Thursday, December 1, 2011

From one bangsat to another terror bangsat

The time has come to reveal the extent of corruption inside UMNO and BN.
Each time the authorities cannot find element of crime.

This is the very reason why crime in this country continues to rise.

Our leaders are getting to be more brazen in their stealing and lies.

Everyday we hear and see crime committed by them and we are helpless.

Authorities like PDRM, MACC, AG and Judges have a single track and that is to prosecute the opposition parties and the helpless citizens of this country.

At the UMNO Assembly, the leaders and members have given us more reason why a racist party like UMNO has to be kicked out.

We the people cannot afford to wait for the 13th General Election where all the dirty tricks will be used by UMNO. Time is of essence.

Today we have to tell and inform the folks in urban and rural areas that we must teach UMNO a lesson not to be forgotten in the history of Malaysia.

We must protect this country from UMNO and BN with our hearts and souls.

Today we will join hands to TAKE AWAY THE POWER OF UMNO AND BN for our future.

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