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Come 13th GE, Reject MB Khalid, Azmin Ali and Zuraida Kamaruddin

When one offends THM, it means that they are offending ZR, which in turn means AA and finally DSAI, and no one in MPAJ dares to do that as it will be a surefire way of shortening one’s tenure of employment with MPAJ.
Parlimen Selangor
Malaysia is unique and peerless in the sense that public car parking bays are most of the time exclusively reserved for other functions and purposes other than originally intended. Almost always, even the pedestrian walkways are subsequently “conquered” as well.
Not only are these space comprehensively used as street hawkers lots, they are also utilized as extended workshops for auto repair and car accessories shops, a pre-wash rinse area for carwash shops, an alfresco dining hall for food hawkers and coffee shops, open air showrooms, personal car parks and whatnots.
However, in the area right outside Spectrum Shopping Mall in Ampang, MPAJ has taken yet another giant stride forward by permitting the construction of permanent structures that encroaches deep onto the allocated public carpark bays, up to a meter in length, hence shortening the parking bays by almost a third. Ever seen a Kancil that is unable to fit into these parking bays or a Myvi with its butt protruding out? Well, you could, if you would just take the time to drive down there but don’t expect any normal parking bays.
What MPAJ could have easily done was to redraw the parking bay lines but they can’t do that. One may ask “why not” and herein lies the dilemma.
The abovementioned area is under the jurisdiction of MPAJ councilor Tan Hua Meng (Ketua Zon Lapan) who is of course the blue-eyed boy of Zuraida Kamaruddin, the PKR Ahli Parlimen for Ampang, who in turn is Azmin’s chief cohort in Selangor. When one offends THM, it means that they are offending ZR, which in turn means AA and finally DSAI, and no one in MPAJ dares to do that as it will be a surefire way of shortening one’s tenure of employment with MPAJ. Some councilors are unafraid of doing so and that is why they are on their way out from MPAJ, as their appointments were not renewed (as of 29 February).
THM is of course the white headed chap who screamed Hell a few months ago when MPAJ approved the construction of a 16-storey condominium project in Taman Nirwana Fasa 2 in Ampang, stating that MPAJ did so without consulting or informing him. (If he didn’t snore that loudly during the MPAJ council meetings, he might actually have heard snippets of that particular issue being debated there.) He was also one of three names on a list handed to DSAI in July 2009, which prompted an internal investigation that led to his forced resignation as a MPAJ councilor (and subsequently reappointed by ZR in 2010).
Does one hear THM screaming Hell now?
The issue in question is called Ampang Walk, basically the entire area surrounding Spectrum Shopping Mall right in the heart of Ampang New Village, where a temporary extension onto the walkways would require a MPAJ permit, let alone the permanent encroachment onto the roads. So, was there ever a permit issued by MPAJ? As far as all the deep-throats were concerned, none was ever issued.
Question number two: Was this proposal ever mentioned during MPAJ’s council meeting? The answer is yes, in 2009 before THM was forced to resign his post as Ketua Zon, but the proposal was rejected by the other MPAJ councilors.
Question number three: Was the proposal ever brought up again after that? The answer is no.
Ah ha! So, the question now is “who officially authorized the project”? The building owner? Nah. Perhaps it was Hades or we could all just blame it on Najib’s dad (since he isn’t around to defend himself) or even on illegal Indonesian aliens (who has this tendency to erect illegal structures).
Does one hear THM screaming Hell now? Well, he should (after he reads this article in full).
To be fair to THM, though not discounting his powers of persuasion, he does not possess sufficient clout to empower and advocate the project. However, for MPAJ to shy away from this, it would have required one of the biggest fish in the pond. Let us put it this way: if any of the retailers in this area even dares to put up a canopy on the carpark bays without first obtaining a MPAJ permit, the enforcement unit would have been there in half a heartbeat, either with their summons book or coffee order chits; and here we are talking about the entire area surrounding the shopping mall, not just a few carpark bays.
And why is THM not screaming Hell now? Well, it was himself that proposed this particular project in the very beginning and incidentally, the main contractor is one of his “people”. Newsflash: In another unrelated matter, an independent building contractor with the initials FTK was seen in the company of THM and ZR, sipping gourmet coffee in Ampang Walk.
My two questions to the Selangor State Government and to MPAJ is rather simplistic in nature, “Could such a major project be approved by the municipal council without themselves knowing about it”, and “have all the MPAJ enforcement officers ran out of their summons book”? (Balu order belum mali lah…)
Guess who officiated the opening ceremony of Ampang Walk? Her name is prominently engraved on the foundation stone/plague right outside Spectrum Shopping Mall but could this however be the tombstone that finally buries her and her minions? Probably not, especially with a powerful patron such as Azmin, but it will occupy her actions and thoughts until the people votes her out in the next general election.
Hopefully, Azmin will follow her into oblivion.
Raja Petra Kamarudin
Azmin Ali is up in arms. He is grumbling that Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim is bypassing the ‘correct channels’ in making decisions. He means, of course, that the ‘correct channel’ is Anwar Ibrahim, the Economic Advisor of Selangor who himself has complained that most times he is kept in the dark about what is going on in Selangor.
I can believe this because this was exactly what Anwar told me when we met in London in 2010. In fact, Anwar was even more blunt in his criticism of the Menteri Besar. He said that Khalid was stubborn and had a huge ego and would not ‘listen to advice’. My retort was: you created the monster so why can’t you just un-create what you created? (In fact, I wrote about this before).
Anyway, there appears to be a showdown between Azmin and Khalid looming over the horizon -- reminiscent of a similar showdown cum power struggle and turf war that he had with Ezam Mohd Noor, which resulted in the latter leaving PKR in a huff to join Umno.
Whisperings are spreading through the corridors of power of the Selangor State Secretariat. And what is being whispered is that Tan Sri Lim Kim Hong is a man in a hurry. He is not sure whether Pakatan Rakyat will still be in power in Selangor come Christmas Day. So he wants to seal all his deals before then.
France had its ‘Tale of Two Cities’, which tore France apart. Selangor has its ‘Tale of Two Tan Sris’. And this is also threatening to tear Selangor apart.
People have been talking about the relationship between Tan Sri Lim Kim Hong and Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim for some time now. It is not a secret that their relationship goes back a long time to 1994 when Khalid first picked up his stake in Guthrie.
