Monday, October 31, 2011

When you breed trash, the trash becomes you

This is only in Perth.

Now imagine an entourage of 120 going to market FLOM paying her respect to one of her many Gods in Mecca.

Cost estimated that her spending there would be RM25 million. So is it necessary to take Tom, Dick and Harry's families along with her?

When she comes back, again she will murder another innocent victim and get away with it, so why bother to pray? But then this trip is another scam to get the kampung folks to think that she has been forgiven by her many Gods. How can she be forgiven when she repeatedly kill everyone who is an imaginary threat to her?

When the hands are covered with innocent blood, no God can forgive such crude killing.

When fate deal a heavy hand onto her then together we will applause in great harmony.

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