Monday, February 6, 2012

Exposing the Truth to save ourselves

If You See Something, Film Something - Recording The Police is a Dangerous but Necessary Thing To Do

The United States has growing problem with police brutality and corruption. It is essential for civilians to document their encounters with police officers to ensure transparency, accountability, and safety to all of those involved. 

Police departments have, for too long, tried to bully, intimidate, threaten, arrest, or otherwise harass law abiding citizens from recording the activities of law enforcement in public. Enough is enough! It is time for all of us to take a stand and expose police brutality when we witness it.

If you see something, film something, the freedom of press begins with you!

This is especially necessary and important in Malaysia too.  Today PDRM, MACC, Rela and UMNO gang bang together with Malay Extremists Perkasa and now Hasan Ali are arrogant, aggressive and bullish in treating its own people.  In fact we are treated like pariahs without homes.

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