Khalid initially bought 5% of Guthrie for RM125 million, according to The Asian Wall Street Journal on 17 June 1994 (read the news item below). To partly fund this purchase, Khalid borrowed about RM66 million from Bank Islam. Bank Islam later sued Khalid for recovery of the unpaid loan.
The question being asked is: where did Khalid get the difference from? According to Azmin, Lim Kim Hong was the person who funded Khalid and now, as payback time, Lim is being given lucrative jobs in Selangor.
These jobs run into the billions and Azmin is pissed big time. Well, we have Lim Kang Hoo doing multi-billion jobs in the Federal Territory with the backing of the Federal Territory Minister, Raja Nong Chik (READ MORE HERE: And then we have Lim Kim Hong doing the same in neighbouring Selangor with the backing of Khalid Ibrahim (READ ALL THE REPORTS BELOW).
The PAS leaders in Selangor know about this but they do not dare raise the matter for the sake of Pakatan Rakyat solidarity. With their internal party problems and Hassan Ali barking like a dog in heat, they can ill-afford another controversy. But they are quietly lobbying in the background for PKR to drop Khalid in the next election lest this matter becomes an election issue.
As the Malays would say: Melayu berkuasa, Cina yang kaya. It is very nice being a Chinese, especially if your surname is Lim. that why Lim Goh Tong made it big? And wasn’t it another Malay politician, Tunku Abdul Rahman, who was backing that now dead Lim?
Well, if you need to be born a Chinese just make sure you carry the surname Lim.
PNB Chief Moves to Guthrie With Lucrative Share Deal
(The Asian Wall Street Journal, 17 June 1994) -- The chief executive of Malaysia’s huge national investment corporation will leave his post with a hefty golden handshake and the promise of more gains to come.
Permodalan Nasional Bhd. said Thursday that Abdul Khalid Ibrahim will acquire up to 20% of its publicly listed subsidiary, Kumpulan Guthrie Bhd., when he leaves his post as PNB chief executive on July 1 to become Guthrie‘s deputy chairman and chief executive officer. Datuk Khalid will initially buy a 5% stake in Guthrie, or 50 million shares, for 125 million ringgit or 2.50 ringgit a share. He will also have a three-year option to buy an additional 15% of Guthrie at a price to be determined.
Guthrie stock closed Thursday at 3.96 ringgit per share, up 24 sen. That means Datuk Khalid will enjoy an immediate windfall, on paper, of about 73 million ringgit. But Datuk Khalid said at a press conference that he intends to hold his Guthrie stake as a long-term investment, and plans to expand the company. “PNB wants Guthrie to be a corporation that could challenge . . . other multinationals in Malaysia and elsewhere,” he said.
Guthrie, one of Malaysia’s biggest plantation concerns, last year made a pre-tax profit of 101.4 million ringgit on revenue of 1.05 billion ringgit. The company currently is 90% owned by PNB, a government-created investment holding company that manages a portfolio valued at about 20 billion ringgit, the bulk of it in the form of unit trusts owned by more than three million Malaysians.
Datuk Khalid will be replaced at PNB by Mohamed Hilmey Mohamed Taib, a 41-year-old former banker and accountant who is currently PNB’s deputy chief executive.
Datuk Khalid, a 47-year-old former university lecturer and merchant banker, joined PNB in 1978 and helped direct the then-fledgling investment company’s growth into a mammoth stock-holding concern for Malaysia’s “bumiputra,” or indigenous, citizens. He also helped create a unit trust scheme whereby bumiputras, mainly ethnic Malays, can purchase shares in PNB’s underlying stock portfolio and reap hefty dividends. PNB’s after-tax profit rose 17.5% in 1993 to 736.9 million ringgit.
PNB made an international splash in 1981, when it wrested control of Guthrie from the company’s British shareholders through a one-billion-ringgit “dawn raid” on the London Stock Exchange. PNB’s other long-term investments include stakes in Malaysian Mining Corp. Bhd. and UMW Holdings Bhd.
Although Datuk Khalid‘s shift to Guthrie was expected, some Malaysian securities analysts were surprised at the heavily discounted 2.50 ringgit price for Guthrie shares that PNB offered its departing chief. When PNB floated 10% of Guthrie on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange in 1989, the company pledged to offer an additional 20% of Guthrie‘s equity to the public. The prospective sale to Datuk Khalid fulfills that promise, but it means PNB is passing up the chance to seek a higher price for Guthrie stock from other bidders or the public.
“It really looks like PNB is paying (Datuk Khalid) off,” says one securities research manager, who believes Guthrie stock would sell readily. “They’re forgoing a higher price on the market by offering such a discount.”
Datuk Khalid says he regards the arrangement “not as a monetary reward, but as an opportunity because the risk is being taken by me.” He adds that he is financing the acquisition largely through bank borrowings secured by the Guthrie shares. “I’ve not taken this much liability in my career,” he says. “None of my family assets could cover this liability.”
The PNB chief adds that the arrangement has the support of PNB chairman Ismail Mohamed Ali, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad and Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim. Dr. Mahathir and Datuk Anwar head Yayasan Pelaburan Bumiputra, a government-backed foundation that is PNB’s ultimate holding company.
Datuk Khalid says he decided to leave his PNB post for the challenge of owning and running a large company. “A portfolio manager is very different from an operational manager,” he says, though he declines to outline his plans for Guthrie. The company’s earnings have grown only slowly in recent years and Guthrie has begun seeking ways to expand into fields such as property development.
Mr. Hilmey, who replaces Datuk Khalid at PNB, has spent 13 years with the investment company, serving as assistant general manager of one of PNB’s unit trusts and general manager for finance before becoming deputy chief executive in 1990.
New Straits Times, 25 April 1996
Khalid ordered to pay RM66.67 million to Bank Islam
(Bernama, 21 August 2009) - Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim was ordered by the High Court here Friday to pay RM66.67 million to Bank Islam Malaysia for a loan he took to purchase Guthrie shares in 2001 when he was the company's chief executive officer.
Justice Datuk Rohana Yusuf, who made the order in chambers, however, granted Khalid's application for an interim stay of execution pending a formal application on Sept 16.
Khalid's counsel, Malik Imtiaz Sarwar, told reporters that Rohana allowed Bank Islam's application for a summary judgment on grounds that the case need not enter into a full trial as there were no triable issues.
A summary judgment is a final decision by a judge which resolves a lawsuit in favour of one of the parties.
