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What do you think?

“A country free from UMNO is possible. It is not beyond our reach. It needs men and women of goodwill among the faithful of all creeds; it requires a vanguard of the moderates, it demands us to stop being a silent majority and to start reflecting the courage of our conviction. We must address the underlying causes of UMNO corruption. Merely going after specific individuals, dismantling their organizations, disrupting their finances and discrediting their ideologies is far from enough. We must be able to differentiate between the symptoms and the root causes. Only then, can we achieve a lasting solution.”“It would be too easy to say that the solution to UMNO extremism is simply for more Malaysians to speak up and to speak out. Yes, it is our responsibility, but it is not ours alone. Just as Muslims need to make their voices heard, so do the Christians, the Jews, the Buddhists, the Hindus and the Atheists who are sickened by intolerance, terror and corruption and need to make their voic…

Money taken how to stop Lynas

PENGUMUMAN TERKINI (11:20AM, 31MAY2011): Berdasarkan keadaan yang tidak stabil sekitar Kuantan Hyatt, tempat sesi perjumpaan dengan IAEA itu, dan pihak kerajaan Malaysia juga tidak mampu atau langsung tidak bersedia untuk memberi jaminan keselamatan kepada wakil yang ingin menghantar referendum atau bertemu dengan IAEA. Hakikatnya, Semalam ketua pemuda MCA Indera Mahkota disepak dan pagi tadi, En Andan, wakil concern citizens dari Balok telah dipukul, dicekik dan keretanya dipecah cermin selepas beliau siap bertemu dengan IAEA dan ingin membuat Press Conference. Sendiri Fikirkanlah keikhlasan pihak kerajaan dalam isu Lynas ini. Maka, Perhimpunan petang pukul 2pm ini DIBATALKAN dan referendum Save Malaysia kepada IAEA akan disampaikan kepada semua melalui Media. Keselamatan dan keamanan walaupun ingin sangat menyuarakan suara hati kita amat mesti kita semua diutamakan. Sila tolong sampaikan mesej ini kepada kawan semua. Kita tidak mahu orang dicederaka lagi. Sebab, pihak kerajaan…

More than 75% Malaysians plunge into hardship

Since the beginning of this year my meter had been changed twice. Since then my electricity bill had shot up double.Come tomorrow I am expected to pay another extra 7% more.This is done so that UMNO have enough money to pay the Election Officers, Government Servants, AG, Police, Army, Special Force, Sultans and more illegal migrates to cheat in the coming 13th General Election. For the past few months Najib had been going around to this and that country to borrow money using development as the excuse but in actual fact needing money to ruin this country.Every time the UMNO Government is in dire need of cash, they milk us dry.The fool that claimed 75% of consumers use less than 300 kWh is in the bracket of 2% who have benefited much from corruption. The balance 23% are the poor, homeless and those who have not enjoy the luxury of having electricity.75% Malaysians are cursing that they have to sacrifice more so that the 2% gold diggers can continue to enjoy their luxury life style.There…

Bapak Rasuah

Tuesday June 6, 2006 Ani: TNB got a raw deal. WHEN the Government decided to approve the request from Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) to raise electricity tariffs, the plight of the national utility took centre-stage. Naturally, the knee-jerk reaction among consumers was not favourable. The 12% rise in tariffs appears to have re-ignited the debate on how good the going is for independent power producers (IPPs) at the cost of the national utility’s cashflow. The imbalance between the generation side of the business and that of transmission and distribution has put a strain on TNB. To understand the privatisation of the power generation sector, one needs to take a look back in history to understand that the country’s IPPs came about as a result of the Government’s effort to address the issue of stable power supply after the landmark 1992 blackout. Lending a historical perspective to the issue of IPPs is former TNB executive chairman Tan Sri Ani Arope, who headed the national utility from 1990 …

Local Seduction

The sex video and sodomy this and that is not going to end until Anwar is buried in a white cloth.So I just have to tell folks a hidden happening that took place when I was still very na├»ve.Three Cap Pa Lung Malay men got into a discussion how to get Hussein Onn to step down as Premier because he was too straight as a leader plus they feel they could do a better job than him.The topic of sex, sodomy and bribe were discussed.Knowing Hussein Onn has a high moral standing, bribe was their first choice and sex as second. The planning took several months because big sum of money was needed plus if there was a leaked they would have landed behind bars. Another factor was Tengku Razaleigh, whom they consider Royalty should not have a place in politic. So they have to make absolutely sure that Tengku Razaleigh will not have a chance to take over from Hussein Onn if he resigns willingly or force to resign. Certain people from Bank Bumiputra, business, money lender, driver and a gigolo were rec…

