Monday, October 10, 2011

Monopoly money release

How do you think Najib became the PM ? He practically just waltzed into the post in April 2009 replacing Badawi without any resistance at all. How did he keep all the UMNO warlords happy and allow such a transition to take place without any complaints ?

Well going from past track records, they must have been well fed. So where did the money come from ? From Najib’s own pocket ? Definitely not ! From some rich entrepreneur ? I don’t think anyone has that much money to feed a few thousand insatiable UMNO warlords happy.

So where did this money come from ?
On 26/12/2007 Bank Negara issued 50 million new RM 50 notes. The denominations went from AA, AB, AC, AD and AE.Meaning AA had 7 digits and so on. All these notes had a bunga raya symbol at the back to commemorate the 50th anniversary of our independence.

Somewhere in 2008/2009 it was reported that these new notes were having ‘problems’ at the ATM machines etc. Subsequently a new set was released. Following that a lot of discrepancies were noted.

If the established norms of printing were to have been followed then subsequent notes from AF, AG.AH should have followed, which did but there were reports also of ZA and ZB notes flying around.

How on Earth from AF to ZA RM 50 notes could have been printed is anyone’s guess. Each denomination eg AA would mean RM 500 million worth. Hence to move from AA to ZA and ZB, we must be richer than USA to do so.

You can find many such notes available on our lelong sites. Just google to see it.

I myself have come across 6 notes of ZB. I’m sure many would have but did not look at the currency numbers to note it. Even if it were to be correction notes that Bank Negara had printed , it does not make sense how come so many of ‘Z’ currencies are in circulation. That many ‘corrections’? And guess who was the Finance Minister then ???

Another guess when Bank Negara is issuing more new notes ? Yes in January 2012 ! Going by this information, the next GE will be only after that. By then you can bet your bottom dollar that UMNO will have an election kitty that can buy virtually anybody in this country.

Thanks to Vincent Tan - Focus Equity Sdn. Bhd we now can lelong our country for FREE.


zane said...

You mean they just print it out of thin air, right? So if this happens it means by the year 2013 we'll end up being a Zimbabwe, don't you think?

BIG BOY said...

not only market still have these RM50 with bunga raya--may be they think people will collect and keep so no one will know how many currency in market. Another problem is in these 3 years, a lot of old RM50 emerged and still circulate......I think parlimen shall investigate this. The record of bank negara should be opened to all. Many felt odd and not-easy to the currency issues. As you mentioned, are malaysia print more currency than USA ??? we also have to ask why still retain that woman as Gabenor for so long--at least a rule to state this post shall only last every 4 years to protect people's rights and benefits. Certainly, it is very odd!

BIG BOY said...

The post of Gabenor of Bank Negara shall only last 4 year and should not be renew to same person. The repeated of renewal and let the same person holding gabenor is a shameful, disgrace and non-democratic at all. This also contradict to general govern rules--check,balace and never have same person or same team! And i myself also suspect that the RM50 with bungaraya are too many in market and a general survey on it shall be done. It is shame and disgrace to see the bank negara issued so many RM50 with bunga raya. I and a lot of people had q-up for many round to get this RM50 with bungaraya...but suddenly, the market is flushing with so many, uncountable RM50 with bungaraya....this so how lousy the bank negara handling the currency and make alkl of us who q-up at bank negara like idiots and fools!!!! We wasting holiday, time, and even hold the urine to q-up---then themarket is full of RM50 notes with bungaraya. I think we all have been fooled and cheated. A very shameful, disgrace and rage to see bank negara issuing uncountable RM50 note with bungaraya. We want a check on this disgrace, shameful matter !!! really wasting many's time, energy, one day leave to q-up for that 50 years anniversary notes.

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