A motion for summary judgment is made after discovery is completed but before the case goes to full trial.
Malik Imtiaz said an appeal would be lodged with the Court of Appeal against Friday's outcome as he felt the matter should go before a full trial.
He said he would file a proper stay application by next week.
The court fixed Sept 16 to hear the formal stay application and to mention Khalid's suit against Bank Islam.
The bank counter-sued Khalid on May 24, 2007, claiming that Khalid had breached its contract in the Al Bai-Bithaman Ajil (BBA) loan agreement in the purchase of Guthrie shares.
Khalid initiated a suit against the bank on May 18, 2007, seeking damages and a declaration that there existed a collateral contract between him and bank with the said loan agreement dated April 30, 2001.
He also wanted a declaration that the BBA facility, in isolation and without the collateral contract, is null and void and that Bank Islam had breached the collateral contract and the BBA facility.
Khalid was not present in court while Bank Islam was represented by senior counsel Tommy Thomas.
Is Khalid Ibrahim in another favour-for-cash with Lim Kim Hong?
(Another Brick in the Wall, 6 November 2009) - When Khalid was asked by reporters on his link with Lim Kim Hong written in this blog on June 9th, 2008, the above was his response.
This blog has been in pursuit of the Selangor Menteri Besar, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim's past corruption trail since early 2007. The claim is that Khalid had a history of favour-for-cash arrangement with Lim Kim Hong.
With Khalid currently under financial difficulty to repay the balance loan of RM66 million with Bank Islam, there is suspicion that he had done another favour-for-cash arrangement.
This blog made its first revelation of the link between Khalid Ibrahim and Lim Kim Hong during the Ijok by-election. A set of questions for candidate Khalid Ibrahim was posted on April 26th, 2007. The questions were partly answered by the first expose made by Dato Desa Pachi at the campaign trail in the presence of Najib.
In June 2008, another series of posting was made on the opening of Lim Kin Hong I Berhad's I-City.
The first probe was on June 9th with a piece entitled Hubungan Rahsia Khalid Ibrahim dan Lim Kin Hong. That posting received much publicity with Rocky Bru's link to the posting here. Sinar Harian published in their Dari Blog ke Blog section.
Reporters asked Khalid about the posting and he denied. It was reported by The Star, The Edge and Bernama. Comments to news report was posted on June 12th that day itself in Khalid Ibrahim Menjawab Blog ini.
Khalid wins appeal against Bank Islam case
(Bernama, 3 March 2010) - Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim need not pay RM66.67 million to Bank Islam Malaysia (BIMB) as the Court of Appeal here today set aside the summary judgment obtained by the bank against him for failure to settle an Islamic loan facility that he took to buy shares.
Justices Datuk Zainun Ali, Datuk Jeffrey Tan Kok Wha and Datuk Syed Ahmad Helmy Syed Ahmad unanimously allowed Abdul Khalid's appeal with costs.
The case is sent back to the High Court as the quorum ruled that the issues in the case must be ventilated at full trial.
In setting aside the summary judgment, Zainun said the court was of the view that under Islamic banking principles, opinion from Islamic jurists on the precepts of Islam on the legality of the transaction, was required.
There are two suits filed relating to the matter, one by Abdul Khalid against the bank and the second is the bank's counter-suit against Abdul Khalid.
On Aug 21 last year, the Kuala Lumpur High Court, granted the bank's application to enter summary judgment against Abdul Khalid and ordered him to pay RM66.67 million.
I-Berhad plans mixed REIT
(NST, 11 March 2011) -- I-BERHAD, an integrated ICT developer, aims to launch a mixed real estate investment trust (REIT) worth more than RM1 billion in four to five years.
The idea is to unlock the value of investments at i-City, the company's 29ha knowledge and tourism hub in Shah Alam, Selangor.
I-Berhad chief executive officer Datuk Eu Hong Chew said the REIT will comprise data centres, an office tower, hotel, mall and carpark block.
"We are growing our property portfolio. When we have developed 30 to 40 per cent of i-City, we will launch the REIT," Lee told Business Times recently.
I-City, the first private initiative to be awarded the Malaysian Super Corridor Cybercentre status, is currently 20 per cent developed. The project started in 2005.
The company has so far built cybercentre office suites, data-centres and innovation centre with a combined 500,000 sq ft of space.
Al Rajhi Banking Group owns 200,000 sq ft of the space and the rest have been leased to multi national firms and small- and medium-sized enterprises.
Lee said I-Berhad will double the existing 1,000-bay carpark block within the next two years to enhance its value.
It has RM50 million in cash to fund the construction of new properties for the next three years.
Lee added that the company will not borrow from banks at this point. It plans to plough back future profits for its investments in i-City.
The company, helm by its executive chairman Tan Sri Lim Kim Hong, aims to be profitable in fiscal 2011 with expected growth in all its three divisions - property development, property investment and tourism.
For the nine months ended September 30 2010, I-Berhad posted a net loss of RM1.73 million on revenues of RM6.4 million.
State-owned investment fund Permodalan Nasional Bhd holds 20 per cent of I-Berhad.
Selangor to clean up Klang River
(The Star, 20 March 2010) -- The Klang River rehabilitation project, an initiative under Selangor’s economic stimulus package, offers many opportunities including new commercial, tourism and property development ventures.
According to project masterplanner DPZ Asia Sdn Bhd principal Kamal Zaharin, there are various components in the project – river cleaning, new source of drinking water, environmental protection, flood mitigation, commercial, tourism and land development activities.
The state government has gazetted the riverbank and no development can take place without its permission.
“The draft master plan for the project is scheduled to be ready before the end of the month,” Kamal said.
One of the companies appointed to undertake the project is Wessex Water I-Bhd Consortium, a 50:50 joint venture between Wessex Water, a UK-based water and sewerage treatment company owned by YTL Corp Bhd, and I-Bhd.
Wessex Water managing director Gareth Jones said the state government’s plan to rehabilitate and clean up the Klang River was very visionary because “in any country, a river is the people’s lifeline.”
“The status of the Klang River now lies between critical and bad. There is a lot of trash that needs to be weeded out but the river can be saved and improved,” he said, adding that the company would start work next year.
Jones said various parts of the country were now suffering from water shortage and the cleaned water would come in handy.
“We are looking at tapping the water at the lower end of the middle stretch of the Klang River between Puchong and Shah Alam that is not affected by sea water. The physio-chemical treatment process will leave no chemical residue and the process of improving the water quality so it can be drunk is very economical and commercially viable,” he told StarBiz.
