Hobsbawm observed.

Distraction by hyperbole

Two centuries later, Masing continues to pretend modern democracy begins and ends with regular elections every five years, where votes are paid for out of the taxpayers’ own money.

Masing gets full marks for using highly publicised, overtly stupid political statements, in an attempt to deflect attention away from the torrent of Sarawak Report articles exposing the huge contracts awarded to companies fronted by wealthy ministers’ families.

But can this smokescreen hide the allegations of corruption indefinitely?

KERUAH USIT is a human rights activist - ‘anak Sarawak, bangsa Malaysia’. This weekly column is an effort to provide a voice for marginalised Malaysians. Keruah Usit can be contacted at
People like Masing should be torture and leave to die in the desert.  His ancestors must be turning in their graves.

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Unwanted baby without a head

Bayi Tanpa Kepala Di Ampang | Mayat bayi mengerikan tanpa kepala dan putus sebelah kakinya ditemui seorang lelaki ketika menjala ikan di sebatang sungai, di sini, petang semalam. Bayi tersebut dikatakan adalah mangsa jenayah buang bayi oleh orang yang tidak bertanggungjawab.
Ketua Polis Daerah Ampang Jaya, Asisten Komisioner Amiruddin Jamaluddin berkata, mayat bayi itu ditemui kira-kira jam 1 petang berhampiran kawasan perumahan­ di Kuala Ampang.

Keadaan bayi tanpa kepala yang ditemui
“Bayi itu ditemui tersangkut pada celah-celah batu di tebing sungai berhampiran dengan kilang elektronik, ketika ditemui,mayat bayi tanpa pakaian itu dalam keadaan tertiarap dan telah hampir reput,” katanya.
Setakat ini, beliau berkata, jantina bayi itu masih belum dikenal pasti, pemeriksaan unit forensik polis mendapati, mangsa tidak berkepala dan kaki kanannya juga tiada.
Mangsa dipercayai dibuang di lokasi lain dan dihanyutkan arus sungai sebelum dijumpai, mayat dihantar ke Pusat Perubatan Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia untuk bedah siasat,” katanya.
When parents are too busy to care, why bother to have children?
No-one should blame the children who are looking for love, attention, care and got into a mess.
The unwanted children are the most pitiful ones because they are thrown away like thrash.
Government should legalize abortion. 

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Ananda Krishnan's son‏

1)    Ajahn was educated in UK, is very eloquent & chose the life of a simple Buddhist  monk 13 years ago.
Worth listening to........ "If you see certainty in that which is uncertain, you are bound to suffer". 
Take a moment to view this video of a simple talk
delivered by Ajahn
Siripanno, the only son of Malaysia’s second richest man who is Ananda
 who is second generation Sri Lankan Tamil. His mother is Thai. The then youngster refused opportunity to work with his father to expand his father’s empire (personal fortune more than USD 8
billion) and instead walked the path of the Thai forest meditation tradition about 13 years ago. 
His ancestral home, which is preserved till today in Jalan Berhala as a family heritage,
is just across the road from the Buddhist Maha Vihara Brickfields, besides the Klang
river bank. He wanted to test the monk life for two weeks, wanted to
leave on the first day he arrived at the Monastery, still continues to live happily within the Dhamma.

One by one expose to the public

After some time this is common.
This UMNO government is twisting their head round and round.  Finally it will come off.

Who are the strangers in your home?

Phantom voters, fraud fears for Malaysia polls

March 28, 2012
A rash of irregularities could tip the balance in what may be a tight contest between the BN and an upstart opposition.
By Julia Zappei
SEREMBAN: Ng Yuen Chan has occupied the same Malaysian home for 20 years, so the ethnic Chinese retiree was surprised to learn recently that he had two ethnic Indian women as roommates.
They were phantom voters registered at his home in Seremban, capital of Negri Sembilan, a key political battleground state and one of many such cases fuelling fear of possible fraud in coming elections in the multi-racial country.
“The government should take action. These people don’t exist here,” Ng said angrily.
Opposition election workers and independent vote-reform advocates say a rash of irregularities could tip the balance in what may be a tight contest between the long-ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition and an upstart opposition.
Campaigners warn that if the government does not address the issue, they could take to the streets again as they did in a protest by tens of thousands last year that was crushed by police.
“I certainly think the playing field is still very skewed. It could cost the opposition the win,” said S Ambiga, co-chair of electoral reform group Bersih 2.0.
“If they (the government) don’t commit to reform before the… election, there will be a Bersih 3.0 rally.”
Bersih 2.0 and other critics allege the coalition, despite promising reform, is illegally registering non-resident supporters in shaky constituencies or those held by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim’s three-party alliance.

