Friday, December 23, 2011

Adam Adli

There are many Malaysians like myself who are in support of Adam's action of taking  down the flag in PWTC. Especially Najib's.  Since sitting at the Premiership Najib has done nothing concrete for the citizens of this country beside giving more and more projects, lands and loans to UMNOputras.
What more in the history of Malaysia, there is no-one except Najib who has fine tune the art of BRIBE GIVING AND LEGALIZING IT.
After numerous tongue twisting and flip flopping undertakings, Najib now known as the man who does not keeps his words and promises, will he dare face the people at the 13GE or will there be an emergency so created by Perkasa, Hasan Ali and Malay Extremists, not forgetting that 86 years old Kutty who still believes he is running the show?
I understand there will be a showdown of power in January with the help of Police and Armed Forces against the Rakyat.
Will all Malaysians especially the students and Malays rise to protect this country from the corrupted BN?
Time will tell.
In the meantime nature will take its course in an unusual way to end the year 2011.

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