Thursday, February 23, 2012

Full support needed to ensure effective media boycott

For once in your life, can you NOT Read any BN sponsored/owned Newspapers on Feb 28, 2012?
        1. NST/Star
        2. Sinchew/Nanyang
        3. Utusan Malaysia/Berita Harian
        4. Tamil Nissan ++
Do it to show solidarity!!
Sedition guidelines will now apply to online media - act now!!!!!!
Sedition"guidelines"  to be introduced to shut you up!!! 
Let us Act Now to protect and safeguard our freedom!!!!!
Boycott the mainstream media on 28th Feb!
Baba Hussein
Mon Jan 24
The government has begun to act in preparation of the next General Elections, and from lessons learned from the previous General Elections they are vary of the power of the alternative media, the media of the people, for the people and by the people - the true democratic media.

This is  the very media who were very responsible for loss of the two thirds majority of the Barisan Nasional government and the fall of five states in the peninsular to the opposition.

There is a real possibility that the damage could be even worse come the next elections, it is reported that the alternative media has the ammunition to attack the present day government and deal it with a nasty blow that could even cause them Putrajaya and Najib is fully aware of this possibility.

In anticipation of this the Home Minister
 Hishammuddin Hussein  has fired the first shot.
He  has announced that Home Ministry will release its guidelines on sedition that will include online publications like news portals and blogs on Wednesday.

According to sources, "the guidelines were in the pipeline to counter the rising trend in sedition and libel cases involving online media and social sites."

This is in stark contrast with the "the freedom from censorship granted to online content by the Bill of Guarantees, signed during the formation of the Multimedia Super Corridor."

The question is now how will Malaysians be able to access the truth?

The people are being robbed of their freedom by this intimidation, and how do a people intimidated as such respond?
For starters, I propose we boycott all main stream media officially on February 28th. 
Why February 28th, because February 28 will give us the time to organise an effective boycott.

This email will be read by at least 500 readers on my mailing list alone.

For starters I am asking all of you who receive this to send it out to at least fifty people, if you could do more the better, it has to reach as many Malaysians as possible, no signatures necessary,
just do not buy your daily papers on that day. 
Tell  your newsman not to deliver on that day, give him a holiday.

It will be nice if the alternative media allows free viewing on that day.

Let us also try and give Saturday 28th January a try, even if it affects 10,000 readers.

Boycott all mainstream media, all the newspapers owned by the BN and its cronies.

Send out immediately!

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