Fraud campaign

In one case near Ng’s house, more than 60 people were registered living in two apartment blocks that do not even exist, say opposition activists who have been scouring quarterly voter rolls compiled by the Election Commission (EC).
The government denies a fraud campaign, and the commission says it is cleaning voter rolls.
Late last year it purged more than 40,000 names that could not be accounted for, but the revelation only added to fears of widespread irregularities.
The commission also recently fired hundreds of staff after it was found they were responsible for registering voters twice, adding non-citizens, and other “negligence,” government-controlled media reported.
Anthony Loke, an opposition parliamentarian representing Ng’s district, said a report by a government-appointed organisation found some 80,000 people were registered in just over 300 addresses, among other discrepancies.
“The most fundamental issue is the electoral roll. It must be cleaned up,” he said. “If they don’t clean up the roll, other changes are not as significant.”
Bersih 2.0 and opposition parties led a rally in Kuala Lumpur last July to demand clean elections – “Bersih” means clean – and were met by tear gas and water cannon. Some 1,600 people were arrested.
The rally gave voice to widespread suspicions documented in many cases over the years that the ruling coalition has routinely used fraud, vote-buying and a stranglehold on traditional media to stay in power.

Rally crackdown
Stung by condemnation over the rally crackdown, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak set up a bi-partisan parliamentary panel in October to study possible reforms. A final report is due in April.
An interim report suggested measures including introducing indelible ink to prevent multiple voting, which the EC has pledged to do.
“The main (recommendations) are all accepted and done already. Now we are busy doing the preparations,” EC deputy chairman Wan Ahmad Wan Omar told AFP.
But critics accuse the government of dragging its feet on far-reaching reform and ignoring calls to halt abuses like alleged vote-buying and preventing fair access to media.
Concern has sharpened recently amid heavy speculation that the polls – due by next April – could be called within months.
“You can’t expect BN to implement (all the) reforms for a system that has benefited them for years,” said Loke, also a member of the parliamentary reform panel.
In 2008, Anwar’s three-party opposition alliance snatched away the BN’s long-held two-thirds parliamentary majority and now holds four of Malaysia’s 13 states, its highest ever number.
Bersih 2.0 has calculated the BN coalition won a parliamentary majority by only 27,000 votes.
Leading polling firm Merdeka Centre, along with another institute that monitors the electoral process, will launch a new report on such irregularities on Friday.
Ibrahim Suffian, head of the centre, said its research has found an “abnormal increase of voters” in closely contested constituencies.
“So it would affect the outcome of the election” in some areas, he said.


Malaysia ini boleh

The driver of the bus must have failed his maths in school.
So how did he get his driving licence?
Bribe, bribe.

YB Umno Kaki Dangdut Telah Dikenalpasti!!

Laporan dari akhbar Sinar Harian dua hari lepas melaporkan bahawa Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah (JSJN) Melaka telah menahan seramai 27 orang di tangkap dalam Ops Tapis di sebuah pusat hiburan di Melaka Raya.
27 orang yang di tahan itu termasuk seorang ADUN Melaka.

Lihat gambar di bawah pula, boleh nampak potongan sideburn rambut kedua-dua identiti ini.

Maklumat tambahan yang di perolehi telah membongkar ADUN yang terlibat dalam tangkapan tersebut adalah ADUN dari Dun RIM, iaitu Mohd Yazed Hj Khamis. Maklumat ini di peroleh dari laporan cetak Akhbar Cina, Sin Chew Jit Poh bertarikh 26hb Mac 2012 seperti di bawah:

Sebagai seorang YB yang memegang tanggungjawab/peranan memartabatkan akidah Islam, sepatutnya pada jam 2.40 pagi adalah waktu paling sesuai menganjurkan solat tahajud tetapi pada waktu yang sama YB tersebut telah dicekup meraikan pesta dangdut bersama GRO yang seksi dan arak bergelimpangan. Dalam serbuan yang sama, hasil ujian urin mendapati lapan lelaki dan tiga wanita di dalam premis berkenaan didapati positif dadah.

