Saturday, October 22, 2011

Just like what UMNO Government is doing right now

Cost of living has gone up.
Excuse given, the government cannot afford to subsidize.
Yet the wife of the Prime Minister can afford a RM24 million diamond ring, her thousands of high end shoes each costing around RM120,000 and her handbags especially those 11 featured birkin handbags. Carpet 7 inches thick of fur. Furniture imported from France. Curtains from Paris etc....Everything imported.
This only one woman spending.
Now if you count the whole family members, then Mahathir's family, cronies family, the families of the ones who know the deep secret of FLOM. The Royal Households. The ministers themselves eating non-stop.
Then we have the many corp and SPAD spending money.
Everything the government does is money going out with no returns.

Countries have disasters.
Corrupted leaders have fallen.
As Malaysians we must do our part to stop our leaders from destroying our lives.
We cannot wait for the act of Allah.

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