Saturday, December 3, 2011

See the truth of UMNO and inform the urban and rural folks

The English is substandard but the facts are Correct.

Those of us who are in our 60s and 70s will acknowledge this and know that Politics is
really Dirty.

I was in private practice in Sabah when Tun Fuad died in an aircrash
which was alleged to be not an accident! The May 13 Incident is what happened when the ruling Government failed to win a majority in the election and this is what many of us are worried shall happen again !
This is dirty politics and to win at all cost.

However, times have changed with the internet technology and the
electronic media educating and providing people with more information and the truth.

It is the rural population who are vulnerable because the Main Media
and Radio / TV are under the control of the ruling Government.

Use the "Pause" button if you find that the video is too fast for you to read the scripts !

Very interesting and informative . . .
Fuad and others did not die from freak accident. Four people were behind it. One of them is none other than Mahathir.
The one living on top of the bukit was scare stiff that Mahathir would also kill him in similar fashion because of the secret he has knowledge.
And why do you think Najib is like a jinx? Buddhism believe that the son must pay for the father's sin other wise it goes to the next and next generation. But what happens when the son Najib also do sin bigger than the father, that we shall wait to see how Allah punish the Razak clans

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