Jika beginilah sikap seorang YB Umno yang mempunyai 'tittle' Timbalan Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Hal Ehwal Agama Islam, bagaimana pula sikap pemimpin Umno lain yang tidak memegang portfolio hal ehwal agama?  Inikah gerombolan pejuang Islam yang boleh diharapkan??

Gambar di bawah pula menunjukkan bagaimana Umno meraikan ahli-ahlinya - dengan persembahan tarian gelek demi kelangsungan meneruskan legasi;

Amat menghairankan, bagaimana tergamaknya mereka mengiktiraf 'Allah Bersama Umno' dalam merungkai akronim A.B.U. Apakah Umno sudah terlalu dipinggir oleh rakyat sehingga terpaksa menghidangkan hiburan melampaui batasan semata-mata untuk meramaikan kehadiran. Mereka menjemput penari untuk 'bergoyang inul' dan ini satu penghinaan ke atas orang melayu sendiri kononnya hiburan begini yang dituntut masyarakat.

Umno semakin hari semakin dipinggirkan. Banyak cawangan sudah ditutup dan selebihnya cawangan tidak banyak berfungsi. Umno hari ini hanya sekadar bermain di peringkat bahagian, mengira keuntungan projek sana-sini untuk dibahagi hanya sesama mereka.

Jika dilihat mood rakyat dalam menghadapi PRU13, rakyat lebih terbuka dan memilih untuk perubahan total. Program ceramah di Melaka dan Johor mendapat sambutan yang amat luar biasa. Rakyat juga menyatakan kesediaan untuk sebuah menerima sebuah kerajaan pusat yang baru, hasil dari testimoni baik yang ditunjukkan oleh semua kerajaan negeri Pakatan Rakyat.

Mood meninggalkan Umno dan menyertai Pakatan Rakyat ini dibantu dengan lebih pantas oleh isu-isu penyelewengan seperti isu NFC, PKFZ dan juga isu moral seperti tertangkapnya seorang YB dalam kelab dangdut seperti yang diberitakan di atas. Isu hubungan dagang Malaysia-Israel yang sedang hangat bermain di Parlimen juga menjadi faktor besar kerana isu Israel begitu sinonim menusuk jantung orang melayu yang berugama Islam. 

Isu kenaikan harga barang juga membantu mood 'Asalkan Bukan Umno', isu SPBA yang menyentap perasaan setiap penjawat awam peringkat pertengahan dan bawahan juga cukup membantu mood ABU. Isu lynas juga memberi mimpi ngeri buat regim pemerintah, begitu juga dengan keangkuhan Rosmah yang tetap berbelanja besar walaupun telah diberi amaran oleh rakyat dan juga anak muda SAMM. 

Semua isu ini menjadi pemangkin betapa Umno yang sudah rapuh itu harus ditinggalkan. Tindakbalas dari isu-isu yang dibongkar Pakatan Rakyat, orang Umno sendiri malu untuk mengaku sokong Umno. Mereka hanya bersuara seolah-olah orang atas pagar tetapi bau Umno masih pekat di kalangan mereka. Dari status orang tengah inilah mereka membuka mata dengan maklumat dan berpusu-pusulah mereka meninggalkan Umno.

Lihatlah gambar di bawah, rakyat hadir sendiri tanpa bas dan nasi bungkus, memberi sokongan tanpa sebarang bayaran / door gift, malah rakyat yang datang ini turut membantu mengeluarkan wang kocek memberi dana hanya untuk memastikan Bn tumbang pada PRU13. 

Gambar ini diambil malam tadi(27 Mac) dari dua kamera berbeza;

Rakyat hadir tanpa dihidangkan penari seksi. Sokongan yang besar ini membuatkan regim gentar dan pastinya akan bertindak luar batasan demi menghalang kemaraan jentera Pakatan Rakyat untuk mencelikkan rakyat. Apabila Umno gagal berhujah menggunakan otak, maka otot pula mereka gunakan. Inilah sikap dan tabiat gerombolan di hujung usia.

Ayuh rakyat, ke'samseng'an Umno tidak memberi apa-apa faedah, maka tinggalkanlah gerombolan terdesak ini. Inilah detik dan peluang terbaik ketika segala kepincangan Umno itu berada di depan mata, apakah kita rakyat celik dan yang hampir celik akan berdiam diri? Pilihlah ABU. Dalam PRU-13, ABU adalah pilihan terbaik !!

