Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A free day of public transport

Premier Anna Bligh has announced a free day of public transport across the SEQ network from the first services tomorrow.
Ms Bligh said the measure was being taken in response to today's unprecedented disruption across the TransLink network in SEQ's QR trains, public and private buses and city cats and ferries.
"What happened today is completely out of the ordinary and the simple fact is that thousands of commuters have not received the service they deserved," said the Premier.
"That is why we are taking this measure and from the first service tomorrow all public transport across SEQ will be free from the first service to the last service.
"After the major disruptions caused by the floods we took a similar measure and it is estimated that this fare free period will cost approximately $1 million.
"TransLink customers will simply be advised not to touch on and touch off tomorrow when they get on their public transport."
Ms Bligh said that the advice from Queensland Rail is that a clamp holding an overhead high voltage line may have failed causing the overhead power line to fall and make contact with the rail, sending 25,000 volts through the signals and switching equipment.
When power was restored some of the damaged components failed. The paramount concern is safety and until this issue is rectified trains cannot run on the impacted lines.
Cannot imagine our PM having such thought.  Here in Malaysia we should be given free transport throughout the year because it is mismanaged like hell.

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