On its development potential, I-Bhd CEO Eu Hong Chew said: “We expect more new developments and redevelopment projects along the river bank going forward.”
Eu said the project would enhance the asset value of the riverfront land and open a new growth corridor for Selangor.
“The property fraternity should be excited about the prospects ahead as the river rehabilitation project will open new development options within established municipalities in Selangor,” he added.
For a start, I-Bhd’s i-City project which has some riverfront development (along Rasau River that flows into Klang River) can look forward to some value enhancement when the river water is cleaned.
The 72-acre project, with a gross development value of RM2bil, is already 20% completed. It will take a further five to eight years to complete.
Last Saturday, Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim announced that four companies – Wessex Water I-Bhd Consortium, TSS-Mako Engineering Sdn Bhd, GJA Engineering and Construction and DPZ Asia Sdn Bhd – had been appointed to carry out the river rehabilitation project.
Apart from DPZ Asia, which was appointed by Khalid, the three were appointed from among 37 companies that had submitted their proposals last October after the project was advertised by the state government.
TSS-Mako combines local talents with three of South Korea’s biggest engineering firms while GJA Engineering is a 100% bumiputra-owned company.
Khalid said the entire project would take 15 years and was expected to attract some RM50bil worth of investments to clean, rehabilitate and develop the river.
Phase one comprising the building of a RM1bil water treatment plant and development along the riverbank, also estimated at RM1bil, will take two to three years.
The 120km river stretches from Klang to Shah Alam, Subang Jaya, Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur and Ampang Jaya.
DPZ only involved in planning of Klang River project
(Bernama, 14 April 2010) -- Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim today clarified that DPZ Asia Sdn Bhd was not directly involved in rehabilitation and cleaning up of the Klang River project.
"DPZ do not carry out the project but rather involved in providing advise and planning," he said when answering a question by Amirudin Shari (PKR-Batu Caves) who wanted to know the status of the company's appointment in the project.
Abdul Khalid said DPZ was picked because it was managed by a local who had the expertise in rural and city town planning and had worked as a town planner in Florida, United States.
He said the Malaysian, through his company had successfully carried out a number of project planning works in United States, China, New Zealand and Australia.
Abdul Khalid said it was also part of his efforts to bring back the expertise of an international consultant to the country for a small cost and contribute for the development of the country.
Yesterday, acting opposition leader Datuk Mohamad Satim Diman (BN-Seri Serdang) had wanted the Menteri Besar to clarify the appointment of DPZ Asia, which was done without an open tender.
As for the appointment of three other companies through a tender exercise, Abdul Khalid said GJA Engineering & Construction Sdn Bhd was a professional Bumiputera company involved in the development along rivers.
The second company, TSS Mako Engineering Sdn Bhd is a consortium made up of local companies and a number of companies from south Korea that have vast knowledge in rehabilitation and cleaning of rivers in South Korea.
He added that Wessex Water I Bhd Consortium was a joint venture between Wessex Water company which has expertise in environment like managing the Thames in London and I-Bhd, a developer of high technology cities like the I-City.
I-Bhd’s decision to leverage on digital technology has borne fruit in the form of i-City
(The Star, 7 January 2012) -- When I-Bhd first ventured into property development about six years ago, the company decided to leverage on its digital technology prowess to undertake the construction of the first digital city in the country, i-City in Section 7, Shah Alam.
That decision has proved to be a worthwhile proposition.
The state-of-the-art information and communications technology (ICT) urban centre is located on a freehold plot along the Federal Highway Route II fronting the Sungai Rasau toll plaza.
According to I-Bhd executive chairman Tan Sri Lim Kim Hong, the strategy has helped the group to establish itself as a unique property developer with a unique development that I-Berhad can be proud of.
“i-City is today one of the leading technology cities in the country – from being the first to provide fibre to the unit to having the whole 72-acres of development as a Cisco network.
“Being a MSC Cybercity with complete information communication technology (ICT) infrastructure, the development is provided with dual source power supply, multi-telco environment and super broadband accessibility of 200mbps,” Lim relates to StarBizWeek in an interview.
Chief executive officer Datuk Eu Hong Chew says i-City is the first gated and guarded mixed development that has been accorded the status as an International Park in Shah Alam.
The 10-year development will feature some 12 million sq ft of gross lettable area (GLA) for a total gross development value (GDV) of RM4.5bil.
Of this, about 35% will comprise residences, and the balance will be offices, commercial and retail space, hotel and service apartments, a convention complex, an intelligent school and a technology hub.
Since construction took off in 2007, some 500,000 sq ft or 366 offices suites as well as a 70,000 sq ft Tier 4 data centre have been completed.
Eu says Al-Rajhi Bank (Malaysia) had in 2009 invested RM95mil to purchase 250,000 sq ft of the office suites for investment purposes, adding that another institutional investor is expected to buy up the balance 50% of the office suites in the next three months.
He adds that i-City is promoting a cosmopolitan lifestyle living in line with the Selangor state government’s initiative last July of according i-City an international community.
“With this status, the plot ratio for the development has been raised to five times from three times previously which raises its GLA to 12 million sq ft from 7.5 million sq ft.
“We are taking advantage of this higher plot ratio to increase the residential component to 35% of the GLA from 5% previously. This means some 3 million sq ft will be the residential component,” Eu says.
The first residential project in i-City will be i-Residence comprising a 33-storey block of 346 service residences and an adjacent double-storey block of 20 duplex suites.
I-Bhd director Monica Ong says the service residences with built-up from 715 sq ft to 1358 sq ft are priced in the region of RM450 per sq ft, while the duplex suites of up to 3,500 sq ft will be at around RM550 per sq ft. They will be fitted with air conditioners, water heating system and kitchen appliances.
“The i-Residence design is also in line with our master planner Jon Jerde’s concept of having luscious we well as pedestrian friendly environment,” adds Ong.
Lim Boon Siong posing with a model of the RM2bil I-City ICT-based commercial development in Shah Alam
Intelligent city
Being part of the MSC Cybercity, the residences get to enjoy dual source power supply, a multi-telco environment and super broadband accessibility of 200mbps.
According to Eu, since its inception, i-City has what it takes to become a success story.
