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Asset or Liability

Sharizat says ready to face NFC allegations

February 04, 2012
BERUAS, Feb 4 – Embattled minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil said today she is ready and not afraid to face corruption allegations over the National Feedlot Centre (NFC) scandal, after months of denying her involvement in the cattle farming project.
According to Bernama Online, Shahrizat (picture)said the scandal, which saw months of accusations hurled against her and her family, had made her more “spirited”.
“It’s okay. We are politicians. We become more spirited when we are subjected to tests,” the national news agency quoted her as saying during a Barisan Nasional (BN) function here today.
Shahrizat was commenting on a statement by PKR strategy director Rafizi Ramli that more exposes would greet her when she returns from her three-week leave.
The senior Cabinet minister is scheduled to resume duties next Wednesday.
Shahrizat has been repeatedly linked to the project because of her husband’s role as the National Feedlot Corporation (NFCorp) chairman, and children’s directorships in the same company.
The RM250 million federally-funded cattle-farming project was first coined a “mess” in an article in English daily The Star after it made it into the pages of the Attorney-General’s 2010 Report.
The term was later repeatedly reused by various media organisations to describe the NFC after PKR launched a series of exposés to show the project’s funds were being abused.
PKR had claimed that at least RM27 million was used for land and property purchases as well as expenses unrelated to cattle farming by Wanita Umno chief Shahrizat and her family.
The opposition party also alleged that Shahrizat’s family used nearly RM600,000 from NFCorp’s funds to settle their credit card bills in 2009.
But the management of NFCorp has maintained that the credit card expenses were solely for business purposes.
The women, family and community development minister has since sued Rafizi and PKR Wanita chief Zuraida Kamaruddin over the claims.
It is becoming a habit and famous joke around town that when a politicians or Melayu commit sin or have their dirty knickers exposed in the open, these rascals will just take a flight to Mecca.  By the blessing of Allah every sin is forgiven and forgotten.  Then these rascals come back to Malaysia and continue to be bigger criminals.  Look at Shahrizat, Mahathir, Najib, FLOM, Zahid, Muhyiddin, Pak Lah, Daim, Nor Yaakob, Yeti and many other shameful politicians.  They have become world famous criminals and MACC, PDRM and of course the everyday crook AG with the tail behind his name are protecting these so called Muslim.

I would like everyone to remember Zamlah a typical Melayu who not only cheated my husband but also caused the latter to have a heart attack.  In my blog, Zamlah is a scumbag who can stand along side all the bastards I have mentioned in all my postings.  I do not forget neither do I forgive.  For the day will come where I will see him suffer hundred times more.

Now it has become a trend by UMNOputras to find solution not solemn in Mecca.  Apparently I was told that Shahrizat and Salleh had big pow wow with certain businessmen (two Malaysians and one Pakistani), two officers from the Prime Minister Department, two lawyers one from Malaysia and London and listen carefully carpet man was also there with the money.  So what was concluded there is your guess. Now to spice things up a little, the IGP was not in London for official duty alone but had time to spare to pow wow too.

It is sad and meaningless for the IGP not to make an effort to fight against human trafficking, money laundering, prevent drugs from coming into Malaysia, illegal gambling, bribe taking/asking, Bank Negara Scam, white collar crimes and others that affect our lives and saving. Instead PDRM uses its men, time and money to find the culprit who sent the SMs about his death. The SMS is a personal issue not a public crime. 
It seems that all our politicians, public servants and goodienuts are interested in petty issue instead of what is affecting the daily lives of the people.  I hope that the Royalty will continue to SHUT UP for the sake of peace with the people.

So let the saga of the cows continue to brighten our daily lives. Meanwhile judge for yourself whether we need ASSET or LIABILITY to face a new tomorrow.

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