Friday, February 17, 2012

Dr Rosmah's karma

Parents of Curtin students complain about "serial scandal" Rosmah FLoM

Parents of Curtin students complain about "serial scandal" Rosmah FLoM
I would like to file a formal complaint, the details of which are outlined below:
I refer to your media release 13 Feb 2012 Curtin award recognises wife of Malaysian Prime Minister.
I am a proud parent of a Curtin alumni. Both my niece and nephew also graduated from Curtin like many of the children of our relatives and friends from Malaysia. Therefore we all hold Curtin in high esteem.
Serial scandal
However, Curtin’s decision to confer an honorary PhD on Rosmah Mansur is a scandal to put it politely. It is a gross insult to all the Malaysian alumni of Curtin. As an institution of higher learning you should have known that we don’t have a First lady in Malaysia just as Australia does not have one. At the apex of our constitutional monarchy we have our King and Queen. His Majesty’s Cabinet is headed by the Prime Minister and his wife is known as the PM’s wife in the same fashion as other heads of Commonwealth governments.
We have six PMs since independence and none of their spouses have been known as First Ladies except the FLoM. This dubious title was created by Rosmah to satisfy her vainglory. She would also go to great extent to seek publicity like putting in full page ad in the New York Times to congratulate herself in getting some dubious American award not too long ago. We all know such awards and citations can be bought. When this matter was brought up in Parliament, her husband, the PM, sheepishly skirted the question in a manner that allowed his wife to continue to masquerade as the FLoM.
If you bother to Google her name you would no doubt quickly come to realise that she’s is the most hated wife of all our past PMs. You would also come to know that she is linked to murder most foul in Malaysia by circumstantial evidence. The case is still on-going and you may just find your honorary PhD’s name cropping up in the international media from time to time.
She is a serial scandal all by herself. Suffice to say, you may have come across a story in the Sydney Morning Herald about her shopping scandal in Sydney recently.
Next time, do a better backgrounder on her
The basis for Curtin’s citation for her is that “she has devoted herself to community life, becoming the driving force behind the Permata project, which focuses on early childhood education and care for Malaysian children aged under five.”
Permata is used by her to convert native children in Sabah and Sarawak from Christianity to Islam. Two thirds of the Christians in Malaysia are made up of natives or indigenous peoples in East Malaysia. Permata’s Islamisation drive is targeted at undermining the church in Malaysia. The churches in East Malaysia have woken up to this threat and have started to build their own kindergartens and childcare centres instead of sending them to those started by Permata.
I am not asking Curtin to stare at its gift horse in the face, but please do some back ground check first.
I would like to know how she was nominated for the award and whether was she or the Malaysian government a gift horse. If my complaint is found valid, an apology is due to Curtin's alumni.

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