“Its location within the vibrant city of Shah Alam has opened up the opportunity for I-Berhad to get the full support of the state government, which has formed the i-City Selangor Steering Committee to facilitate its development,” he explains.
Being the maiden private sector-led ICT urban centre development in the country, the project has been designated as Selangor’s International City by the state government.
The state government will build a flyover from the Sungai Rasau toll plaza along Federal Highway cutting into Section 7 Shah Alam to i-City which is slated to be ready in 2013.
“This interchange plans include providing an exclusive access to i-Residence as well as from both KL and Klang,” explains Ong.
Under the light rail transit (LRT) blueprint, the extension of the LRT system from Kelana Jaya to Klang will also serve i-City.
Leveraging on these advantages, Eu says it will not be far fetched for i-City to realise its goal as a vibrant ICT urban centre where “work, play and entertainment come together.”
“i-City’s business plan involves not only developing properties for sale as well as for long term investments, but also to build up its leisure business based on i-City’s vision of being both a knowledge hub as well as a tourism destination.
“We started i-City with the MSC Malaysia Cybercentre development.
“Then in December 2009, we opened ‘The City of Digital Lights’ as it’s first leisure component. This year, we are launching our first residential component,” adds Eu.
Midas touch
The other decision to engage renowned American architect Jon A. Jerde of the Jerde Partnership as the master planner for i-City has also given the project its “winning streak.” Jerde has brought his Midas touch of “place-making” to turn i-City into the city of digital lights and a tourism destination that has become quite a hit among Klang Valley folks.
“We believe the relationship with The Jerde Partnership has resulted in the planning for the right products in line with the famous Jerde hallmark of place-making to make a positive impact here.
“Over the years, Jerde has built a strong network of retailers, mall operators and investors. Its name alone has become a premium brand that sells,” Lim says.
He says projects that bear the Jerde hallmark in the US include Universal Citywalk in Los Angeles, which has redefined the urban village as an intricate weave of uses and services, and the internationally acclaimed Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas, Nevada, that is now a dynamic destination for a new form of urban theatre.
Jerde is also behind the iconic 4.2 million square feet Mall of America in Minnesota, the largest mall in the US, and one of the most vibrant shopping complexes in the world with 520 shops, theme parks and a university.
In Asia, Jerde’s architectural landmarks include Canal City Hakata in Fukuoka Prefecture in Kyushu, Japan, and the famous Roppongi Hills in Tokyo. In Hong Kong, his signature can been seen in the Arcade @ Cyberport, an ICT-based residential, office and retail development.
“The first leisure element in i-City, dubbed the City of Digital Lights with its 1 million LED lights is Jerde-inspired from the Fremont Street Experience. We just adapted the lightscape concept to be in-line with our digital technology approach and hence the LED lights,” comments Lim.
Growth catalyst
Eu says for the next phase of the company’s growth, I-Bhd will be leveraging on Lim’s business and entrepreneurial expertise to further add value to the development.
The first step in this direction is the establishment of a strategic alliance between Everbright International of China and I-Bhd in December last year to co-develop 30 acres of land in i-City.
He says the 30 acres represent all the undeveloped land in i-City and will ensure that the whole development can be completed by 2020.
“The strategic alliance with Everbright International is made possible by Lim’s “guanxi” or special relationship that he has established with the various parties in China since venturing into China in 1984,” Eu says.
He points out that the joint venture with Everbright International is an important milestone for I-Bhd as it will enable the company to continue with its strategy of “selling upon completion as well as to hold part of the property as long-term investments.”
Furthermore, it will also enable I-Berhad to tap into China’s demand for investment of properties in Malaysia.
With Everbright International holding 70% share, the Chinese counterpart will drive the joint venture and thus free I-Berhad to pursue other development activities.
“For the next phase of i-City’s development, I-Berhad will be tapping into its branding expertise to brand it’s upcoming residential projects,” Eu adds.
I-Berhad has a few niche residential property projects in the Klang Valley for launch these one to two years.
The first residential project, i-Residence in i-City, is schedule for launch in March.
The 33-storey i-Residence will be the third building block in i-City after the MSC Malaysia Cybercentre and the tourism component.
The second will be a luxurious condominium project in Changkat Kia Peng, Kuala Lumpur.
The slightly more than an acre land in the city’s Golden Triangle is set to mark I-Berhad’s move into the high-end residential market.
The parcel was acquired by Lim about 20 years ago and is today a valuable prime land located within 5 minutes walking distance to KLCC. Also on the card is i-City South, a 7-acre development to the south of the current i-City site.
Raja Petra Kamarudin
This story involves Mat Suhaimi Shafiei, the State Assemblyman for Sri Muda, and Amirudin Shari, the State Assemblyman for Batu Caves (photos below).
On 23rd May 2009, at around 5.00pm, a meeting was held between a sand contractor (hereinafter referred to as ‘SC’) and Mat Suhaimi Shafiei in the Sunway Hotel in Seberang Prai, mainland Penang. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss sand-mining in Selangor.
Mat Suhaimi asked SC to submit an application to mine sand to Kumpulan Semesta Sdn Bhd with a copy to him (Mat Suhaimi). Kumpulan Semesta Sdn Bhd is a Selangor state owned company involved in the mining and selling of sand in Selangor.
On 2nd July 2009, at around noon, a meeting was held in Mat Suhaimi’s office where he instructed SC to incorporate a company called Double Dignity (M) Sdn Bhd (company number 308078W).
The Directors of the company are:
1. Adnan Bin Abd Mokhtar (IC number 691119-10-5105)
2. Siti Rosmaliza Binti Meo Rasli (IC number 751115-08-5026)
3. Marzaniyah Binti Arshad (IC number 721127-08-5444)
4. Mat Suhaimi Bin Shafiei (IC number 680227-08-5275)
5. Amirudin Bin Shari (IC number 800208-01-6059)
The Director’s fees for Mat Suhaimi and Amirudin was agreed at RM5,000 per month.
On 18th January 2010, Double Dignity (M) Sdn Bhd, submitted an application to mine sand in Dengkil (Sepang, Selangor), an area of 45 acres. The letter was copied to Mat Suhaimi and Amirudin Shari. Amirudin Shari supported the application and signed the ‘letter of support’. (See the letter below).
An important point to note is that Mat Suhaimi and Amirudin were both registered as Directors of Double Dignity (M) Sdn Bhd on that same day, 18th January 2010. And this is no coincidence. (See the copy of the Form 49 from the Registrar of Companies below).