Sekali lagi Edyes nyatakan kepada penyokong Umno yang mula sangsi, cukuplah tersesat dan marilah berjuang dalam gerakkan massa ABU. Kepada penyokong Umno tegar, teruskan sesat, kami sudah cuba membantu dengan maklumat yang utuh.

Kepada Rakyat Malaysia, Ayuh tumbangkan kerajaan zalim lagi penipu, perasuah, penyeleweng, peragut dan pembunuh secara halus, dengan slogan rakyat - Asalkan Bukan Umno. ABU pilihan terbaik PRU13.  

Bayangkan, kalau wakil rakyat Umno berjawatan Timbalan Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Hal Ehwal Agama Islam pun boleh hanyut ke pusat maksiat, apatah lagi para ahlinya. Tinggalkanlah Umno demi masa depan agama dan anak bangsa, berjuang bersama menegakkan Agama dengan maksud sebenar, bukan retorik semata-mata. 

Asalkan Bukan Umno - Tumbang Bn PRU13

EDYES @edyesdotcom
Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

All the gates before 13th General Election

Mr PM, let me tell you why we are worried: Cow-gate, Cop-gate, AG-gate and now Anak-gate

Written by  Robert Phang
Prime Minister Najib Razak must lead the way, show true reforms and avoid cover-ups. The government’s objective of making crime reduction one of the National Key Result Areas (NKRA) is now showing results. According to the World Justice Project Rule of Law Index 2011 Report, Malaysia was ranked the safest country in the Asia Pacific Region.
All these are marked improvements of the image of the PDRM than when it was under the previous IGP, Musa Hassan. During Musa Hassan’s time, the PDRM was despised, the Along money-lending syndicate became a national menace and the crime rate was high especially street crimes. In short, Malaysians feel unsafe then. Some may say that was all in the past. But the past shapes the present and the future.
Police need to buck or fall behind
In that regard I feel compelled to remind the PDRM that the positive image now can slide back to what it was before. I feel compelled to remind PDRM that it must not be a law enforcement agency that is involved in cover-ups in protecting only the rich and powerful. As such, current CCID Director, Dato’ Syed Ismail Syed Azizan, must be commended for announcing that the police had recommended for prosecution action in the NFC “Cowgate” scandal. This had forced AG Gani Patail to finally charge Shahrizat Jalil’s husband, the Chairman of the NFC, for CBT. That unconventional announcement was a very brave and smart move by Syed Ismail so that there cannot be a cover-up for which the police will be made to take the blame. That really helped improve the image of the PDRM in the eyes of the Rakyat.
As a Friend of the Police, I call on the Rakyat not to misconstrue the statement made by the Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein about the revelations made by former CCID Director Dato Ramli Yusuff of the cover-ups, fixing-ups, fabrications and abuses of power by Musa Hassan and AG Gani Patail in what is now known as the “CopGate Affair”. What Minister Hishammuddin had really said was “Prove it, and we will take action. No one is above the law”. Thus, we must take that positively.
Police duty to investigate and not kow-tow to AG
Since Hishammuddin has asked for proof, YDH IGP Ismail Omar must now take the Minister seriously and direct investigations by his officers. The police powers to investigate crimes are prescribed by the Police Act. If I may, IGP Ismail Omar can show his seriousness, objectivity and professionalism to uncover the truth and obtain evidence by taking the following steps:
> exclude CID Director, Bakri Zinin, from this investigation. This is to protect Bakri Zinin from any allegations of being connected to AG Gani Patail as Bakri is also from Sabah;
> direct independent minded investigators like CCID Director Syed Ismail who is not easily intimidated by AG Gani Patail as has been shown in “Cowgate”;
> not to allow circumvention of police work by any politician, no matter how high that politician may be, from carrying out police duties as that is the oath of duty of a professional police force;
> leave no stones unturned of all the reports made by Dato’ Ramli Yusuff against AG Gani Patail and Musa Hassan that have now been in the public domain for some time, namely investigate:
a) the truths of the SD by Musa Hassan’s ADC of his complicity with the underworld;
b) the truths of 10 other SDs by the other policemen;
c) the truths of the SDs by the other informants about the turning over of their informant’s evidence;
d) the cover- ups for Goh Cheng Poh in the Along syndicate investigations and the circumvention of police work in that case;
e) the unlawful access of Cicero confidential files;
f) abdication of AG’s duties under Art 145 Federal Constitution by refusing to act for and prepare affidavits for CCID;
