Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The difference in Chinese Bull and Malaysian Condo Cow

Holy cow! Live animals given outlandish full-body makeovers at traditional bull-painting festival

With their intricate patterns and bright colours, it is hardly surprising if these curious-looking painted bulls attract close attention.
But the reason behind their colourful hides is actually meant to ward off intruders.
Artistic residents in Jiangcheng County, Yunnan Province, China decorated their bulls for a festival, but the tradition began from a small Chinese group who believed painting their bulls would protect their village.

 Pretty as a picture: A participant in the bull painting festival shows off his artistic skills

 Art attack! This bull might scare off tigers, but the audience peer in to get a closer look

The Hani minority tale preached that the painted bulls would scare away tigers from wandering into their homes.
And this tradition now gives people the prefect excuse to show off their artistic talents.
Altogether 48 teams joined this year's China-Laos-Vietnam Bull Painting Festival.

With bright blues, dazzling yellows and splashes of deep red and green, these bulls' makeover was a bright change from their usual brown or white skin.
Elaborate scenes of countryside, people, weather and patterns were painstakingly etched and tidily painted, including even the bulls' horns.

That's not your average canvas! This participant painstakingly created a countryside scene on his bull
Bulls eye! This painter proudly shows off his bulls' pattern.

The Hani people in China are mainly spread across the counties on the the Honghe River in the Yunnan Province. 
They have a population of 1.4 million, mostly engaged in agriculture.
Nearly all Hani People worship the nature, ghosts and spirits and ancestors and follow the belief that everything in the world has a soul.
The alleged so-called bribe of RM1.7 million offered to three MACC investigating officers by a Datuk over NFC scandal is nothing but a whole bullshit of cover-up to neutralize the involvement of Muhyiddin, Pak Lah and Khairy.  These three culprit will not be name in the MACC report but it did appear briefly in the Police Report and disappeared immediately reaching Patail's office.
If Khir Toyo can be given a petite 1 year and loss of just one property and allowed to appeal then expect nothing more from Salleh who will take full responsibility for NFC scandal.  A deal had already been made before MACC so-called raid. Salleh will also be sentence to just 1 year and have the properties and cars confiscated but....................
Yes Shahrizat and family need not pay back the RM250 million and to make it more frustrating to PKR is that Salleh will also have his sentence pending to appeal. 
All this appeal will short live our happiness and turn to anger as the appeal judge will overturn the judgement of the first judge.
Ending - everything will be back to normal like no crime had been committed.
The Chinese Bull bring in tourists and revenue.
The Malaysian Cow bring in shame and loss of confidence in doing a decent business.

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