People's Welfare in Mind

When Najib opens his mouth, we experience flood and hardship. That is our fate for having a weak and bad person who is born with a silver spoon and with only knowledge and no moral.For the past few weeks I tried very hard to look at the good side of Najib but found that his bad is more than his good.So how can I be blame for being upset, frustrated and having a feeling of being cheated and misled by a leader that 27 million including me did not choose or want?Najib was given the premiership because Rosmah bribed Pak Lah with a RM200 million carrot. And with that those few thousand PARIAHS in UMNO are proud of.UMNO has no pure Malays but CAP PA LUNG from India, Thailand and Indonesia.They have the cheek to call us names, belittle us and use Abusive language freely on us.Abusive language is like a hoe, which is an object for digging into and cutting down.It is an instrument of destruction for ruffians who speak foul language. It only arises in the mouths of fools whoever praises those w…

Malaysian Authorities are immoral


Finnish has the best education system, while Malaysia still doing porn movie

The task is as hard as weeding out the brightest youngsters for places on Oxford and Cambridge Universities' most popular courses. There are 16 candidates for every vacancy and somehow the 2,000 applicants have to be whittled down to 120 by the time the course starts. We are not talking about law and medicine at Britain's most prestigious universities, though. This is Finland and the applicants are desperate for a job in what is the most sought-after profession in their country: teaching.Finland is the country that has topped the international league table of the developed world's education systems for almost all of the past decade. And England's Education Secretary, Michael Gove, has been taking a close look at its policies to see if there is anything he can glean from them to improve standards over here. Finland's top-level ranking is based on its performance in the PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) tests of 15-year-olds around the globe in re…

Senior Citizen at YMCA KL

I am the owner of my karma, The heir of my karma, Born of my karma, Related to my karma, Supported by my karma, Whatever action I do, Whether it be good or evil, Of that I shall be the heir.

Where's D Daddy?

Mr Rosmah and his wife were proud parents as they watched their eldest daughter Nooryana Najwa accept her scroll at the prestigious Georgetown University.
But wait, where is the most important person?

Notice to all Chinese Muslim Converts

Persatuan Cina Muslim Malaysia (MACMA) is organising programmes to assist single parents (male and female) to learn baking.
This program held only on Saturdays and Sundays for four (4) conservative weeks.
The intention of this program is to teach and to assist in financial aid to start their own business in the food industry line.
Those interested can contact me or Puan Nurlaily Yap Abdullah (H/P 012 3066542) at No: 250-D, Tingkat 4, Balai Islam, Jalan Ipoh, 51200.
The first intake is limited to 10 single parents.

Nothing is impossible

This man has proven that nothing is impossible.
So getting rid of UMNO the pariah can be achieve.

A little treat from Anwar

Anwar's defense to interview Najib and Rosmah.

Like Mahathir, they will claim immunity from court appearance.

While the man with a tail in his name tries to cover his track.

A focus person require

I appreciate what Fuziah Salleh is doing but as a spoke person protesting against Lynas she does not argue and answer the questions given as someone who should have all the facts and figure in her head.

Maybe someone who has more time and is prepare to look into this issue deeper should take over and lead the way.

As for that forged university degree holder MP, I hope he likes eating his own tongue.

Happy Wesak Day

Wesak is the celebration of birth, enlightenment and death.

It is also the start of KARMA for certain people who think they are above the law and Allah.

The Great Divine will again give a lesson not to be forgotten but will we learnt from it.

A good day to pray for our safety.

Gift from parents

IF YOUR father is a criminal, you have a crooked mother and you are a man it is more likely than not you too are headed for a life of crime.

A study by the Institute of Criminology has looked at the likelihood of criminal tendencies being transferred from parents to their children.

Previous studies have found that criminal fathers do have an influence on their sons, but this was the first time a mother's impact has also been examined.

The study, published yesterday, found sons with criminal fathers and law-abiding mothers had a 48.5 per cent chance of committing a serious crime in their lifetime. If the mother had a criminal record, but the father was clean, the probability of the son offending was 33 per cent.

But if both parents had criminal records it created a ''multiplier effect'' and the probability the son would commit a serious crime increased to 67 per cent.

This compared with an 18.7 per cent chance of offending if neither parent had a record.

''The mor…

Happy Mother's Day

A Mother is like a lime.
We taste sour, we taste sweet.
What is important is the end result.
A very refreshing drink.
Happy Mother's Day to all.

Man who jumps off cliff, jumps to conclusion

Psychometrics is the field of study concerned with the theory and technique of educational measurement and psychological measurement, which includes the measurement of knowledge, abilities, attitudes, and personality traits. The field is primarily concerned with the construction and validation of measurement instruments, such as questionnaires, tests, and personality assessments.

A psychometric function describes the relationship between a parameter physical stimulus and the responses of a person who has to decide about a certain aspect of that stimulus. The psychometric function usually resembles a sigmoid function with the percentage of correct responses (or a similar value) displayed on the y-axis and the physical parameter on the x-axis. If the stimulus parameter is very far towards one end of its possible range, the person will always be able to respond correctly. Towards the other end of the range, the person never perceives the stimulus properly and therefore the probability of…