Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jessica Tow Truck getting free publicity for her business

AFTER being in the water filter industry for more than 13 years, Jessie Ooi Hui Wen put her background and knowledge to good use when she started her own water filter business.
Ooi, who is the managing director of FRG Corporation Sdn Bhd, started her venture two years ago and said the company produced the e-ions water filter brand.
She brought in technology from Japan and South Korea and adopted it to create the e-ions water filter.
She said Japan and South Korea had been using this technology for more than four decades.
Easy installation: Ooi showing how the filter is hooked up to the water supply.
“My water filters produce ionised water and are currently the most affordable among the options in the market.
“This ionised water is alkaline, which is good drinking water,’’ Ooi said,
The water filters come in three models — S360w, S360p and S330s — and are priced from RM3,690 to RM4,390.
Ooi said water filters now could be as expensive as RM25,000 but she tried to make her company’s products affordable so that the public could benefit from drinking healthy water.
During a test at Ooi’s office in Taman Mastiara, off Jalan Ipoh, she showed the difference in the pH of RO water, mineral water, tap water and alkaline water.
“Alkaline water is shown as purple or blue while yellow, orange or red result means it is acidic,” she explained.
Ooi also demonstrated how the e-ions water filter produced alkaline and ionised water.
“Because we consume acidic food like bread, meat, sugar, egg yolk, cheese and liquor, we need a balance and drinking alkaline water will help maintain that balance.
“I have sold more than 1,000 filters. There is a huge market and I hope to reach a target of selling 500 water filters a month.
“I am hoping to reach beyond home use. I plan to approach hospitals and offices, too,” she added.
Jessica is one clever woman.  Since her filters are high end products and difficult to sell, she needs to be creative in getting free publicity.  And bingo she did it.

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