Sunday, February 5, 2012

Maulidur Rasul [Birthday of Prophet Muhammad]

What is there to be cheerful about Maulidur Rasul, when a Malay Race Party (UMNO) and a Malay Race NGO (Perkasa) are constantly making trouble for the Rakyat. These groups want to divide the people, they want the people to fight with each other, they want to control the way the Rakyat live and think.They want the Rakyat to give up their health and money.  They want the Rakyat not to have a reason for living.  They use Allah as a tool to play with.
Me think CERTAIN Muslim in this country should just kill themselves and let others live in peace.  Me need no logical reason to continue FUCKING CERTAIN Muslim who are mentally retarded.  Me think that CERTAIN Muslim are putting the Muslim of the world in a bad light.  Me think that FUCKING CERTAIN Muslim in this country are REAL MUSLIM COMMUNISTS.

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