Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Dewali

This Deepavali has been kind to most Indians in Malaysia.
The Government has gone out of its way to make the Indians more important than the Chinese and Malay.
Most of the Indian businessmen has got RM20,000 to RM60,000 given to them on the lap without asking.
They get houses without asking.
Now I was told even the poor Indian pensioners got RM1,000 each from UMNO for this Dewali.
If one were to live in Taman Maluri, one can easily hear and see the amount of fireworks been fired.
Not too long ago it was the Chinese burning money.
Today it is the Indians who are burning money and outshine the Malays and Chinese in so many ways.
No? Don't believe. Come to Taman Maluri and see for yourself. I have seen the happy faces and the changes in lifestyle in just over two months.
So while the Indians are celebrating this Dewali, give a thought where did the sudden wealth come from.
To all those celebrating this festival.
Happy Dewali.

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