Before that, however, let us trace what happened prior to 18th January 2010.
On 15th August 2009, at around 10.00pm, Mat Suhaimi contacted SC and asked him for RM3,000 in cash as election campaign funds. At 2.30pm the next day, SC went over to Mat Suhaimi’s office to hand over the cash.
At about 10.30am on 25th August 2009, SC handed over another RM2,000 in cash to Mat Suhaimi. The meeting was held in room 1514 of the Pearl View Hotel in Seberang Prai, Penang.
On 9th September 2009, Mat Suhaimi contacted SC and asked for RM35,000 as ‘Ramadhan expenses’. The next night, at about 11.25pm, they met at the Restoran Nasi Kandar in USJ12 where SC handed Mat Suhaimi the cash.
It was clearly stated that all this money was payment to assist Double Dignity (M) Sdn Bhd in getting approval from Kumpulan Semesta Sdn Bhd on its application to mine sand in Selangor. Mat Suhaimi told SC that they would need to pay off certain people in Kumpulan Semesta.
On 16th September 2009, Mat Suhaimi contacted SC and told him that he wanted to organise a ‘majlis berbuka puasa’. Mat Suhaimi asked SC to organise it and, of course, pay the cost. Mat Suhaimi also asked SC for his RM5,000 monthly Director’s fees.
On 17th September 2009, the majlis berbuka puasa (breaking fast) was held in the coffeehouse of the Legend Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. That same night, around 8.45pm, SC paid Mat Suhaimi and Amirudin Shari their Director’s fees of RM5,000 each.
A few days later, Mat Suhaimi contacted SC and asked for RM10,000 to pay for the cost of a ‘jamuan Hari Raya’. On 30th September 2009, SC met Mat Suhaimi at the Jaya Jusco in Kelang to hand over the money.
On 5th January 2010, Mat Suhaimi contacted SC and asked for RM50,000. This time the amount was not paid in cash like all the previous amounts before this but was paid directly into the bank account of Syarikat A&L Norash Enterprise (account number 100070023904) at Affin Bank in Kelang. The transaction was made on 11th January 2010 (see below).
Norash Enterprise is a company owned by Ashmali Bin Osman and his wife, Norlela Binti Ahmad, close friends of Mat Suhaimi.
RM10,000 was taken out in cash, RM12,500 was paid to Farahsyamsyawati Bt Sulaiman (banker’s cheque number 0070210000117), and RM27,500 was paid to Smart Renovators Sdn Bhd (banker’s cheque number 0070210000118) on the instructions of Mat Suhaimi.
As follows is the tapped telephone conversation between Mat Suhaimi (telephone number 019-6185239) and SC (telephone number 019-3958888) on 6th January 2010.
SC: …itulah…pasal yang YB mintak 50 ribu nak ape…nak pakai 50 ribu boleh takde masalah…dalam minggu depan boleh?
Mat Suhaimi: Dalam minggu depan ye…
SC: Pasal saya nak setelkan akaun sikit…
Mat Suhaimi: Okay…
SC: Lepas tu takde masalah lah…
Mat Suhaimi: okay, okay, okay, hari Isnin boleh?
SC: Hari Isnin boleh…lagi satu YB…say mintak tolong satu…saya di Batang Kali ada tanah…geran…nak keluar pasir…pasir banyak lagi tu…
Mat Suhaimi: Berapa besar tanah tu?
SC: Dia 100 lebih ekar…
Mat Suhaimi: Nanti saya bincang dengan Azmin….tapi kena bayarlah…Azmin sedang collect duit untuk pilehanraya…
SC: ah, okay, okay…nanti kita bincang.
On 11th January 2010, SC phoned Mat Suhaimi and the conversation was as follows:
SC: Konfirm ye nombor ini?....Affin Bank ni?...
Mat Suhaimi: Confirm, confirm, confirm…
SC: Ni company…company siapa ni YB?
Mat Suhaimi: Ini….company…yang supply….yang buat event….
SC: okay, okay, okay, okay…confirm ye boleh masuk ye?
Mat Suhaimi: Ya, ya…
SC: Takut lah…nanti tak sampai kepada YB…
Mat Suhaimi: Jangan risau…okay…
SC: Nanti kalau boleh saya contact YB lah…so ini saya masukkan 50 ribu dalam akaun ini…confirm ye…
Mat Suhaimi: ha, okay, okay…yang Amir punya ada dengan Amir…
And then the whole thing exploded (see the Bernama report below). However, the MACC can’t seem to proceed with the investigation and, two years on, this case is still ‘under investigation’. Malaysia Today has all the evidence, including the tapped telephone conversation on tape, while the MACC does not appear able to proceed with the investigation.
Why is this? Is this because they have made a ‘deal’ with Mat Suhaimi and Amirudin, like they did with those two PKR state assemblymen from Perak (Jamaluddin Mat Radzi and Osman Jailu) who were also caught with their pants down and then jumped ship to escape going to jail? (Read more here:
I suppose it is more useful to keep the investigation open and leave these two as Trojan horses in Pakatan Rakyat Selangor. A Trojan horse is certainly worth many times more than a man in jail. This is the kind of stuff Sun Tzu is made of.
Yes, the same thing happened in Perak. And that brought the Pakatan Rakyat government down when the two PKR state assemblymen caught red-handed in a criminal act were ‘persuaded’ to change sides. Now, again, we have another two PKR state assemblymen in Selangor who are also caught in a criminal act.
But Pakatan Rakyat has too many seats in Selangor compared to Perak. So even if these two are made to jump that will still not allow Umno to take back the state. So better just leave them there, but on a tight leash, and get them to work as termites, gnawing from the inside to do as much damage as they can.
I remember His Highness the Sultan saying that he can work with any party as long as the state is well run and is corruption free. His Highness also said that he will not tolerate corruption and wants the culprits exposed.
Well Tuanku, as a loyal subject and kerabat of Selangor, I am just doing what Tuanku titah, revealing corruption, never mind which side of the political divide that perpetuates it.
Oh, and for those who are about to say, ”Why now?” Well, then when? After Nomination Day and just before Polling Day when by then it would be too late -- as Umno would probably go to town on the matter? At least, now, Pakatan Rakyat still has time to do something about it and convince the voters it is running a clean and transparent government. Or are they not running a clean and transparent government?
