Saturday, February 25, 2012

When collection of cash is daily.

 I complaint about this stall back in 2008 to DBKL, Federal Minister and media when it was still illegal.  The owner of the corner house was fuming mad when the stall was parked in her side lane.  She too complaint to DBKL several times and got no result.  The stall is operated by her immediate neighbour who got jalan with DBKL officer who is a permanent resident in Taman Maluri.  As the years go by the stall became bigger and bigger.
 Today the stall has a licence and will be getting electricity.

Even got water meter installed.

Many residents are very unhappy that for every available land, stalls are been set up.  The question is 'why can't DBKL have a proper place for all these mini stalls?  Why inconvenient a land owner who purposely bought a corner lot to have some privacy.

Most of the stalls in Taman Maluri and Desa Pandan are operated by Malays and Indonesians.  So if a Chinese or Indian were to set up a stall, it is immediately confiscated.

Licences were issued after my report to the media.  But interesting enough DBKL only gets income from issuing the licences.  It is the staff and ex-staff of DBKL who are enriching themselves by collecting rental, electricity and water payment.  DBKL staff even use the money collected to go to Mecca not one trip but four or five.  And their sinful money are also kept in safe deposit boxes around KL and Selangor.  Some of them even have shophouses worth RM600,000 to RM2 million worth each.

Nice scenario would be a DBKL staff earning only RM1,000 per month.  Has two wives, nine children and owner of a single storey worth RM230,000, owner of three vehicle, having not one but four accounts, fixed deposit worth RM1 million, ASB RM3 million, RM100,000 cash in safe box, shoplots total worth RM2 million.  You think this is a joke?  Well think again when collection of cash is daily ...............

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