Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The shoe, the shoe

Penang PERKASA Youth chief Mohd Risuan Asudin showing aggression at the anti-Lynas rally in Penang on Sunday. Risuan once presented a bulldozer to Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng in Komtar. “During the fracas where a journalist was attacked, some Malay youths (male and females) came to us reporters to point out the attackers and told us what they witnessed,” a journalist at the event said. Photo: Yeap Ban Choon

Many are moving their butts and waving their fist, slippers and shoe.
We have a MB from Pahang who showed us his signature hand bang.
A Wanita Chief who folded her sleeve to show her fury fist.
Wanita and UMNO Youth showed us their butts.
An UMNO mat rempit moved forward his fist to Nurul's face.
A moral unmoral Malay frog Extremist spitting his saliva to save the Malays from the Malays.
Then a Mydin boy trying to act like big boss at every protest in Penang.
And now a shoe threat to Lynas Protesters in Penang.
What we need now is to tip the temperature to an explosive level where there is no return.
For this we need UMNO members to continue their dirty works at more intense level.
And this my friend is what will happen within these two months because that Mamak Kutty has already placed all the dried woods to burn.
We will not have any spring but definitely a BON FIRE.  
So will there be any celebration for Agong?

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