Anyway, stay tuned for more as Malaysia Today reveals more shenanigans in the State of Selangor. Yes, there is more, much more to come. And you better believe it because I have just started.
MACC still investigating Selangor sand-mining scandal: Nazri
(Bernama, 24 June 2010) -- The Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) will continue investigations into the alleged graft in the Selangor sand-mining scandal against state sand-mining concession Kumpulan Semesta Sdn Bhd, the Dewan Rakyat was told today.
Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz said MACC would investigate the allegations thoroughly and not leave any stones unturned during the course of investigations.
"Once investigations are completed, the investigation papers will be handed over to the Deputy Public Prosecutor," he told Wee Choo Keong (Bebas-Wangsa Maju) in a written reply at the Dewan Rakyat here today.
Wee had wanted to know whether any action had been taken or would be taken by MACC over a report made by Kapar Member of Parliament S. Manikavasagam (PKR) with regard to the alleged sand-mining graft involving Kumpulan Semesta Sdn Bhd.
Mohamed Nazri said MACC had already taken action on illegal sand-mining syndicates in a number of states, including Selangor.
"So far, 42 offenders have been detained and 22 cases have been filed in court," he said.

Raja Petra Kamarudin
This whole episode started in October 2009. Dato’ Patrick Wong and his wife were on a short visit to the UK to do a tour of England and Scotland. They spent some time with my wife and me where we managed to talk quite a bit about the state of affairs in Malaysia and how matters in Selangor are certainly a cause for concern.
One of the issues that Dato’ Patrick brought up was regarding the sand mining scandal in Selangor (which had yet to explode: it exploded the following year). The sand mining business is a multi-million Ringgit industry -- and which was one of the many cash cows of the previous Barisan Nasional government. However, instead of putting this cash cow to sleep, it appears that some people in Pakatan Rakyat (meaning PKR, of course) have taken over the sand mining syndicate and are milking this cash cow till its tits run dry.
I had, in fact, heard about this matter even before that, at the time when I was still back in Malaysia (Anwar Ibrahim and Khalid Ibrahim also know about this). But I would need the tangible evidence, I told Dato’ Patrick. I can’t run an expose based just on ‘coffee-shop-talk’ (in spite of many thinking that this is exactly what I do). I need to see the hard evidence.
Whether I keep the evidence to myself -- just to convince myself that the story is kosher -- or whether I publish the evidence and make it public is another matter. Sometimes I do not publish the evidence but just keep it in the event I am challenged. Then, if I am challenged to reveal the evidence, I might just do that.
It is like playing a cat-and-mouse game or a game of poker. If you think I have an empty hand then let us raise the stakes. Place your bets and challenge me to show my hand. I can assure you that you will lose each and every time because I never enter a gunfight without bullets in my gun.
Dato’ Patrick agreed to become my whistleblower and work on getting me the evidence. As soon as he returns to Malaysia, he promised me, he was going to gather all the evidence and pass it on to me. He asked me to give him a month and probably by the end of November I would have a complete dossier revealing those in the Pakatan Rakyat state government of Selangor who are involved in the sand mining syndicate.
The last photograph I took of Dato' Patrick Wong just months before he was murdered
Sad to say, that never happened. A couple of weeks later, Dato’ Patrick was murdered. His family (and all his friends, I included) believes it was an assassination carried out by hired killers. The police say it was an ‘innocent’ robbery. The medical evidence shows he was strangled and beaten to death (he was in a coma for a while before he died). The police say he died ‘accidentally’ when he fell off the balcony while trying to escape the ‘robbers’.
When I received a phone call telling me that Dato’ Patrick had died, I phoned some of my Deep Throats in the police as well as those in the underworld (yes, I do have underworld contacts). My Deep Throats confirmed that the assassins who murdered Dato’ Patrick were hired killers. It was not a robbery; it was an assassination ‘related to some business matters’, my contacts told me.
I trust my Deep Throats in the police and the underworld more than I trust the government. And if they say that Dato’ Patrick was murdered by hired killers, then that is the story I am going to believe. I do not believe the story that it was a robbery gone awry and that Dato’ Patrick’s death was accidental, the result of him falling off the balcony while trying to escape.
It took me almost three years to get to the truth. But I am one stubborn bastard. A good friend of mine has been murdered and I want to know the reason why. And now, after almost three years, I am in possession of the tangible evidence that reveals the ‘official’ story behind Dato’ Patrick’s death.
And this official story is full of holes.
The doctor’s report says that the cause of Dato’ Patrick’s death was a ‘blunt force trauma to the head with compression of the neck’. That was what the medical report says. My Deep Throats told me that Dato’ Patrick was strangled and then THROWN off the balcony. The police say he accidentally fell while trying to escape. How do they then account for the ‘compression of the neck’ (meaning strangled) if he accidentally fell from the balcony and was not murdered?
YB Nurul Izzah Anwar attended Dato’ Patrick’s funeral. And when Dato’ Patrick’s widow went to meet the police regarding her husband’s murder, the police commented that Dato’ Patrick was a Pakatan Rakyat supporter (because Nurul Izzah attended the funeral). Dato’ Patrick’s widow was then given the cold shoulder and ignored by the police.
This got me real pissed. Does this mean that the police are not interested to properly investigate Dato’ Patrick’s murder since he was a Pakatan Rakyat supporter? Actually, Dato’ Patrick was NOT a Pakatan Rakyat supporter. He was a Malaysia Today supporter. In fact, he was not too happy with what was going on in Selangor under the Pakatan Rakyat government. And that was why he wanted me to do something about it: such as expose the sand mining syndicate in Selangor.
Dato’ Patrick was murdered by three Chinese men. The police arrested three Chinese men: Chin Wee Siong (IC number 621106-04-5867), Kek Kim Ling (IC number 610809-10-5885) and Lee Thai Kean (IC number 800925-09-5087).
One was charged and the other two were released for ‘lack of evidence’. The police investigation revealed that there were two other men involved: one man named Robert and another named Pei Yau. These two were not arrested because they ‘cannot be traced’. According to the police, Robert is an underworld gambling syndicate boss. The police know his background but they can’t trace him.
Now we know why Robert ‘cannot be traced’. Guess who is the ULTIMATE boss of the underworld gambling syndicate? And no prize for the right guess! Hint: he shares the same name as the Prophet Moses.
