Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Greasing the palms is more important than solving a crime

Here is another case of Indian gangsters.  Do not visit Chennai Curry
house. Most of these Indians here are not born n bred in Tanah Rata
but are probably some Mamak bully from India.


Those who visited Tanah Rata while in Cameron Highlands can verify there is  a  "D' Chennai Curry House".  Let's spread the word
that this restaurant must be avoided.  Below is one upset and traumatised  customer's experience....

Restaurant (Indian)
D' Chennai Curry House
Tel: +605-491 5727
Add: No. 35, Main Road,
39000 Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands,
Pahang, Malaysia.
*Dear friends,  I'm writing this based on my recent visit* to Cameron Highlands with my family.  We had been in Camerons for 2 days already but hadn't walked around Tanah Rata town (we usually go to Brinchang) But on our last stay, we decided to walk around and have breakfast here. We walked along the shops and finally decided to eat
in an indian restaurant called *D' CHENNAI CURRY HOUSE'*.

There were 20 of us... 10 adults 4 males, 4 females and 2 maids ) and 9 children and a baby. We started ordering and things were ok at first
While eating, I wondered why we were the only customers.

Then my 3 year old son wanted to go to toilet and so my brother took him to look for toilet as we were sitted outside the restaurant. 
Later  when my brother came out from the toilet with my son, I heard the owner of the restaurant grumbling at my brother.
We asked 'what's wrong?' and my brother said the owner was unhappy because my son didn't close the toilet door.. 
I heard my brother answer him ' just a small kid what!  there's no need to close the toilet door ma' .

But the Indian owner kept grumbling like he wanted a fight. 
Then my brother said ' aiya u stupid la, a 3 year old go toilet close door!'.  All the while,  my hubby keep on saying 'ok enough la, diam, bring the bill we want to leave'.
But the Owner was already very angry. He ran to his counter and brought out a parang.
Shocked, everyone was shouting and I quickly shoved the kids away. The owner said 'i'm gonna put you down' to my hubby and brother. 
I was calling out for help from the onlookers but they all said 'PANGGIL POLIS SENDIRI L ' (PENDUDUK HERE REALLY
SELFISH).  THE OWNER THEN HELD MY HUBBY AND BROTHER CAPTIVE.  My sister in law, seeing that no one came to help, ran to the nearest police station.  While I was there helpless, the restaurant worker who made the tasteless roti canai whipped out a chopper.  Oh my god, i was soooo afraid!

The restaurant owner's friends also joined in. They were throwing
things at us (bottles, glasses of drinks and chairs ) I saw a fat Indian
men threw a bottle at my brother and hit his chest and an Indian
worker threw a chair at me!  Luckily my brother tried to block it with
another chair and the chair that the Indian worker threw broke, into pieces but the plastic hit my lips.
My lips was bleeding and my brother's finger was bleeding too. fortunately,  it was just a small cut.

We quickly take the kids back to the car and drove to the police station.  My sister in law already there by the time we arrived.

The Cops were of no use.  We asked them to go there immediately as my hubby and brother were still being held captive but they were slow to respond. When finally the police was able to bring them to the police station, I was relieved but angry at the same time. How could this happen in CAMERON HIGHLANDS?  I've been there before but this time I made a mistake eating in the Indian restaurant! 
When owner arrived at the police station he just kept saying ' he
called me stupid, why? i'm not stupid ' 
He's really STUPID... Hey how many 3 years old were taught to
close the door when using the toilet AND because of this,  the owner can whip out his parang and threaten people??

Statements were taken but the owner, worker and their friends were NOT arrested!  I was dissapointed that the owner was even allowed return to his restaurant.  I asked the police about this and they said
'it's ok,  they will SIASAT', but then how come the weapons - PARANG AND CHOPPER were not confiscated?
How can the police allow this??

So I'm telling you guys, DON'T GO TO CAMERON HIGHLANDS cos this place is really dangerous and the people are UNCIVILISED, UNEDUCATED , UNCARING AND CRAZY!

If you have to go, go to Brinchang instead (it's safer and the people here are very helpful).


Better still, DONgo to TANAH RATA!.


*Debby Wong*


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