g) fixing-up of Dato’ Ramli and his six officers by using the fabricated statement of Moo Sai Chin who was then under EO Detention;
h) fixing-up of Dato’ Ramli’s lawyer;
i) AG’s complicity in the matters concerning Tajudin Ramli/MAS and whether there was suppression of evidence;
j) AG’s refusal to prosecute Tajudin Ramli despite the recommendation of the CCID;
k) relationship between AG Gani Patail with Tajudin’s proxy, Shahidan Shafie. It is noted that Shahidan was previously charged for corruption while he was OC Secret Societies of Johor;
l) whether it is proper conduct for an Attorney-General to fraternize with a person of ill- repute (Shahidan Shafie) especially when that person is connected to an on-going investigations by the Police and the MACC. Their consorting together is evident as exposed in the Haj scandal with photographs and other supporting Tabung Haji documents;
m) AG’s complicity in the Ho Hup corporate tussle as evidenced by photographs of the A-G at Ho Hup’s office and the prosecution of the other side.
Not for Nazri to decide
The Rakyat is disappointed that the Speaker of Parliament had rejected the urgent motion by Subang MP R Sivarasa for this matter to be debated in Parliament last Wednesday. The integrity of AG Gani Patail impacts on the whole system of justice in this country. The Rakyat sees this refusal to allow parliamentary debate on a matter of such importance as a cover-up.
To dispel this negative perception, I ask IGP Ismail Omar to discharge his constitutional duties to investigate without fear or favor. I ask Ismail Omar to disregard the misconceived statements of Nazri Aziz that the government will not investigate this further. It is not for the Minister to state whether the complicity of AG Gani Patail should be investigated just as it is not for that Minister to direct GLCs to settle their cases with Tajudin Ramli.
Anak-gate : Where did the lawless son get so much money?
Nazri may be the Law Minister, but he has no legal nor moral authority to tell the police how to carry out the law if he cannot control his lawless son and his bodyguards in connection with the recent assault of a security guard. According to the police reports made available to me, Nazri’s son had even used his father’s Minister’s name card to introduce his entourage. Is that not abuse of power? The Rakyat is not amused that the case has been classified as Affray under s. 160 Penal Code. Affray is fighting in a public place. His son’s body guards trespassed onto private property and assaulted a security guard. How could that be an affray?
Beyond that, the Rakyat ponders how did Nazri’s son afford such luxurious cars - a Porsche driven by him and a Toyota Vellfire by his bodyguards? Why did he need bodyguards? What business is he in? Are we seeing further examples of “Cowgate” amongst the families and sons of Ministers who live in absolute opulence whereas the Rakyat are told to be thrifty and constantly reminded of rising inflation and high cost of living.The MACC should look into whether this Minister’s family is living beyond their means or having unusual wealth. After all, that is what all civil servants are subjected to under the MACC Act. So, it is better that Nazri controls his “anak jantan” and his entourage to behave in accordance with the law than for him to meddle in the affairs of the police.
The IGP must direct PDRM to act independently. That is how checks and balances in government institutions are maintained so that the Rakyat can feel safe and secure. Politicians come and go but the institution of the police cannot be made to succumb to their whims and fancies.
Too much evidence against Gani Patail to ignore
The evidence already in the public domain against AG Gani Patail are just too numerous for the government to ignore. As such, on behalf of the Rakyat I beg PM Najib to hear the Rakyat’s voice. The PM should know that the Rakyat is unhappy that he has said that it is not necessary to constitute a tribunal to look into this. The Rakyat wonders why the government must defend this AG until it affects the credibility of PM Najib’s government. This may only fuel suspicion that AG Gani Patail and Musa Hassan have a hold on the PM and other government leaders. PM Najib must dispel this by taking firm action.
PM Najib must not lose the plot. PM Najib has already shown that he will walk the talk when it comes to the Rakyat. I am sure PM Najib is sensitive to the Rakyat’s feelings. He is already popular with the reforms undertaken so far. So, let it not be dampened by the allegations surrounding AG Gani Patail. The Rakyat will support PM Najib in all his reform plans especially when the Rakyat trust there is no cover-ups.
Tan Sri Datuk Robert Phang Miow Sin is a prominent civil society leader, a Justice of Peace and a former member of the MACC advisory panel

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