Hello…IGP…what’s going on here? How come Raja Petra Kamarudin knows more about Dato’ Patrick’s murder than the entire Malaysian Police Force? Or is there a cover-up going on here? And what is the CID chief, Bakri Zinin, doing? Too busy beating up people in handcuffs to worry about a ‘minor’ murder case?
There is no way I can get justice for Dato’ Patrick. He is already dead and his murderers are going to get away unpunished -- other than the one man, the sacrificial lamb that has been cited for robbery and will quietly ‘disappear’ once the brouhaha blows away.
But it was not a robbery. It was an assassination by hired killers. And although I can never get the police to rectify this injustice, I can at least get justice for Dato’ Patrick by doing the last thing that he wanted me so much to do just before he died: and that is to expose the sand mining syndicate in Selangor.
I really don’t know whether Dato’ Patrick was murdered because he was getting too close to the truth about what is going on in Selangor, or even if his murder had anything to do with the sand mining syndicate in the first place. But I am a person with a very suspicious mind. The fact that he was murdered (and that the police are covering up this fact) at the time he was working on getting the evidence I needed makes me want to suspect that a lot of money has changed hands to make this murder appear like an ‘innocent’ robbery gone wrong.
In the next episode I will reveal the details behind the Selangor sand mining syndicate with names and evidence of payments made to certain Pakatan Rakyat leaders. So stay tuned for the next episode of this report.
By the way, I was warned that I should not make this revelation because the Chinese Boss of those who murdered Dato’ Patrick is a very powerful underworld figure who has the police in his pocket. I was also warned that the underworld is very much involved in the sand mining syndicate and that even the local council officers fear them because the Chinese underworld has strong links to those in the Selangor state government.
Well, let me put it this way: if what happened to Dato’ Patrick also happens to me, then it will just confirm what I am saying even more. So bring it on. I live in Manchester in case you need to look for me.
Hakim Joe
Bazar Larut Malam has been a proposal mulled over by the Majlis Perbandaran Ampang Jaya (MPAJ) for quite some time back in 2008/9 but was resoundingly rejected by most of the MPAJ council members, as it would create a lot of social issues and security problems to the residents in that area.
MPAJ council representatives from both the DAP and PAS would not condone this proposal and the only supporting votes came from council representatives from PKR. The initial target area was Ampang Waterfront on Jalan Ampang itself, a then new commercial development by Tan Sri Dato’ Dr. Ir. Chan Ah Chye of the infamous Talam Corp. Berhad.
Bazar Larut Malam has a pasar malam concept except the operating hours are between 9pm and 2am.
When the proposal was repeatedly rejected by MPAJ, a new proposal was resubmitted whereby the Bazar Larut Malam will be situated in the carparks of the Jelatek Putra LRT Station instead of Ampang Waterfront. Again this proposal was rejected, as this was basically a cosmetic change of venues and the subject in pertinent to the social and security issues are merely transferred from one location to another location and henceforth not addressed. Additionally, the Ampang PDRM was against this proposal as they foresee a lot of problems.
However the Bazar Larut Malam proposal, with conditions, was finally approved in 2010 after constant pressure was applied by the PKR Wanita Chief to approve this proposition as one of the National PKR Wanita activities (in conjunction with MPAJ). YB Zuraida Kamaruddin is also the MP of Ampang Jaya.
One of the conditions is that this approval is on a temporary basis for a period not exceeding three months and should there be constant complaints from the residents of Jelatek or the PDRM, this temporary approval will be rescinded.
Three months led to six months and eventually the Bazar Larut Malam at Jelatek was abandoned after nine months in operations, not because of any social or security issues but for the fact that business was bad and the stall operators were losing money (and sleep)
over it.
As with any pasar malams anywhere in Malaysia, all stall operators must apply for a license to operate their stall in the pasar malam. The respective municipal councils additionally collect a token sum of three Ringgit every time they set up their stalls there and this amount is used to pay the MPAJ cleaners or an independent cleaning company fees to clean up the mess before the next workday. MPAJ itself does not collect this fee but allows the respective Ketua Zon to do so on their behalf.
Let me elaborate. Every municipality is divided into 24 zones and each zone is headed by a Ketua Zon elected by the Municipal Council. Usually these are politically affiliated individuals on their second step up the political ladder (the first being a member of the respective
The Municipal Council specifically does not allow the Ketua Zon to collect the license fee on their behalf as these applications needs to be processed at the municipal council itself but turns a blind eye when the Ketua Zon does it and pays accordingly.
When the Bazar Larut Malam @ Midnite Jelatek kicked off on the 2nd of October 2010, the MPAJ issued the respective licenses to the stall vendors as per instructions from someone powerful enough to order so, without the collection of any fees. Nobody except YB Zuraida Kamaruddin and the Yang Dipertua (YDP) Dato' Mohammad Yacob, possess the clout to do so as it infringes on the municipal regulations whereby the stall vendors are required to apply for the licenses in person. As the Ketua Zon (Puan Hayati Abd Samad) does not have authority or power to order the Licensing Board of MPAJ to do so, the command must have been issued from either the YB or the YDP.
When the Bazar Larut Malam @ Midnite Jelatek project was abandoned nine months later, the license fees were still outstanding at approximately RM19,000. Here comes the kicker: all the stall vendors say that they have paid their respective license fee, else they would not have been allowed to set up their stalls for a single night let alone for a continuous nine months, but MPAJ says that they have yet to collect a single cent.
The odd thing is that the MPAJ council is not interested in pursuing this issue and a cover up is in progress to conceal the details of this subject. No inquiries were initiated and nothing on the MPAJ agenda has been planned to look into this issue. Everything seems Umno-like where it is swept under the carpet.

Question: Could someone with enough power and authority, within MPAJ or the PKR Selangor State Government, have collected these license fees from the stall vendors on behalf of the MPAJ but has not remitted the monies to them? Should the PKR President, Datin Seri Wan Azizah, personally look into this issue considering the fact that the Selangor PKR Chief is Azmin Ali?
Anwar and Nurul have been officially informed about MB Khalid, Azmin and Zuraida for the past 3 years yet they want further and further proof.  Today the people of Selangor and Kuala Lumpur officially announce that we want change not only on the Federal Government front but PKR on the whole too.
Please support this cause for the future and pass the words round.
Today we reject and boycott the three big wigs in PKR who are just as crooked as the UMNO Cabinet. DO NOT COME OUT TO VOTE FOR THEM. DO NOT GIVE YOUR VOTE TO UMNO TOO.

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