Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Condo Cow little Mansion in Janda Baik

ReJaM© bersama beberapa orang rakan aktivis berjaya mengambil gambar Chalet tersebut. Difahamkan, Cempakasari yang bernilai jutaan ringgit ini dilengkapi perabot jati diimport khas dari Bali.
Buat masa ini kita dedahkan dulu pintu pagar Cempakasari. Kita cabar Shahrizat nafikan bahawa Cempakasari ini dimiliki oleh beliau dan keluarga. Jika beliau berani nafikan kita akan bagi lagi bukti-bukti seterusnya. Pendedahan lanjut menyusul.

Trawling can be divided into bottom trawling and midwater trawling, depending on how high the trawl (net) is in the water column. Bottom trawling is towing the trawl along (benthic trawling) or close to (demersal trawling) the sea floor. Midwater trawling is towing the trawl through free water above the bottom of the ocean or benthic zone.

Midwater trawling is also known as pelagic trawling. Midwater trawling catches pelagic fish such as anchovies, shrimp, tuna and mackerel, whereas bottom trawling targets both bottom living fish (groundfish) and semi-pelagic fish such as cod, squid, halibut and rockfish.

The fishing expedition is far from over. Right now what is coming out is midwater trawling.
In an ocean as big as UMNO many people including Royalty are involved. So to stop the trawling to go further, Perkasa and Hassan Ali are instructed to play up race and religion issue. I was told before year end Hassan Ali will expose video and documents proof involving a little Church in Klang. And bingo the Sultan of Selangor will be guest artiste in this charade.

So while Najib and FLOM celebrate their Christmas outside the country things are expected to turn for the worst. Then when he comes back an announcement is expected. Now what do you think that might be?

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