Saturday, December 3, 2011

A New World-Record-Breaking 3D Chalk Drawing by Reebok

Actors pose with gym equipment on what the Guinness World Records bills as the world’s largest 3D painting, at Canary Wharf in London (November, 2011)
People use their brain and hands to do something good for the country. This 3D painting not only goes into the Guinness World Records but will attract tourists into the country and make the country very proud..

In Malaysia we have many bangsat sitting inside PWTC condemning Malaysians who were born here without mercy. Yet this particular bangsat think it is okay and funny. But what they fail to realise is that the world is watching these bangsat who are useless, corrupted and murderess.

I find it frustrating and sad that this particular bangsat race has make their own kind stupid, foolish and very, very poor. This particular bangsat race who are poor and stays in the kampungs have been trained from small to allow the bigger and terror bangsat to control them. Many of these bangsat people have no thinking and logic in them. To them it is okay for the bigger and terror bangsat to take their money, have big mansion here and there, big flashy cars, jets, RM24 million ring etc... while they have nothing to feed their children. These minority bangsat race are so easily lead that they have only themselves to be blame for being in such situation.

I truly believe that if this particular bangsat race does not do something about their present situation they will turn to eating sand and stone. Sorry the grass are for Shahrizat's condo cows.

And by the way, have you notice the silence on every one's mouth not demanding that Shahrizat and family return the RM250 million. If Shahrizat and family have no means of returning the money, the authorities can confiscate the assets here and overseas and make them bankrupt. Or do we have to accept that Shahrizat and family are above the law and that the money and assets are forever gone. Just like what had happened to Khir Toyo, Muhammad, Mahathir, Samy, Ling etc.............

I think given a chance, all Malaysians will take the underground arms that Najib had bought and shoot all those bangsat inside PWTC..

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